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Why did I always believe that I had "fallen from god's grace"?  For one thing, I was brought up "...to know God, to love Him, and to serve Him in this world, and be happy with Him forever in eternity..."

When my age had progressed to the stage where I became "the Enlightened One" (about age 12),  I just knew that business about being happy forever was so much rotting horse manure.  And that is where God and I parted ways--at least I parted.

Then one day many years hence, someone let me realize--know--that a "religious upbringing" had very little to do with a personal relationship with God.  So I could feel "a part of" the world rather than "apart from" the whole show. I now "talk" to God, as He is a person--albeit a Spirit--standing right here, not as a heavenly Being "way out there".  And we get along fine these days--SOooooo much better than in the DAZE past.

As a recovering(ed) alcoholic, I have learned to depend on a daily needed Power (to stay sober, and to grow in spirituality) which could be given to me only by a God of my understanding.

I pray that this relationship will continue to grow and mature into a way of living which allows me to carry the message of sobriety to other suffering alcoholics, to know His Will for me today, and to be endowed with the Power to carry it out.

Why oh why do I post these stupid jokes?  Well, this one is for all those whose names begin with any letter from A to Z (OK, Zane?)

A guy spotted a nice looking girl in a bar. He went over and started with small talk. Seeing that she didn't back off he asked her name.

"Carmen," she replied.

That's a nice name," he said warming up the conversation. "Who named you, your mother?"

"No, I named myself, she answered.

"Oh, that's interesting. Why Carmen?"

"Because I like cars, and I like men," she said looking directly into his eyes.

"So what's your name?" she asked.

Nodding his head he said,  "Beersex".


Peeps, I pray you have LOVE in your hearts today.
And PEACE to His Peeps on earth.
Sober Blessings


Ed G. said...


Linda S. Socha said...

Your posts are where I come for the love reminders when the days are difficult
Love and Living for today

Madison said...

The title of your blog was a life-changing question I asked myself a few years back. For me, I had to decide if He is who He says He is (no questions asked) or if He is who I'm acting like He is - a very real, loving, distant, detached, supreme being who knows all things but only responds if you flip out. The answer to that changed the way I behave. Love those words. Either God is, or He is not.

Dulce said...

99 followers!!!! I'll be back later

Shadow said...

looove your silly jokes!

Andrew said...

Pretty much all there is to it. He is or He is not. And all else in my life depends on what I decide.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Spiritual kick to the head I just received with your shared experience! :) YAY GOD!

I became the enlightened one...I'm pretty sure it started at 9 and I knew everything by 13....

Is God who HE says he is or who I believe he is? Yup...

God honors all my faith! All of it!
That's how big and glorious he is! So if I have faith that God can truly get me to the desires of my heart...

When things in my life have failed, it's truly because my faith has wavered. And wavering faith is always based in self.

Dulce said...

The best joke I've 'heard in years!!! Oh- you peep Steve are great.

I love your connection with that LOVELY God of yours.
Can I borrow it? ;)

diane d said...


Marsha said...

I hadn't heard that joke yet. I'll have to tell it to my hubby as it'll greatly amuse him, as many things do.

Margie said...

Now, that is the truth, Steve!

It's a beautiful thing that you and God get along fine these days.
I really love that.

Have a joyous day!


Syd said...

A good joke but a powerful statement about God. Thanks Steve.

wolfie185 said...

Great statement about God Steve!! This is what I love about AA it gave me the freedom to view God as something other than a ultimate dictator to be feared and worshipped from afar. I do the talking to God as a friend as well, during the day I will just talk to God, yesterday morning I thanked God for some green traffic lights I really needed. I would be lost without my special friendship with God.

Like the joke, keep them coming!1

Peace and Love

clean and crazy said...

hee, hee, hee i love a good joke, the sillier the better!!
you know i like your post too, the one about a relationship with God. i have been struggling with this and it is amazing how i find what i am looking for in this blogging world. thanks so much

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

That's a good one Steve!

mile191 said...

Hey Steve. I miss you. Hope you are doing well. I am busy....and doing well, from time to time. THanks for checking in....I reposted so you could see what it was...apparently I had done something wrong...and the animation may not work, so I typed the messages....take care.

mile191 said...

It would go well with this post....hmmmm, you can copy it if you would like...it was an email forward. Actually I will forward you the email too....k, take care. mile 191

Just Be Real said...

Okay Stevie.... Yes, He Is!
Blessings dear one....