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When first I encountered in my dumb head that I might undertake to "explain" our Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous to you, my ahhhhh, wonderful blogger friends, it was with an intention of showing you how much I know. This afternoon I sit here and realize that I 'know' NOTHING!

"Having had a spiritual awakening as the result"...of this realization (-grin!) I plan to approach this brief look at the traditions in the spirit of my unwavering fidelity -grin! to myself. This means I will take time to tell you all about something, of which I admittedly know very little. That's what I as an alcoholic do BEST...tell you what I do not know! NOTE: I'll use the "long" form, it's not too long.


1.) Each member of Alcoholics Anonymous is but a small part of a great whole. A.A. must continue to live or most of us will surely die. Hence our common welfare comes first. But individual welfare follows close afterward.

Steve sez:

OK, here goes. When I walked into the rooms (three of them, a smoker-beginner, a non-smoker long-timer, and a smoker-discussion) Tuesday March 19, 1974, the Naples group of Alcoholics Anonymous had about 60 members. I did not know that A.A. was any more nor less than "right here, right now"... and maybe it wasn't / isn't. So I figured I was one-sixtieth part of this 'great whole'.

I had not the benefit of Treatment Center "Teaching" of our World-Wide Organization and it's A.A. Principles. First paragraph above is written, "....I 'know' NOTHING!" And that's exactly what I knew.

However, even in that small group, I sensed that we either will live together--or die together. These people were serious I had already been to hell, knew what THAT was like, so death held not much in the way of secrets, for me. I was ready to look at the 'other' side--LIFE! (Just a quick look, mind you...)

My two preceding blog entries have to do with my foggy brain. We talk here about a 'pink cloud'...I had been 'in the clouds' for between 20 and 30 years, who knows? It became time to climb back down that ladder I had climbed up 30 years prior, and hit the ground. I had to turn the "M" in ME upside down. They told me it was "WE" which would save my ass, not ME. They told me lots of things those first weeks, months, years. I talked very little (THEN--HA! -GRIN) and did listen, no doubt more then than now.

I was free to go or stay, free to do or not do (the Steps), free to attend the four meetings a week, or not. I chose "not". In order to keep my job, I could attend one meeting a week. they said, OK! (Surprise!) So I attended THIRTEEN meetings in NINETY DAYS! I had not a clue that "ninety days" had ANY significance in A.A. I now believe it still does NOT -grin (IMO!). Oh, it might to some, have a connection in some way, to a judge slamming down a gavel, shouting out "NINETY DAYS--NO BAIL"

"Ninety days" has no more significance than "Thirty Years" (IMO!). This moment is what really counts, it is all I have. I recall receiving my 30-year chip, everyone applauded (I don't know why?), and we ate cake. On the way out, I slowly walked through the crowded threes and fours, who were talking about Oh! so many important things. Not ONE person said anything like, "Come back!" "See ya later!" "Good going!" "Go FK yourself!" Nothing! (It was my own little experiment.) Sincerely, I really, REALLY DO love this program, life-saver, God inspired, passed on to me/us by Dr Bob and Bill W, through the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions .

Recently someone approached me, saying, "You are age 75, and sober 34 years...so what has Alcoholics Anonymous given you?" Since I thrive on verbal challenge, I responded (did not make this up) "Alcoholics Anonymous has given me 75 years of life, 34 years of them SOBER!" Who could ask for anything more?

I realized early in sobriety that I'd have to not only stay sober, but do some work--with other people, like a sponsor, a group, interactivity with members. IF I did not do these things, I would die. And it would not be pleasant. And I knew that. And I cared.

In other words, A.A. Tradition 1 allows me to DO or DIE. What a choice! And to implement (one time a guy asked me, "Just how do I implement the Fourth Step?" I answered him, "Don't 'implement' it...DO-IT" --a four-letter word!), to abide in the First Tradition of this program, I needed OTHER RECOVERING PEOPLE!!! Remember, turn the "M" in "ME" upside down to make the word "WE". We do this together, one-on-one, and group-to-one, and one-to-group...and yes, group-to-group.

