Saturday, January 3, 2009


Rear of my bike--I'll
ride this to meetings,
masses, gigs, shopping,
and also for pure FUN!


Saturday morning, after my two regular daily meetings (ain't it wonderful to have the time to do that, thank You, God!), I will be speaking at a 9:30 meeting. I've never been to this particular group, but some attendees will be people I know. Anyway, it's AA, so I'll be among friends.

AA talk went well, lots of new friends I met,
and some old ones. Beautiful day. Told God
how much I appreciated Him using me (me?)
to help spread word of our miracle which
happens here just ALL the time!
Gratefully, Steve

Funny, that in Naples, the speaker's name at a given meeting is a closely held secret until people see him show up wearing a tie. (Women do not have such rules.) Maybe it is so that the speaker will not bring a 'cheering section'. I can still sense though, those cheering souls, those angels sitting by each alcoholic, watching over us, guarding us from real harm. I absolutely 'feel' their presence.

My angel's name is Flex. He has been with me since before I was born. I truly believe that God, in His Infinite Wisdom realized we, as humans, would have a rough time of it, so he assigned us each a particular helpmate, called angel.

So, I do not have a real 'story' prepared for tomorrow morning. I may have to end up telling the TRUTH! -grin! Remember, in our Big Book "Alcoholics Anonymous", it reads, sort of: "We lied, when even the truth would have sufficed". Anyway, I usually turn to Flex for help, and he makes it easy.

I started this blog moments ago with not a single thought in my head, and I'm already in the fifth short paragraph of nothingness.

My 'story' will begin with the usual disclaimers, DOS, and a joke, if I can remember one. Then, I'll relate one or two really far-out adventures, after which some will ask me, "Did that REALLY happen?" And I'll have to say, "Yes, that really happened--and the only consequence was that I had to have my left-hand, middle finger sewed back on"

Don't forget, I play a violin! I was devastated. I was drunk. So was the knife-wielding wife, when the kitchen door slammed shut during a hurricane wind (Betsy, 1966) and took my finger piece with it. Could not find my finger. It had traveled to another room!

I don't enjoy drunk-a-logs that much, especially when they're MINE. I REALLY like the story of RECOVERY! So then I'll get into the 'real' story for me...how I got here to AA in 1974, what happened after that, and what life today is like--for me.

I will make a few admissions of my faults, but nothing which could hurt anyone--including me? -grin

My basic fault is Pride. And this could easily be turned into a blong, if I got on the subject of Ego, or pride's opposite, Humility.

If I see folks falling asleep, I'll begin telling them how much I love blogging, how much I love you bloggers, and how much I have benefited by finding this outlet for my venting, lecturing, acting, writing, letting you all know how GOOD I am, and yes, even on occasion, allowing God's use of me to help someone here. BELIEVE ME, that'll wake them. They don't like to hear about "new stuff" (blogging is only what? 15 years of age?) and they don't like CHANGE!

I'm talking about the long-timers here (HEY, I'm ONE of them guys! -grin) who are slow to accept anything different from 'yesterday'. Do not even paint a room, lay a carpet, wash the windows, or one of these oldies will complain...for SURE!

I am going to end this before we find ourselves in the year 2010!!! Thank you for being here, and helping ME to live in up-beat fashion, when all tell us we should be depressed.

Peace. Let's stay sober, in a lovin' kinda way, can we do that? Yep! OKAY!!!

Who pushed this and when???


Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a wonderful start to my blog reading today!!! I so wish I could be there to hear it!!! Enjoy!!!

Great story by the way; would love to hear more!


Shadow said...

oh no! suzuki!!!!! gotta have a HONDA!!!! just kidding. love your nothingness, as you put it!

Kathy Lynne said...

good luck tonight....it will be wonderful..I don't really mind drunkologs really...though I try not to go into mine toooo much...it gives me something to identify with....if I hadn't heard what had happened to people I might have thought I was in the wrong place...

Prayer Girl said...

Happy New Year Mr. Blogman - just a few days late. I've been so busy with wonderful guests, I'm not sure I said it.

There's a whole lot more to the finger story that I have heard and wow, is it a doozy!!!

~Tyra~ said...

Like Gabi, I wish I could be there to hear you speak. I would love it!

Banana Girl said...

Break a leg out there with your speech. If it is anything like your writing, you should have them all on the floor with giggles or all in tears with genuine emotion. You are so real and I love this entry for today. Funny how the highway just keeps getting broader and broader. I think you should have a new nickname: Flying Fingers! Oh, and I agree with your assessment of the assignment of angels. The trip in Texas proved that once again. I am to the point that whether in drunkenness or sobriety, I have lost count of the number of times my angel has saved me. Perhaps a pay raise is in order?

Cat said...

I am sure your talk will go well - just because it is you and your personality seems so open to others and to reaching out...

Best of luck!!!!


steveroni said...

Banana Girl:

"I have lost count of the number of times my angel has saved me. Perhaps a pay raise is in order?"

Well, I just tell God I'm am so grateful for sending me Flex. That's the truth.


The Honda (same size) would only do 95 mph Suzuki 120 mph...the WINNER Suzu!


To hear the whole story, you'll have to trot down here. We DO have reservations (already!) for the San Antonio AA World Convention in 2010

Shouls not have told you that--I wanted to show you and K Naples meetings!

Kathy Lynne:

The speaker did just GREAT this morning! He was so humble (he was me! -grin) and had the AA group laughing a bit here and there. And the speaker shall be called from now on: MISTER HUMILITY! OMG! -grin

Also, thanks for the tip--I told "what it was like" with you in mind


Don't you EVAH be in South FL and not let us know you're coming!

Prayer Girl:

Guess one day I'll have to blog the "finger story" or people will begin to 'talk'..

Fishstyx said...

I can babble about nothingness dry or drunk. Seinfeld was a whole show about nothingness. Lok how that experiment worked out. If we had a sitcom about sobriety nothingness we could be $$$$. Break a leg in your speaker meet.

Kristin H. said...

The serenity triangle on your bike made me smile. I always wonder how many other drivers on the road know what it stands for and how it represents such a monumental aspect of ours lives.

Syd said...

I always smile when I read what you write.

Your finger flew into another room. Not funny at the time but it is a vision to read about. Good luck with your sharing at the meeting.
I don't like drunk a logs either. I heard one fellow go on for over 50 minutes about throwing chairs through windows and other stuff. It was as if he were proud of it. No recovery much mentioned at all. Not an inspiring thing for me or for a newcomer to AA.