Monday, October 6, 2008



A topic at the "New Dawn" Group 7 AM meeting Tuesday morning will be "The turning Point". I know this because I am chairing. Whatever topic one of the 65 people might wish to suggest, I can easily work it around to "Turning Point"! (NOTE: I prefer the 6 AM meeting, usually from 10-15 people.)

This evening, I got to thinking over some of the numerous turning points in my life, before and after I walked through the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA saved me from a horrible period of continuing suffering, which probably would have have been followed by a horrendously painful and early death, that's true. But AA provided me a wonderful second (chance at) life of spiritual growth, usefulness, and participation in the game of enjoying this earthly existence.

The preface to today's turning point blog, is that I had my last drink the night BEFORE I entered into the inner sanctum of this fellowship , so wrongly named as one of the "self-help" programs, available to the insanity-laden drunk. This is an "unself" program, it is centered around "Selflessness". Each of our Twelve Steps begins with an invisible word "We", which actually IS the first word in the First Step. We don't drink, we go to meetings, and we help others--and we do lots of other stuff -grin-.

One year after I became a non-drinking member of AA, I came home--sober--one evening to an empty house. Gone was my wife, my children, all utensils, all furniture, I mean EMPTY! There was an old telephone on the floor, unplugged. I figured someone forgot to grab it on the last trip out. I was so heart broken. My spirit was gone. My 'feel-good' felt bad. I was shaking, sweating, my stomach felt as if I had been punched. And I was again "Alone and Lonely. I knew that loneliness such as few do. But all that was nothing that a good quart of vodka could not take care of, and make "all better"--instantly!

And I wrestled with this problem for a good length of time. Finally, I plugged into the socket that old phone and called our 24-hour Club. It was 8:50 PM. I asked whoever answered to send someone to my house NOW! I hurt bad, was only an inch from a drunk. Well might I never have recovered from that one.

Fifteen minutes later Tim came to my house, and he sat, listened, and watched, as I moaned and cried--more like sobbed. And he hugged me. First time ever a MAN showed that unexplainable love for me, that compassion, that identifying moment, as if to say to me,

"I know.
I've been where you are.
And I have been given a way out of my chaos.
I can show you the way,
if you are willing to work and learn,
and let God do the things you cannot."

Tim was my second sponsor. Often I think of Tim, and thank God for putting him into my life.

I realize each of us have similarly-placed events which we recall from time to time. Very few events in this life do I own. Well, this one I own. This one is mine! It is one of my most cherished early gifts.

NOTE: The second most prevalent "Turning Point" in my AA life happened during the past three months, that of being able to see myself more clearly--and at the same time meet all of you bloggers--on a daily basis, by writing and commenting. And it has been good for me. And I LOVE it, no mistake about that!

Thank you! With great gratitude,



Shadow said...

that's a precious memory. look at you now...

AlkySeltzer said...

Yes...look at me now. AA taught me to "fear not" the telephone, so I use it a lot.
*oh yeah?*
Well, EXCEPT to call my AA sponsor or an AA buddy when something is bothering me! *grin*

~Tyra~ said...

My turning point was sitting in my bathroom, trying to figure out how I was going to drink that day and not have my son know what I was doing. I realized right then that I needed help and here I am.

J-Online said...

I love hearing your stories. They inspire me daily.

Lou said...

thanks for giving your "mine" story to "all"

Anonymous said...

That story reminded me of Bill's story when he was at the Mayflower Hotel. I am glad they forgot the phone!

Kathy Lynne said...

Your picture reminded me of the bumper sticker I saw the other day..that I covet..."Taking a Trip; Not Taking a Trip."

Thanks for sharing..I think my first turning point was when I found my mother...though it did not stop me from drinking..I could not drink in the same way after that.

You and Prayer Girl:) It figures..xo sittin' in a tree-a-roni

Akannie said...

Oh my...

What a symbolic event. Only a telephone....God must love you very much!! He cleared out the forest of the trees, just for you.

I'm so glad you're here, skipping along the road to happy destiny with me!

Syd said...

You have the best things to say. It's like being at a meeting. Thanks for all that you write.

Anonymous said...

And she left you a phone. Thank God for that. I love to hear you share, Steve, because you are proof that the program works. When you put together enough years and live enough life (experiences,) and do it all through the 12 Steps...well, you can't help but recognize what is going on here. It's God's work. Plain and simple. I'm happy to see that you came through that terrible time and have found happiness.

Mary Christine said...

Oh gosh, I might just write about a similar thing... tomorrow.

Bet I forget. But I might remember.

Mary Christine said...

I will try to remember, but might forget. But I didn't forget to write this twice. So maybe I will remember. But I might forget.

Anonymous said...


This touched my heart very deeply when I read it. Thank you so much for sharing. It was exactly what I needed to hear.