My hand is always held out to grab yours! Is your hand always held out to grab mine? With you bloggers (God, how I love you all--you'll never know...well, I guess you do by now -grin!), with you bloggers I KNOW your hand is there for me and for each other--always! From "A" to "Z", "ATIYANNA" to "ZANE" (my "favorite witch" to my favorite.........-grin, "Chief Zane", who sleeps naked in cars!")

If this "Tradition" discussion seems worthy to you, I'll do Tradition TWO some time next week. Gotta lemme know, though, because, as important as the Traditions are--they are still not my favorite "writeable" topics...HOWEVER....Hmmmmm?

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Christina said...

I love reading you blog, and appreciate the amount of time and dedication you put into your writing. It is very inspiring to see your zest and gratitude towards God and AA after all your years in sobriety. Thank you Steve!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


Obviously you saw my struggles of late with being in a position where I needed to learn more about the Traditions and practice practice practice. I hope God was there at the second meeting more than I was, and I hope that I didn't harm anyone in the process, or do anything that would injure the AA Fellowship, it didn't feel like it (but I'm still very very young and I still have so many experiences with self-will run riot.

Thank you thank you thank you!

steveroni said...

People, I posted this comment on Syd's blog moments ago. Unknow to me, he has already started to blog the Traditions, something which I thought was long overdue...COMMENT:

OMG! Syd, I had no idea you were "doing" the Traditions. I must have missed the first one, and just did not know.

I'm so sorry, I began to write my own experiences starting with #1 tonight. It's already published. I don't wish to take it off, I worked on it too much.

I will end my own planned weekly Trad. discussion, with Number ONE.

Thank you for understanding...

Linda S. Socha said...

Wonderful. I have come to that incredible realization that I know nothing except that I Know nothing.. What a relief. I expect so much less of myself and am still invited to remember I have so much to learn. Thanks for the great post Steve. Stop by and say hello?

vicariousrising said...

I think admitting I know nothing is a good start to getting my head out of my ass.

I'm glad AA was there when I was ready to listen and I needed to change. The steps and the traditions are very important to be upheld. AA should be there for anyone and everyone wanting to stop drinking.

Mary Christine said...

I am glad you are writing about the traditions.

Faith said...

Sent you the invite. Sorry to complicate things - it's just that I want complete privacy and I foolishly showed my blog to my boyfriend.

Akannie said...

Share-a-roni...there are plenty of Traditions to go around. I think it might be fun to see different perspectives too...which is one reason I love 12x12 meetings. A roomful of people talking about how THEY understand the things they've read. SOmetimes enlightening, sometimes F.O.S.

Don't quit!


Syd said...

Steve, please keep going with the AA traditions. I'm blogging on the Al-Anon ones. I really like your experience shared on Tradition One. Keep going on the others please

steveroni said...

I got to speak this morning to my 'big' group of about 85 people, and during my talk, I discovered this:

"Yeah! Each of us have the right to our own perspectives on a step or tradition! Especially on the blogs. So, of course, I cannot quit."

Thank you for the comments though which reinforce my own thinking...(BAD--to think 'alone'...)

Atiyanna said...

Thank you Steve...The Traditions are certainly something I need to study more. I was told that the 12 steps will teach you how not to kill yourself and the 12 traditions will teach you how not to kill each other. I would love for you to continue on with Tradition Two. Oh, and I don't mind the link one bit!
hugs n' love,

Faith said...

Hi there,
You left a note on my blog "Stones from my Heart" and probably realize now that I am not the Faith you were seeking. But, thank you for stopping by and leading me here. I am enjoying reading your blog and I am sure I will be back to read some more.
Another Faith:)

vicariousrising said...

Allrighty, Steve-o. I've got a letter for you. Your assignment is: "H". Have a blast. I did. :D

Pam said...

yes you must write about the traditions. "Must" be suggestive only.