Thursday, January 8, 2009

God, I thank You for so many things:

  • The Air I breathe
  • Being old, yet feeling young (mostly!)
  • Being allowed to ACT young
  • Being allowed to make mistakes
  • Having a program to correct mistakes
  • My music
  • My fine violin
  • My fine wife
  • My fine bike
  • Signed contract to play opera, La Boheme
  • I get to Play masses every Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Two wedding jobs next week
  • I can choose what to say or do (mostly!)
  • My 12-yr-old cat Burt
  • Letting me rescue Burt when he was 3 inches long
  • It was cold. He was soaking
  • It was raining
  • he was under a wood pile
  • Letting me sleep
  • Even when Burt does not sleep
  • Memories of St Xavier High School
  • Master's Degree in Music Ed
  • Never had to use that degree (Teach!)
  • My friends in and out of AA
  • Most IN AA!
  • Our Beautiful AA Literature
  • Our beautiful AA Program for Living
  • AA meetings all the time
  • Sunshine all the time
  • Wife in Alanon
  • Wife in AA (same wife!)
  • Wife in bed asleep (Yesss, same wife!!!)
  • Christmas tree still here in my Great Room
  • Solid Gold Cross--Christmas present from wife
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • 34 years sober
  • Wonderful Blogger Family
  • Nobody hates me
  • I THINK NOT, anyway?
  • I don't hate anybody
  • My children love me--a lot!
  • The sacraments of my religion
  • The Eucharist
  • That I no longer fear death
  • That I no longer fear LIFE
  • That I love God
  • That God loves ME
  • That God loves EVERYONE!
That this blog is finished--for tonight...

Peace, and Love, Bloggers!
Steve E.


Atiyanna said...

Thank you Steve for reminding me of the things I am grateful for.
Lots of Love,

Shadow said...

your christmas tree is still up???? wow.

and lemme tell you, this list was a pure pleasure to read!

Findon said...

Love the bit about the wifes. Godd post.

Kathy Lynne said...

my tree's up too!! Hey yesterday was Serbian Christmas or any Christmas of the Orthodox faith. And you know what they say in AA..it's Christmas every day...so we can leave up our trees if we want too! nyah.

pat said...

Very nice list, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Steve: Are you and Anna the folks who leave the Christmas tree up until Valentines Day?

Good list!

Syd said...

Great list. I like that you still have your tree up. It must be a happy thing to have around.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Thanks so much for more that I'm grateful for too!!! Opera? FANTASTIC!!!

My grandma used to leave christmas trees up until (sometimes)April just trimming the dry ends weekly and moving the ornaments further and further toward the trunk until the tree was no longer a tree but a trunk. Funny memory! :)

Cat said...

My tree is still up as well - this weekend we are chopping it up and taking it to the inlaws to transport to the cabin and it will be used as fire wood.

Faith said...

I love this list.