Friday, October 3, 2008

can't see the forest for the trees


can't see the forest for the trees

A lover pressed his suit unsuccessfully for many months, suffering the atrocious pains of rejection. Finally his sweetheart yielded. "Come to such-and-such a place, at such-and-such an hour," she said to him.

At that time and place the lover finally found himself seated beside his beloved. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a sheaf of love letters that he had written to her over the past months. They were passionate letters, expressing the pain he felt and his burning desire to experience the delights of love and union. He began to read them to his beloved. The hours passed by, but still he read on and on.

Finally, the woman said, "What kind of fool are you? These letters are all about me and your longing for me. Well, here I am sitting with you at last, and you are lost in your stupid letters."

"Here I am with you." says God, "and you keep reflecting about me in your head, talking about me with your tongue, and searching for me in your books. When will you shut up and see?"

from THE SONG OF THE BIRD, by Anthony deMello
, Page 101
"The Talkative Lover"


dAAve said...


Shadow said...

wow. okay. that makes perfect sense. when put like that. food for thought!


As you know from a prior post, I absolutely adore that fello named deMello.
Short and sweet is very hard to beat and I think it would be really hard to beat this post.
Beautiful - loved it!
Prayer Girl

J-Online said...

Powerful message and very thought provoking. I feel like that guy right now....trying to do the right things, but not really totally getting it.

indistinct said...

It's hard to let go of my problems and trust God, but it's the only way to life.

Anonymous said...

Good one.

Syd said...

He was a hopeless romantic who wanted her to feel the power of his words...or maybe he liked the sound of his own voice. For some reason, I felt sorry for the guy being called a fool by his love. I must be sentimental today.

~Tyra~ said...

That was so good, thank you.

kel said...

Good stuff.

Molls said...

OH! Amazing!!

Searching for understanding instead of just being...or something...

I guess there's a reason it's called a LEAP of faith.

Are you really as wise as you seem, Mr. AlkySeltzer?

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love deMello and love this particular piece, it's so true that we miss what's right in front of us and for me it's always a miracle that each day for moments I can see the forest for the trees!
Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

Mary Christine said...

Very nice. Love that church, have you been there?

Akannie said...

Great building, steve-a-roni!

Strange story, but I get it. Does that make me strange? lol

"Let God be God in whatever form God chooses, and give God permission to be God in you as well."
(It's taped up on the Beautiful Mind wall...not sure where it came from or who said it.)

I was in the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans on the advice of my NC sponsor a few years back. Wow. Is THAT ever a piece of architecture!!!!

Gwen R said...

That is great! Hope your having a nice weekend~