Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Volunteer (you idiot -grin)

Line up, guys...It's "treat" time.
My Firefighter/paramedic daughter
feeds her puppies,
and they love her for it.
I even got along with that guard dog, Chief.
But she had to "introduce us" outside first!


In 1974 one drunk--me...20 hours w/o a drink-- entered my first room and first meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous on March 19 at 8 PM. The group, in Naples, FL, was uniquely named--well, what else?-- "The Naples Group".

For a number of years the Naples group has been meeting in a church hall in downtown Naples, and has become known as "the Cookie Meeting". Plus or minus 200 people attend our speaker meeting each Thursday night at 8 PM.

In latter part of February, we will host our 55th Anniversary with Dinner and a speaker from "up noahth". Tickets are sold out. This all sets the stage for my Tuesday blog:

Many of the 200 meeting attendees are from area treatment facilities, but there are about 50 members of the group at every meeting. However, and this should not be "news", at the monthly business meeting there were three in attendance, plus one who was, well, "auditing". The "auditor" was checking the group out, to see if he might wish to join. The "auditor" was me, steveroni. I had not been a member of this group for a blong time. (I'm changing Hone Groups, folks!)

Well, tonight Polly (of chocolate chip cookie fame--I've blogged about her) sent out an emergency note announcing a business meeting to fill necessary positions in the group. So, steveroni volunteered to be the librarian. The position of Librarian usually, traditionally, is not a very busy job. But in a group-size of 200 people every week, it is a bit demanding, giving out free Big Books to new people, and keeping track of Grapevine sales. We carry every AA book and pamphlet on record. (Umm, guess that means I'll have to order stuff, and keep records? Hmmmmm?)

When I "sat in" I told them that a guy (me) who has been "doing things" in AA for over thirty years, starting groups, chairing groups--anyway, you know what I mean--this guy should retire, and let the new people "DO-IT".

Well, they informed me that our program is a job to be worked 24/7 until death do us part. And you know what? They are correct! So AlkySeltzer , who has only been attending daily meetings, sponsoring, and speaking, will now, once again, be a contributing member in the "service" department.

I forgot! One more thing. The Librarian is responsible for telling one joke (gotta be funny, these are Alkies, ya know!) each week. Now, that sounds like a lark, but that's FIFTY-TWO jokes a year, folks!
I can handle telling them, but wonder if any of you will send me some? Gotta be short...and good.

Send to: fiddlemn@comcast.net

Cowboy Roy Rogers used to sing a song:

"Back in the Saddle, Again......
Out where a friend is a friend."

Again...you know what? It feels GOOD!

Just one more way,
to stay sober today,
in a workin' sort of way,
jus sayin'....

Peace, and Love.

Who published this, and when...?


Shadow said...

aren't you the chirpy one this morning. good to see you like this!

Molls said...

You sound terrific, as usual. I'm terrible with jokes, but if I see any good ones I'll pass them along. Also, glad to hear about you and your daughter. Love, Molls

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I love being of service in different ways...although the state stuff is a bit scary for me still. I am the treasurer of my home group and I do enjoy that.
Thanks for the reminder of how good it is.

Kristin H. said...

"How many country western singers does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

Answer: 4

One to screw in the light bulb and three to sing about how much they miss the old one.

steveroni said...

Shad: "Chirp, chirp!" Thanks!

Molls: so glad to read you--Dja have a good week away from 'logs?

Gabi: Treasurer! If we ever DO all get together does that mean lunch is on YOU?

Dear Kristin: I've not figured out whether I'm the loosely screwed-in light buld, ot the out-of-tune singers crooning nostalgically.

Syd said...

I'll see if I can remember some of the jokes I've heard. The Grapevine has quite a few.

I do know a funny one about Al-anon:
Why does the Al-Anon close her eyes during sex? Because she doesn't want to see the alcoholic having fun.

Banana Girl said...

Congrats on renewed service. I have been negligent in that area for a variety of all bad reasons. You have just reminded me of my duty to myself, to God and to the fellowship. Gracias! Mon Ami! Jokes will be forthcoming.

♥Shann♥ said...

LOL at what syd said ahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahha
service positions are great, and especially with people who have time. Yea its for everyone! I like new people getting involved but I also like seeing people with time to continue to be involved. I know it my homegroup thats lacking... only a few of us with some time are still doing service the rest are just sitting back and bitching about how everyone is doing it wrong lol wow

ok on a more positive note service is awesome no matter how old or new you are... just sayin

Akannie said...

Ok...here's one for ya...

A bunch of people are at the bank, when a robber comes in and makes everyone get on the floor while he cleans out the tellers drawers. So he comes out, and he's got this big bag of money. He walks up to the first guy and in a menacing voice says "Did you see anything?" And the guy, obviously too terrified to think straight, blurts out "YES! I saw the whole thing!" And the robber shoots him in the head.

Robber goes to the next person in line and says, in a menacing voice, "Did you see anything??" And the guy says "YES! I did! I saw the whole thing!" And the robber shoots him in the head.

He goes to the next person, a woman holding an AA Big Book book, and says, in a very menacing voice, "Did you see anything?" And she pauses a minute, looking at him through her beady little eyes, and says ..."NO. But my husband saw everything..."
*giggle. (At first I made her an Alanon, buy...)

J-Online said...

This is a great heartwarming post! It's great to be of service!