Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Einstein and I--buddies--we DID
have one thing in common!

"A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy" - Albert Einstein (he was past age 70 when he said that...)

My comment to Mr A Einstein:  Well Sir, I do not know about YOU...but for me, a chair--OK, a violin--OK, then, well, I--uh, um, hmmmmm--why is this not easy? Well, I'll be honest.  I'd want my woman!  And I am older than you were--with your bowl of fruit!  I hope you had a good time...--grin!

Of course, that is NOT the topic here.  I prefer to talk in this blog about what (Who) keeps me sober, mostly serene and at peace.   

NOTE: This is my first try at this type of verse. So be gentle please --grin!

And it IS the Power
of the Universe,
that Great Spirit
which moves
in constant waves
over and through
all things
all bodies
all minds

This Power, God,
As I delve
into His Programs
Stairways of Twelve
keep me sober,
and mostly happy

Always Pushing,
Leading, Pulling--
The Great Cajoler
Teasing me/us
with moments sublime
Moments of time
In perfect time.
In perfect tune.

Strings taut so those notes,
Like petite round sounds--
Beautifully soft,
Reach my very
center. Inner nerves
Also taut...on the verge

About to release the energies
Of sight, sound, touch
And face the reality of LOVE
To attain that serenity
For which I try much,
Too much, to achieve

No more deceive.
All is at peace.

All tiredness
all weariness
ending with
with healing sleep.
Prayer and Healing Sleep..

Peeps, what can I say?  I love you all.


Prayer Girl said...

I'm attempting to be the first to comment.

Love this. Really nice.


wolfie185 said...

Very good Steve!

in time out said...

I like it. I like the idea of practice makes perfect. Why do we want to be so perfect at anything? Hmmm. But if practice makes it, I suppose I could be there...

I like your attempt. Nice work friend.

mile 191

Dulce said...


Shadow said...

you may do this again. i loved reading this lovely poem of yours!

Dulce said...

I think that reading so much poetry all around these blogs has made the poet in you come out at last.
Beautiful words all connected with your music within..
You are good, really good... Please do it more often cause I love it.
you poet peep! ;)

Andrew said...

Albert E. learned how to keep it simple, I think.

Good first attempt at poetry. Keep practicing.

Scott said...

glad you're back posting again :-)

I love your verse...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Love this! Beautiful!!!!

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I was a 12x12 study last night - step 6... "practice makes perfect" was the exact inspired thought I had when I read the part about us receiving a perfect way to free us from alcoholism...

"Practice makes perfect" was a principle on my inventory....

Now I understand, IT DOES! In the practice of these principles, I feel pretty darn good, and as perfect as I've ever felt, because although I don't get it right (a lot) I feel really good in the process... and I feel like progress is being made daily when I'm in the process...

When I stop the process... not so much...but in it..practicing.. well it is perfectly good!

Margie said...

Good job on the poem, Steve!
I actually loved it.
And I especially loved the last verse ... it made me feel at peace!
Thank you!
More please!


Cindy said...

Fantastic Steve! Wow.
Also, love Jess' comment regarding step 6. Neat!

kberman said...

Hi, I have added you to my recovery journey links. I have been blogging since Nov 2004 but didn’t have comments. Recovery date is Nov. 24, 1976. I would be honored if you’d check out my main blog, kathyberman.com

Cat said...

beautifully done Steve!

diane d said...


Syd said...

Nice Steve. You are a poet and I know it.

Marsha said...

The times Einstein lived in must have had simpler requirements, mmm?

Banana Girl said...

Shadow look out! You may lose your status of blogger poet laureate. Great verse, great thoughts. J.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Amazingly stated and well prosed, you are quite a creative spirit and so great to see it here...
much love

Kristin H. said...


Calli said...

This is beautiful poetic verse, dear Steve~ just beautiful!

I think you need to do this more often...