Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Lake City, CO is down there somewhere--see it? Click on pic to enlarge.
Good AA group, fine restaurant, and ICE CREAM parlor.
Oh, and real estste sales. And beauty all around!!
Little over an hour from Powderhorn, CO.



Well, I used to say that many years ago, every day. Then came a bunch of years that I thought could not get any worse...but they did. And that was in sobriety. Now, I'm in complete agreement with ZJ (ZaneJabbers), when he says , "It just will not get any better than that!" Well, maybe not 'complete' agreement. Because each time I say that or believe it...it DOES get better!

It used to be I was wary of people who (almost) always said, "I feel GREAT!" In fact, I don't even remember anyone saying that constantly...consistently. But I do say it, because that's mostly the way it IS, friends. And it has been that way for a long time now. Sure, there are little quirks now and then...we're not talking PERFECTION here! OK?

One recent habit of mine these days is--when riding my bike--asking God to let me be an instrument in delivering His and AA's message of sobriety. And please to let me know what He wants me to say or do, and with whom. Well, my Higher Power has been 'right on' with this.

Yesterday, on the way to a 5:30, I asked that He allow someone to be helped by me at the meeting. Before I got in the room--out in the parking lot--a strange lady walked up to my bike and she seemed to need special help. So I gave her my wife's phone number and said, "If a man answers, hang up" -grin- ...or ask for Anna. Who would EVER figure she might call. She DID!

This morning before the meeting, I met a guy (who was having trouble "with the God thing", you know what I mean?). I said if he'd stay for the meeting, he would hear some "good stuff" around the room of 86 people--many of them long-time sobers. As you'd guess, he DID hear some wonderful words of wisdom, some real bon mots--and so did I.

Later, I saw him with his sponsor. He was visibly moved and I overheard him say, "...and I was not even going to come into the room this morning, when Steve gave me a 'push', and I received the most marvelous revelations about my Higher Power...."

BTW, I HAD prayed to God--on my way to my meetings at 5:30 AM--to allow me to assist in His work this morning. And also, I knew ahead of time, the topic for today, because I was chairperson! Ha! Sneaky!

And so ends another day
When I may humbly say
and in Gratitude--pray
"It just doesn't get any better than this!"



Akannie said...

Have you heard the parable about the cracked pots?

Methinks you are a crack(ed)pot.

I love you and your wife and your posts and sobriety.
IN fact, I'm almost as full of love for you as I am of apple butter.(And that was a lot of apple butter).


AlkySeltzer said...

Hey, Annie K, please, no pedestal for me. I get dizzy just climbing a ladder...and then fall off!

Apple butter--love it. When I read your post about that, I drooled on my good shirt!

very human-a-roni

Shadow said...

yes, why SHOULD it not get better than this? i probably could. and will.


There will be absolutely no falling around here - not off ladders, not on door stoops, none.

It sometimes seems a little unreal how it gets better and better with time. I remember when I believed there was no way that could possibly happen.

Thank you God.

indistinct said...

I had this image of you drooling. Not good!

My first sponsor always told me that "time takes time" If I wanted what he had I would have to point the time into AA. So I keep trying to do the work and I ever so slowly change.

Thanks for showing me whats possible.

~Tyra~ said...

I am so grateful that I hung on and kept coming back-I never knew life could be this good.

Molls said...

I love hearing the possibility of things being, staying and getting even better. Thank you as always, sober-roni!

Cat said...

You know I has a conversation with my husband once about the open AA meeting we got to and said - I would prefer it more if an Al Anon talker got up once in a whiel so I could get something more from it - and Lo and behold the next meeting - last week - there was an al anon talker who brought me to tears... it gave me faith in something more....


jiggins said...

I am finding it quite revealing to read blogs such as yours, even as the situations you describe may not be a perfect fit for the ideas in my head - they do work well with the ideology of being a Human in a spiritual dilemma.

It is a great connect to you, for me, that I find when I read about your struggles and 'adventures' in the day-to-day of it all. Thank you for sharing. I will be following along. Hope to see you on my page sometime! :)

Zanejabbers said...

Good post. Thanks for the kind word. It does keep getting better, but at the end of that day it just does not get much better than that. And yes, there are days I feel like the statue in a pidgeon park.

Mary Christine said...

A statue in a pigeon park? That is descriptive!

I don't even know where Lake City Colorado is!

Faith said...

Yeah my sponsor keeps telling me that this is NOT a race but my overachiever self tried to consolidate steps 1-4 in the first week! I told her yup, I'm ready to do that moral inventory thing. And she was like s-l-o-w down! LOL

I went to that women's meeting tonight and it was SUCH a blessing. I met w/ my sponsor tonight and we started the first step.