Thursday, January 1, 2009


This is my "home page"...it contains nearly everything about anything, and
for almost 14 years has been authored by Bob Drudge, father of
Matthew (Matt) Drudge, Author of the popular daily "Drudge Report".

In a toolbar across top part, the bookmark for my own blog is
"Another Sober Alc", last word supposedly "Alcoholic". Well,
as I transfer that to my taskbar, it reads out as "ANOTHER SOB"!!
Please--no comments on that -grin (unless you want to!).


Yep, the first day of this year could not have been much better for me. It began with two AA meetings 6AM and 7AM, in the same building. After that I got to play the 10:30 mass at St. Elizabeth Seton.

Next item was to pick up music for opera "La Boheme", for which I'll be a violinist-orchestra member once again. Boy, I just looked at the music, maybe it was time to retire BEFORE I signed the contract! But it will be fun, a learning experience, fun, exciting, and fun, and it involves a paycheck...and fun!

Next item on the agenda was to mow the grass, er, well, 'weeds'. Our yard is so dry these days. but the flora continues to grow, and multiply itself. Lawn mower-boy was the big deal though.

Unlike many a 'hubby' on here (or off), I am not "Mr FIX-IT". However, I filtered the gas, changed sparky plug, cleaned air filter, squirted a little CRC around here and there. Guess what? Mower started on the first pull! It sometimes takes at least three pulls on the starter rope, and usually just won't start--PERIOD! Just when I think it's time for a new mower (for a 'new year'?) it has to play this game with me...see, it's STILL "all about ME"! -grin. (Whisper)--When will he ever learn?

So, I mowed for about half hour, and needed a "rest" (not really!). Actually I wanted to write something on January 1st, before it is no longer. And so here is what I wish to say:

Your blog entries--since I joined in July 2008--have produced smiles, laughter, tears, and realizations of truth to me. Your blogs, comments, and caring sharing have frequently (every day?) made my heart warm with love for everyone here and all the things God has given us. My 2009 is now begun in a fashion never before experienced by me, thanks to your efforts in clearly communicating what many of us (me) feel or wish to know. I need constantly a reminder of how this program works, in the opinions of those (long-or short-time sober, doesn't matter!) who 'know' certain things from personal experience. Always I need to be reminded how much God loves me, and how He is doing for me specifically what I cannot handle myself

I have been sober a looong time, and I bless you ALL for being here to help keep me so. People, PLEASE enjoy life as you write. And I'll enjoy life also, as I read and comment yours.

Got to play (violin) in beautiful ambiance last night-surrounded by beautiful people. Enthusiastic hope for 2009 seemed to rule the party of about 250 people. I LOVE doing that, meeting the people at the door, spreading a smile and something cheerful, as sometimes God will let me do, and playing a bit of their favorite tune.

Often I am overwhelmed (or overcome...does it show?) with happiness, peacefulness, serenity, and love-but not today. Today, everything is just really ALL RIGHT, and I mean that. Calm? Maybe.

Got to get back to grass mowing...company coming later, also an 8PM Speaker meeting I'll probably attend. (Company just will have to wait.)

Let us ALL stay sober today, and when tomorrow comes, I'll have that same prayer for me, and all of you, my special friends, whom God has sent, of that there is not a doubt. You do not need me, I and do not need you. But WE ALL NEED EACH OTHER!

Who posted this...and WHEN?


Anonymous said...

Am I your first comment of 2009?! Whoo hoo! Maybe not.

Much love to you Steve-o. And a Happy New Year :)

Hope said...

God bless you Steve.
And Prayer Girl, too.

steveroni said...

Kristin, somehow I knew you would be the "first" -grin. I had prayed for such to happen, and there you are!

Some day, girl..."Coffe Haus, and Gifts Galore" I keep practicing and taking jobs, just so I'll still be able to draw a bow over the strings--midst the aromas of coffees of the world and Mexico?

BTW, the fee is FREE--but I'll need a bus ticket (for two!). Gonna copy this to your own blog comments, because I cannot see you back on here--it's a busy 'bog', 'blog', 'blong' day!

steveroni said...

Hope, you are so sweet, to read this blong on a holiday. Thank you. And that is (my) theme of 2009, btw: HOPE!
(It's also one of MY favorite words, Cheryl.)

Fishstyx said...

Bravo! Bravo!

big Jenn said...

Happy New Year Steve. Thank you for all your care and support, love, jeNN-girl

Cat said...

Steve you are such a wonderful guy and reading what you write has helped me to see the other side of things - all of the AA'ers I visit have helped me this years in ways I never could have imagined possible - I am open now and willing and able to see that its not all about me...I am so grateful to have 'met' you.

Happy New Year!


J-Online said...

Nice post. Happy New Year. I'm glad to have met you in 2008. May 2009 bring you and Anna, health, joy, happiness and sobriety. Hugs, Jenn

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Happy New year!!! I've missed seeing you on my blog, but hope that all is well and by your first blog of the new year it seems that it's off to a great start!!!

Much love,

Akannie said...

Another SOB.....lol

You "quack" me up, duckie.....

Findon said...

Great post as usual. Have a great 2009

Shadow said...

yes lets! stay sober together this year, that is.

steveroni said...

Shadow, Hi! You have such a 'way with words'! Glad you clarified "..Let's!..

Syd said...

Thanks Steveroni for a great post. I enjoy life but realize that there are days when it seems more enjoyable than others. It's just the way life is. But overall the days, there are many more positive ones than negatives.

Atiyanna said...

Happy New Year my friend. Thank you so much for sharing your life and experiences with us. Lots of Love to you and Prayer Girl.
A friend of mine is speaking down at an AA conference in Tampa this year...man it would be nice to get down there.
Love and Kindness,

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

And you really are LOVED!!! By all of us!

So glad you are a part of my new year as well!

Miyonao said...

Hi Steve, thanks a lot for reading my blog and leaving a lovely comment. You seem to be a very happy person who's enjoying life each single day. I strive to do the same too. I can't agree more with you saying "we all need each other." When I was younger, I didn't think so. But now I truely do. Without each other, there will be no reason for me to live. I've come to realize people are the best assests I can ever have.

Your violin must sound just like great. Wish I could hear you play. Happy New Year to you and your family!