Sunday, January 4, 2009


Thought it was time to put up (again) a photo of my
MOSTEST FUNNEST TOY' my Suzuki Bergman 650 "Executive

NOTE: Following is a "Blong" comment I made on Mary LA's blog this morning...

Good afternoon, Mary! Odd, to write that at 5:30 AM. Reading and commenting your blog daily has given me a new perspective on our small world. Seldom have I given thought to the fact, that as I rise (early) from deep slumber, others are having a nice lunch under the sycamore (well maybe not sycamore?)

Still others are having nothing to eat, wear, sleep on or in. Those same 'others' maybe even have nothing to DO. And time moves slowly, OH! so slowly, given those circumstances.

So I picture myself in both instances, and have great moments of thoughfulness, usually before dawn, each day in Florida, US.

Sorry--I got sidetracked from your blog--maybe not. I thought I held the record for a "blong", but Irish Friend has me beat. She does speak well and good. In any dissertation, it's the imported thought which I discern. And it is good for me...almost always!

Mary, you wrote: "If I could go and sit in AA meetings I think I would go twice a day for the rest of my life out of sheer gratitude."

Ya know, for many years I had two, sometimes three employments a day, and I remember driving a bus daily, saying to myself, "When I retire, I'm going to as many meetings as I can". Well, do you know, it happened! I am SO fortunate to go now to two meeting EVERY day, and sometimes three, or four.

And Mary, I L.O.V.E. them! I thrive on listening, hearing and understanding more and more about Alcoholics Anonymous, God, other alkies, and me.

I wonder if you can even IMAGINE my gratitude? I get to spend time with new members--right out of the woods (literally!) and long-time sober ones as well. I wake each day with anticipatory thoughts and feeling, my heart even speeds slightly, wonderingly, knowing that good things will be happening in me and around me today.

These will include--but not be limited by--writing you (pleasant moments for sure!), attending meetings, working with another, riding my bike (that's BIG 'pleasant'!) playing my violin, blogging, commenting, living, learning and loving...loving you, all the bloggers, and probably everyone I meet, and especially my wife, "One Prayer Girl" (Anna).

My regret of today (each day there are more than too many) is the frustration I feel in not being able to help those in dire need, e.g., those you so eloquently describe to us, mainly the CHILDREN, who have not asked for their lot, and who have no way to help themselves. Reminds me of many "bottomed" alcoholics.

Mary, I'm going to make this my blog for today, and I'll pray that is not offensive to you in any way.

Peace, and Love, from


Shadow said...

aaah, but not if it were an sp2.....

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Wow Steve, what ana amazing post, I love Mary's blog and read it each day, some day I will be able to make more meetings too and look forward to it, but for now I look forward to the one's I attend and listen. Your gratitude is amazing to me; thank you.

steveroni said...

Ya know Verena...we could be "vice-versa-ing" the Honda/Suzuki thingie this time in 2010. But yes, the sp2 (is there a 1200?) can sure whip my Bergman--AFTER it shifts the first couple gear ratios...but not before! -grin

If you don't HAVE an sp2, I hope hubby will buy you one (Valentine's Day? Easter? NEVAH???)

I'll keep my scooter, it's so EASY to ride, service, and I can take on any 18-wheeler unless they're coming toward me--in MY lane.

And, the scooter is a cool ride in summer--no burning inside of ankles or higher up, from engine heat. -g-

Your turn! Maybe I should have "E"'d this. I fervently hope we're both still on these blogs a year from now, still able to peacefully argue the merits of our respective two-wheelers.

For Gabi:

The problem with all these meetings is (not good!) I sometimes forget where is 'home', my house, or the 24-Hr Club?

Know what I mean, Jelly-Bean?

Shadow said...

heee heee heee, we could indeed. hubby's got the sp2. i ride with him only, it's a bit heavy for me to handle.... but you're right, the exhaust provides a wonderful heater in winter, not so much in summer. i'm beginning to ride on hubby's other one, the triumph thruxton. that's more my speed for now. for now only, mind you. i'm way too competitive to settle for a slower bike than his, giggle....

SandyCarlson said...

Years ago I dated a boy (we were 18) who was in AA. I used to go with him to the open meetings. What an education I got! The stories I heard blew me away. Dad never thought much of my choice in boys then (or ever, really), but I think that time was important and that that boy was key to keeping me from ever making my way to the bottom of the bottle. Ever.

It is amazing to see how people can hold each other up. It's a powerful bond. Those open meetings sure do teach others plenty.

God bless, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

♥Shann♥ said...

lol Irish Friend of Bill, does speak or write very elequently (or however you spell that lol) Irish friend of bill, is a cool chic, and has been clean and sober for sometime!

I want a scooter, but my hubby thinks I will lay it down... lol only because when we went mo pedding on the beach (which was my frist time driving one of those things) we drove on the sand and I kept laying it down lol but I got better and even drove the speed limit on the street lol oh well have a groovy monday

molly said...

i wouldn't consider this a 'blong' at all! very nice.

and thanks for the comment yesterday (?) about the 'sought' vs 'caught' thing. i hadn't heard that one and found it a good one. :) have a great day.

Syd said...

I like the meetings that I attend and wish sometimes that there weren't conflicts so that I could make more. It's nice to go to several a week. We don't have as many Al-Anon meetings as AA meetings, but that's okay as long as I make 3-4 a week.

JJ said...

Divorced actually. About 6 years now. Long story and there is no way I could make it short. Maybe I'll blog about it. LOL.

Mary LA said...

Love you Steve and thanks for the shout-out!


Anonymous said...

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