Thursday, January 15, 2009

Second Thoughts!


Earlier this morning I had posted a "Blong". I was very tired while typing it out, and reading it this morning, it just didn't make much sense. So it is now in cyber-heaven, or maybe cyber-hell -grin.

Short gratitude List:

  • That I have enough sobriety to know when to delete (well, sometimes!)
  • For the cold air this morning
  • Reminds me of how wonderful is the warm
  • For a motorized scooter
  • To ride to two early meetings
  • GOOOD meetings
  • That I've been sober long enough to know the difference
  • For my wife, family, and friends
  • For bloggers, OH! how grateful!
  • For the new guy I may meet this morning
  • That I now believe in a God Who is directing me
  • That--so far today--I have 'listened' to God
  • That you do not care if this list is short or "Blong"
  • Music, all kinds
  • My gigs, and my French violin (c.1856)
  • That somehow time stopped enough so I could jot down this list
  • Maybe my guardian angel Flex had something to do with that -grin
  • to be born in United States at this time--or any time
  • That I still have a winter coat
  • Which I'm gonna wear now, as I bike outta here!
Peace and L.O.V.E., from
Steve E.


Shadow said...

love to you too. i love your list. and your violin (c.1856)

idenmw said...

love the gratitude list...
knowing your gentle thankful heart brings joy to many.
glad to call you friend

Anonymous said...

vroom vroom! See ya, Steve!

Syd said...

I like gratitude lists. They get all the points across. I probably need to do more of them on the blog.

I posted about a violinist yesterday. You might like the story.

Anonymous said...

I too, am grateful for the cold air this morning, in a different way though! Have a great day!

Prayer Girl said...

You can NEVER go wrong with a gratitude list.

All of us can never be reminded too often to stay grateful.

I'm grateful for your blog (not blong) today.

J-Online said...

Nice list. Have a great day!

big Jenn said...

It aint THAT cold if you're ridin'!jeNN

steveroni said...

You are SO right JeNN! In fact, if I DO get cold, I think of myself sitting in the center of a huge bonfire, and it helps...maybe relaxes, and I 'feel' warmer. The same works (reversed) for me on really HOT days. I picture a walk-in deep freezer, me in there, and I cool off 'immediately'!! Honest! -grin
Steve E.

Kathy Lynne said...

I was up early and probably read it. Can't remember if I commented though. If I did I guess that means my comment is in cyber heaven or hell..wasn't it about scooter driving looking ahead or something:) See I did read it...does that mean I'M in cyber heaven of hell??

Syd said...

Thanks for writing about your story Steve. I really enjoyed your comment. It is neat that you did the very same thing and got the same results. I found that fascinating.

Cat said...

I think I could definately make time to drive to see you & PG in June - it would be a pleasure!

steveroni said...

CAT--OH BOY!!! Cat, I am just becoming more and more excited about this gathering in Annie K's home town. It's gonna be MAHVELOUS!

Yes, Syd, I had to share that similar experience with you...standing on a street corner in downtown Cincinnati playing violin, and watching all the little children being dragged away by their hurrying, scurrying parents. 50 years ago....

IDENMW Sounds like a Govt Agency, but I know better! Thank you for BEING a friend. I (we) all need them--a lot!

Kristin, VROOOOM, VBOOOOM 6/12/09-=-No we won't be coming on bikes.

SHADOW, what can I say? Love IS Love!

And Prayer Girl--not MANY spouses get to read their mate's "secret blog stuff". Glad you're here, though.

PATTY, and J-ONLINE, maybe I'm just full of HOT air on a morning full of COLD air? Is that the message here??? Hmmmmmm?

Selchie said...

Hi steve) I dont know the beginning looked interesting.... ah i guess i'll never know.

I'm just getting organised and settin up a blog roll would love to add yours if I may?

thanks for the list is good to be reminded to be grateful.

bach to you.. he he I knicked your joke....

vicariousrising said...

Ooh...I need a guardian angel named Flex. :)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Love the list, love you and your gratitude and love for life.
Thank you!!!

steveroni said...

Vicarious Rising:

You can borrow MY Flex (nickname for "Flexible") anytime...just ask him/her/it.


It is wonderful to love, and to BE loved. We all know that, I hope. Do you recall a song called "Nature Boy"?

The last two lines in it are: "The on-ly thing...He ev-er learned. Was just to love--and BE loved...in re-turn" (or something like that).

Sara (Selchie): It's so nice to see you're BACH!

Steve E.

Zanejabbers said...

Quite a list Steveroni. I don't care if its a Blong or a Blort, I read em all cuase I always get a daily shot of humor.