Tuesday, October 27, 2009




The following is in NO way approved by Alcoholics Anonymous.  I'm an ex-drunk, writing about "How it is" with me.  OK?

Many of us Peeps ("We the Peeps"!) from time to time write our gratitude lists in the posts.  It is GooooD for me to read these, and to be reminded how important it is--to know and recognize that God is the constant Giver, and I, the undeserving receiver.  I am SO grateful for SO many things which I take SO for granted.

All the Peeps here know what I'm about to reiterate, and I do not pretend to be preaching--must LESS preaching to the choir--grin! The gratitude of which I speak is SO much more than a "list" of what I consider "goodies".

Gratitude, when boiled down, is about getting outside of myself, and helping someone else.  Who, How, When, Where, and What are not as important as, say, WHY.  Motive is what must drive true love, and the work of true gratefulness.

Opportunities for helping another (others) abound--while living at home with family, when driving, walking, running, working, shopping, waiting--yes, WAITING!--playing, performing, blogging, traveling, e.g.  Almost every waking activity will introduce a Peep in need of something.  And usually, there is an antidote--maybe an anecdote?-- which I can supply.  Maybe as little as a smile, a kind word, kindness itself...how about LOVE?  The most powerful force in the universe--love--is seconded by KINDNESS.  (Third most powerful force is FEAR.  After that is anyone's choice...mine is HUMOR).

I am grateful to be in a choir, rehearsing, singing masses, and so the action for me is, that I will suit up and show up two or three times a week, even for the extra services,
e.g., we sing in the cathedral in ten days!

I am grateful for sobriety, and so I go to AA meetings, sponsor men, belong to two groups--I'm a librarian and a GSR.

My scooter:  OH! what gratitude I have for you.  And so I use the time riding for meditation...there is no more favorable time for me than when riding in the breeze, surrounded by the smells and sounds of nature, to pray meaningfully.

For my home and family I AM grateful, but it is for my list, rather than for actions, since I fall short in this area.  It is a failing, but it is real.

For you bloggers--ALL--I have SO much gratitude, and so I spend lots of time reading,  writing comments, and posting.  Since I am neither reader nor writer, it is definitely labor for me, but I do it because I love it, and just maybe can touch someone through this medium.  In fact, blogging is much like an AA group, in that we here are constantly in the act of helping one another, even without trying.  Even when we just write about our everyday life as it is.  It just works that way.  At least for me.

I am grateful for my violin, and for my mother who forced me to practice--even if I DID have to retreat to the horse barn to do so.  70 years after, I still play weddings and gigs.
For AA weddings I play for free.  (There went my humility--what little there was--but this post IS about how we use action to express our gratitude.) NOTE:  I have discovered that age in the seventies is NOT "old".  Take my word for that!

Please understand, there is nothing near perfect here.  I have trouble sometimes with "motive"--and try, really try to keep myself out of the way. Sometimes I succeed--grin!

Enough out of me, me, me tonight.  If we all stay sober today, I'll be back to visit with you again.  Please visit also with ME!

Peeps, you already have my LOVE.
You have my wishes for PEACE.
I am a happy, sober camper, maybe you could tell?


Gin said...

It is laborious for you to write out a blog Steve? But you make it look so easy!!! Peace and love to you my friend. Love the gratitude list.

Madison said...

You teach people how to enjoy a day. It's not that easy for everybody. You lead the way. Thanks.

Nessa said...

A beautiful gratitude list.

Wordless Wednesday - Now That's Scary

Scott said...

gratitude is infectious! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

i love to read you every day. you remind me so much of the long timers that were here when i first arived at aa. i miss them so much. the message you carry is so rare in my area. lj

Dulce said...

Thanks for giving us good lessons and reminders. :)

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

It feels good to help other people. I enjoy doing it.

John DeFlumeri Jr.

TechnoBabe said...

You stay busy and active and work the program. Lots of gratitude.

Anonymous said...

Steve I am grateful for your generousity, you are so pleasant, courteous, and noble,. I feel such gratitude from your posts, ty for the little pieces of heaven we feel each day reading YOU..

P.S. I truly love PG.. sorry BUD but shes a keeper.. HUGS

Anonymous said...

Gin's right. You make it look so easy :)

Love to you, Steve-O!

Syd said...

There were so many things that I took for granted. I do my best to appreciate those small things now. I appreciate just being here, alive on this day.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comment
Turdy is just an blog friend who is helping me with the grammar and the spelling , she not an agent

Just Be Real said...

Stevie, you done good as always. Great grads. Blessings dear one.

enchantedoak said...

I am happy I got to be online today and stop by your place and read your wonderful message. You deserve Dulce's sweet poem. Writing may be something you do that you feel inexpert at (pardon the grammar), but you sure have a strong voice for someone who thinks writing is hard! Your comments on my blog always leave me smiling.

wolfie185 said...

Thanks for your graditude list Steve it was wonderful and thanks for everything else you wrote, you always give me something to reflect on.

Peace and Love

DreamDancer said...

So many here in the blog community are certainly grateful for you, Steve. You just have a way of cheering readers up with your keen sense of humor and knowledge as well. I always enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work. Blessings to you, as always.

~Christina~ said...

Steve for president!