Saturday, January 17, 2009

I'm Comfortably Stupid



When we were kids and got sick, we were served the welcome "Chicken Noodle Soup" with lots of vegs, lots of chicken, lots of noodles, lots of salt, and lots of smell. It smelled so good, cooking half the morning (enough, of course, for four children, Mom and Pop, and six hired hands, and a live-in maid, assorted dogs, cats, goats, and whoever else wandered through the yard, neighbors included. And don't forget the "leftovers" for tomoorow!

Well, the BESTEST chicken noodle soup hereabouts comes from a restaurant called PERKINS. I'm sure it's a national chain. I'm not recommending anyone go there for dinner, because recommending an eatery is a dangerous undertaking. However, if ANYONE you know has a cold, get a quart or two of their c.n. soup, take it home, and you will be L.O.V.E.D.

Anna surprised me with that today, and WOW! I am sure a lucky guy to have found her about 20 years ago. She was sober only 3-4 years then, and didn't make much sense -BIG GRIN. That's how she came to marry ME. She said, one brightly lit, sunny Sunday afternoon, after a meeting--we really did not know each other-- she said, "We Have To Talk". (The four deadliest words know to man.)

NOTE: I always acted real 'cool' back then! Single and rarin to go! Even today, I wake up at 4:30AM like that sometimes (NOT SINGLE!!!), but by 11:30, I'm wiped out for a couple hours.

Another present she brought home was one of PERKINS Chocolate Eclairs, stuffed full of that wonderfully creamy-yellow stuff--NO, not butter, guys! And the chocolate on top of these whoppers, is at least quarter-inch thickness. Napkin is essential! And I keep forgetting that the slower I eat this thing, the longer it will last...one day I'll learn! Anyway, if I had to choose my "final meal..."


Really I don't know if its my "cold", or if it's growing "old", but occasionally I'm known to send an Email to someone--which was meant for someone ELSE. I'm certain that had never happened to anyone reading this...NEVER? Is that true? Have I finally found my "uniqueness" here? Always wanted to be (and for years, thought I was) UNIQUE -grin.

Anywaysss, if this should happen to you, please respond, so I can un-baffle your baffleness. Thanks for understanding. Be thankful you're not my wife--who has to deal with this bad-memory crapola frequently during a given day.

Recently I even called her by the name of one of my ex-wives! How would YOU deal with that? Since we're both Gemini, we seemed to work it out, but I have my secret, lingering doubt...still.

So often, when I look at my blog to edit, it reads like a Seinfeld scene, all about nothing. And yet, if I were not sober, and VERY grateful, I would not even BE here. You bloggers--and people like you--have shown me the way, and I'm still learning, day-by-day!

Going to bed early tonight. Let's all stay sober today NMW (No Matter What!)

Tomorrow--God willing--I'll meet with a new guy at a Starbucks at 9AM and got to a 9:30 meeting nearby. You pray-ers might remember him when you do it. Thanks!
Love, Steve E.


steveroni said...

Continuously and consistently I am AWED by the welcome--but unasked-for--advice on these blog comments.

But what is MORE awsome is the L.O.V.E. which is shown here, and it seems so genuine, that I KNOW, if I could look into your eyes, it would BE there.

How can I EVER thank you ALL--except by getting out there and helping others.

My gratitude for you is overwhelming at this moment. And love is the ruler, the king!

Hope said...

There is a Perkins where only daughter lives and I do like that restaurant. I will have to take some of their soup home next time I get down her way.

I do hope you are feeling better soon.

Enjoy your Sunday!
Hug that wife of yours for me.

Anonymous said...

I have been the recipient TWICE of your misplaced emails. Does that make me special??

steveroni said...

Kristin, I was gonna mention you in the blog, but did not know if you'd appreciate the notoriety -grin

And..YESSSSS You ARE "special", with or without the mistakes!

You, and Annie K live in that same section of the country, and I SURE hope you can clear your calendar sometime during Jun 12-14 and get thee to Bunker Hill IL. An invite should be on the way soon. And drag that "G" girl with you!

Prayer Girl said...

I dearly love comfort food, but I don't like where it travels on me the moment I eat it. :)

Steveroni had the eclair and I had the pecan sticky bun. Gym, here I come!

steveroni said...

Hey, what's with this "JIM" character?

Oh! GYM!

dAAve said...

I love Seinfeld.
And by the way, I'm 54 years old. I drank daily and had blackouts for 33 years.

Cat said...

I sure hope you start feeling better real soon - it seems like htis cold has gone on for too long!!!


(ps. I spoke with my husband and he would be willing to come with me to meet you and PG in June - so its definate)

steveroni said...

HOLY MOLY, BATMAN! Is this gonna be FUN...or WHAT? Thanks to your husband for participating, he can crash a meeting or two with us.

Wonder if Annie K knows she's gonna have a crowded back yard? Well, she's done it before.

Shadow said...

oh you are indeed fortunate to have the wife you do. chicken soup and eclairs. what could be better. i always thought the memory lapses would go when i got sober, but it seems i still have my blonde moments and do silly things. i guess that's what it's like to be human. embrace it, laugh about it, that's life.

and for the game, my finger fell on the letter..... m

Selchie said...

What a nice post...) I like your tag line, calling your wife your ex wifes name v dangerous.. and I feel hungry, am off to get some soup myself. You didnt say what was the outcome of we need to talk... I never realised how much being sober is a daily battle, thank you for sharing.

Have a great day).

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I think i got that evite and wasn't sure it was for me...but maybe it was...if it wasn't maybe i'm even more special...LOL!

I hope you are feeling better and I wish we had a Perkins here, but none that I am aware of in W.V.

Here's to getting over the cold. Oh, my husband has called me an ex-girlfriend's name once in a fight, it didn't go over too well. LOL! Obviously we worked it out.


Femin Susan said...

How beautiful. Today is SO cold in Sc and its getting colder. I dream of warm days and blooming flowers. I can't wait!! Glad you enjoyed your day so much..

Lou said...

I was intrigued by the title, so I dropped by, only to find you are still up to Steve-O-Silliness. (But the good kind;)

Akannie said...


I have a really big back yard....

And, I didn't think Gabi lived near Chi-town...

poor old dement-a-roni....


Findon said...

Calling another lady by your previous lady's name. Ouch that hurts. I should know, I once did it right at THE wrong moment. Not something I would recommend.

steveroni said...

FINDON...there's a LOT in my life i would not recommend...but if someone else has to do it, better than I, Gungda Din (or something like that?) -grin