Thursday, January 22, 2009


NOTE: In order to fully understand the following, it might be helpful to go read Mary's blog. I had commented there, and it was more than lengthy, so I decided to make it my entry for today. This is intended to offend NO ONE.


Mary, your daily wise--and other--remarks on here give to a LOT of people--a LOT of help. Even your tired and "Grumpy" times -grin.

You frequently, somehow find a way to bring us to the old-time, "down-and -dirty" AA, the hard-core stuff with which many long-timers manage to stay sober No Matter What. (NMW)

I never watered down my liquor, so how come some of us try to water down our AA programs? Maybe it's that "easier, softer way" which is so attractive.

I (and you, and others) remember forever that alcohol is "cunning, baffling, powerful"...and whoever denies that statement only need visit a beginner's meeting. There do I find exactly what that means!

Mary, it is so helpful and supportive for many of us to realize (through the blogs of us long-timers, or elsewhere) that no matter how long we're sober, every day is not Christmas, and every night is not New Year's Eve! You are a most worthy blogger, indeed! IMHO!

Steve E.


Pam said...


Cat said...

Blogs like her's and your's remind me of how hard my husband has to work to stay sober.

Patty said...

And then last night I found myself at a total loss, as a heroin addict, six months pregnant, sat in a Big Book meeting and asked for prayers for her baby because she is only 10 days clean. (sigh) The people next to her rubbed her back and patted her leg and told it would be OK. (sigh again) This is a person that I have seen come in and out and in and out for a couple of years, always crying, never able to get any program, AA, CA or NA. She has also been through free in house re-hab several times, she gets clean, runs away and then comes back to the rooms for some more tea and sympathy.

What would you say to this person Steve?

Nothing very kind or loving popped into my head last night. Allot of sarcasm did though.

♥Shann♥ said...

she does keep it real!

mile191 said...

wow. well written and responded too. thanks for the post. i needed that today. i know shadow gave you the lemon award. I mentioned you too. thanks for everything.

steveroni said...

If I'm not present, I don't have the faintest notion what I would say. Maybe nothing...maybe something, "Ya Never Know" (the name of one of my blogs.)

I'm not dissing you, that's just the truth.

I can say this: Talking about Heroin usage would benefit NEITHER her nor me! Positively!

But let's all stay sober today, OK?

Syd said...

I wonder how many people in AA have read the pamphlet Problems Other Than Alcohol. MC understands singleness of purpose as do you. There are many who think that one addiction is like another. And that AA should embrace everyone with every problem. That does nothing but kill the alcoholic. And I don't want to see that happen. Thanks Steve and MC for saying what you believe and what the original 100 intended.

Mary Christine said...

Thanks Steve. I have am still at the end of my rope with it all.

Cat said...

Hey Steverwonderful - I left a little blog award for you on my page if ya have a chance pop on by - I really like reading your stuff daily!


mile191 said...

Hey. Wanted you to know that I JUST got the questions in my email....THANKS. I can't wait to answer them, but have to go take donuts to my daughters class, and can't be late, don't want to disappoint her. So, I scheduled the post for next Thurs, that will give me time to answer. Is it okay if I say you asked them???? Hope you are feeling better. Hope ♥

J-Online said...

Great message and post. Thanks.

J-Online said...

Great message and post. Thanks.

dAAve said...

Well said!!

Today, January 24, you recieved the Lemonade Award. Drop by and see it.