Saturday, January 10, 2009

"I did not say a "bowl"...I said a bowl-FULL"
Zuppa Toscana by Olive Garden and ANNA


Several evenings ago, PG and I went to an Olive Garden restaurant. I never look at the menu there, so when something changes (Oh! that word "change"!) it is usually a surprise to me.

My favorite of favorites there always was--WAS--cannelloni al forno, ummmmm, SO good. (Now, please someone, do NOT tell me it is cooked in wine or some such BS, because I DON'T CARE! My dinner, and MY sobriety, OK?) That's the kind of gaff I get from places where they say LOUDLY, "Meeting Makers Make It". And I usually say, "What about those who work the steps...do they make it also"? Well, Cannelloni is OFF the menu. SHHHIshkabob.

But there is, in the "soup" section of the menu, another of my old friends, Zuppa Toscana. If that were the only dish available, I could eat it every day for a year--at least. That IS the way I eat, so boring--one good item (like a tuna fish sandwich-grin), I will eat a few each day for a month. Don't get me started on Peanut Butter (Caps intended!).

Anyway, the Olive Garden Tuscany Soup is the GREATEST! I suspect that (chef extraordinaire) Mary LA will delete me from her blogroll--if I was ever on it -grin.

So, what finally happened? PG decided to make it, duplicate the OG restaurant soup. She found several recipes online and I am HERE TO TELL YOU,
she "got it right". I am so proud, and I can save $50 once a month by NOT going to OG.

Of course, PG will probably want to eat now at Ruth's Chris Steak House, where two people can eat for well under, say, $180. (Exaggerated, but not by much!)

However, the REAL story of our early night trip into town for dinner, is how (it had to be) God intervened, to save us both from being dead. In very heavy traffic, we were riding inside/outside, etc., according to the book, when a two-car accident happened just so close to the front of my bike, I could feel the vibes. I skidded around, and Anna therefore just missed ME. Thank God for ABS bike brakes! Then our immediate concern was whether the traffic BEHIND us could stop as shortly as we did. They DID. We are alive and well. Our angels were working overtime though.

Maybe we should opt for that insurance, after all? AND, I must blame this on Alcoholics Anonymous. Being each of us sober a good number of years, we had a "near-miss", instead of drunkenly totaling our bikes and ourselves. Thank You, God, for bringing me to AA, and thank you AA...for giving me back my God.

Peace and Love to you all, Bloggers.
Steve E


Hope said...

I am grateful your angels were working overtime.

Shadow said...

wow, close call. the angels are around you all the time.....

Prayer Girl said...

That soup looks as pretty as it tastes. I wanted to skip the Kale on top, but am so glad I went ahead and got it. That soup is a well-balanced meal :) as long as the green stuff goes on top. (Sausage, potato, kale).

Maybe I could find a recipe for Cannelloni al forno? I must be nuts. I'm sure if I found such a recipe, it would be a million steps long and take all day. I'll "turn this idea over" and see what happens. -Grin-

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Glad your angels are watching over you! And that you had a wonderful evening of soup and substance!!! :)

My husband makes an Italian Wedding Soup that can cure.... well almost anything I believe, so I understand the soup love.

Linda S. Socha said...

Hey Steve...'
Soup's on! Hope your weekend is the one you want

♥Shann♥ said...

I just love how PG made that soup for you... ♥

Mary LA said...

Oh Steve darling I am not a great chef at all, I am just a food enthusiast!

So glad you and Anna are safe.



Fishstyx said...

Olive Garden?! Mary LA might give you a break but Fishstyx has an issue! Grin!
Just like AA food should be your own program. I hate it when people don't want to cook for me in fear of disgust from Chef Tony. Wanna know what food tastes best to a chef? Food made with appreciation and care for the reciepiant. Gotta go now. It's dinner time over here. Wife made grilled cheese. mmmmmmm
Bon Appitite

Kathy Lynne said...

Thanking God that you and Anna are safe. I love soup.