Monday, October 19, 2009

Humble Humility?

Sooo, we got fleas.  So what?  
PG and I had to leave the house 
for three hours while exterminators 
murdered millions of fleas.  Burt (cat) or Cat-Burt? had to go away for overnight, he'd been losing hair, 
started looking like a rat.  
Here we are in STARBUCKS blogging, 
can't beat THAT! 
We have two free 
Internet hours daily.  
And a coffee pot which is never empty!


Today October 20, 2009, I have lived 13,000 days without a drink or drug--how 'bout that?  How did I DO it?  I didn't drink...and I didn't die!


Meeting topic this morning was "humility" and I got to hear lots of people--in under an hour--tell how they have little, none, or wish they had more humility, etc.  Since months and years have slipped (pun) by, I wonder that it's all been said and heard by me now, and I might tune out and live--this hour--in my own VERY pleasant reveries of people and places near and far away.

Then I vaguely hear some guy say, "Humility means I give somebody help or money anonymously"...humbly!? but deep down I WISH the Peeps would find out! So they might congratulate me!!  Nope, I say to myself, that ain't humility--but it's what I sometimes DO.

One time I (humbly) gave a down-and-out fellow a C-Note, and felt SO good for it, like I really could not afford it at the time.  Many years later, I ran into him, now sober about 25 years--and I fully expected him to come up and say "Thank you, Steve.  You really saved my life those years ago."  He is doing quite well for himself now, never married (after the first two) owns a thriving business.  I even entertained that he might choose to pay me back, pat me on the back--or buy dinner, or something?  NOTHING!

SEE where Ego gets me--EVERY time? And so, in later years I decided--and this WORKS, folks--every time I wish to "help someone out" financially or otherwise, I do it with NO strings attached.  That way I avoid concern with Ego/humility, a future resentment, anger, frustration, Pride, even fear.  

And most certainly it is an Ego-deflating action, which we alkies certainly need.  
Although more than ever lately it has become a source of spiritual growth.  I don't mean it is my road to sainthood.  I made a wrong turn somewhere back there--grin!

My road is a simple one now, one foot in front of the other, don't look back too often, never look too far ahead (like, more than an hour or so) during a given day.  Look at tomorrow only as far as my commitments and appointments take me.  Be ready for ALL those to change any moment.  Sobriety allows me to live like this more and more. It is NOT a boring life, it is no longer a "difficult" one.  

Age has its rewards, and this life of minimal anxiety, peace, sharing, observing nature, stresslessness, and living, giving  and loving, praying and meditating, is becoming more a habit, than a willful daily action.  And to do these things with ENTHUSIASM is one of my keys to being HAPPY!
OK, Peeps?  Ya still with me? Sober and all? