Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mmmmmm...LOVE that letter "M"


the rules of the game are simple. you are assigned a random letter and you should then post 10 things that you love that begin with that letter. if you read this and want to play, leave a comment that says so, and i'll assign you a random letter. and on and on it goes.

Ten Things I LOVE about the letter "M"

SHADOW played a game on her blog that seemed like huge fun, so i thought i'd play along...and she sent me the letter--well, you guess...

Meditation: Oh my! What a wonderful word for me, it conjures peace, tranquility, healing, prayer, a joining with God, which is actually (IMO) union with everyone, and all things created. Exquisiteness! The "practice" of meditating has come to be a transporting of myself into a realm of sublime happiness, if even for a short moment. As with prayer, though--WHY do I not do it more?

Meetings: Anyone who has been within a mile of me (or 9,000 miles, as in South Africa?) well knows my LOVE for meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. This God-sent fellowship of recovering men and women has literally saved my life, I would have died by 1980. I was killing myself, not slowly, but on a fast-track, intentional, suicide, 190 proof alcohol being my poison--that's 95% alcohol! I love to meet people who are now where I WAS, and meetings are where they are. Sometimes God allows me to help them, letting His grace do His work through me.

Meatloaf: Sorry, you veggies...but I love this dish prepared with ground beef, some Italian sausage, powdered Lipton Onion Soup Mix, Rye bread, plus whatever can be found in the kitchen sink, which has not yet been discarded. Ummmmm (more letter "M"s!)

Mushrooms: On just about anything or everything, I'll scoop them up, just have more in the ready.

Marriage: This I certainly believe in--I must, since I've been married four times. Not proud bragging, just a fact. It can be the BEST, or the WORST period in one's life, I have known both. Certainly there are occasions I wish I lived alone, but that is rare. I want company, need companionship, a MATE (Did I just 'see' another "M" word?) NOTE: Fourth time is surely the best!

Motorscooter: If you throw away my motorscooter, throw me away with it. This is not just ANY bike, this is my Suzuki Bergman Executive 650 (sound impressive?--it IS!). Flex and I have been through some narrow escapes which I do not talk about around here, but we know each other pretty well, and I LOVE her. "Flex" is also the name of my Guardian Angel. When we were doing 95 mph one day, she said to me, "Slow down, Butthead." And I did.

Magic: In the past 20-30- years magic has grown into the extravaganza era of planned events, e.g., moving the Statue of Liberty. All so phony-baloney, to me. I remember real magic, when at age six I marveled at the man or woman who pulled thirteen miles of silk scarves out of a coat sleeve. Or two dozen rabbits out of a hat, followed by sixteen blackbirds. Where did go THAT kind of magic?
Also, I 'm simply enthralled with card tricks--I mean the really good ones.

Mittens: "Back in the old country" (Cincinnati, Ohio!) mittens were a necessary part of any child's wardrobe. Well, even though we each had our own horse, we sometimes were without mittens, and that's why I'm living in Florida for the past 44 years--didn't need mittens. However, If I am riding a motorized two-wheeler, 50-90 mph, in 48 degree weather, on the way to a violin -playing gig, I need mah mittens! And I have never before been so grateful for those hand-coverings as now.

M&Ms: When I began computing c.1993, I needed help on occasion. I was told to buy a bunch of M&Ms and to always, ALWAYS, have a bowl of them on hand for the tech to nibble on while he was working on my computer. This action encouraged him to forget time, and I noticed as years went on, whoever worked on my computer gave me excellent service, as they emptied the bowl (I tried to keep it filled!). One TECH even said to me, "No, I NEVER eat sugar, and don't even like chocolate." Well, he emptied TWO bowls in two hours, then stayed on to chat as we both polished off another bowlful.
Now, when I go to help someone "setup" their equipment, I tell them I do not charge Money ("M" word) but I require a large bowl of M&Ms sitting right by the monitor!

Meander: This blog has been a meandering through some of my favorite "M" words. I'm reminded--not with any great glee--that much of my life has been a meandering between drunk and sober, between life and death, between heaven and hell. Even my AA program has somehow withstood a number of years of meandering. Only during the last ten or fifteen years has my life really improved, and even now, I meander somewhat--but comfortably...comfortably!

NOTE to Shadow...this has been the Most personal fun I've had with any of these "Blog-games". Thank you SO much for allowing me to play!
Love ya,
Steve E.


Rhi said...

this was fun. love your blog. =)

Anonymous said...

Big M little m what begins with M? (a little Dr. Seuss humor for ya)

mile191 said...

this is fun. i love m and m's too. put them in my kids ears to say mommy love me. have since they were old enough to not choke. Love the game. I want to play. but I want you to give me a letter...okay...thanks.

Prayer Girl said...

Love your letter "M". Now I know why you were asking me about meatloaf ingredients.

Looks like fun so ....put a letter on me!

My personal favorite is "P"
(I wrote a blog once about the letter "P"). I think I did one on "S" also.

But, hey, I'll take what you give me.

Shadow said...

oh, this has been the Mostest Magical read. i gotta agree with your m's. except for them mittens. it doesn't get cold enough here for them.... thank YOU for playing!!!!!

Hope said...

I love the word mittens.
I'd take a letter.
I did this meme once and got the letter "h" of course!
Have a great Monday.

♥Shann♥ said...

love the letter M, todays blog was brought to you by... the letter M

Findon said...

Now for me Marriage to my beautiful is the best "M". But I would really like to try Meatloaf. I have never had it and it sounds gooood. Mind you so does grits, and I don't even know if they are something edible. Put me down for a letter if you want to.

Selchie said...

Mmmm... is my favourite mm.. it does so many things, pausing, thinking, agreeing, disagreeing, waiting for yummy food. Mm.. thankyou.)

p.s I answered your question on my reality blog today.)

Happy day mr.

idenmw said...

neat game...
are you assigning letters?
Fun...and gave a little window into the man stevarino...

clean and crazy said...

Hi Steve, thanks for your comments, I never thought of using the word "understand" in place of "HATE" so very insightful, thank you, my sponsor never even thought of that, oh and by the way, I want to play!!

Banana Girl said...

You are soooo fun! Thanks for expressing your free! You know, happy, joyous, and..... J.

Zanejabbers said...

And a good evening to ya mr. steveroni. I'll take a letter. That will guarantee a post. But be careful whom you give the letter F to. MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Syd said...

Good job on the letter M.

Cat said...

Oh what fun!

Colleen said...

OK, this game looks like fun. Found you through Prayer Girl. May I join? Blessings!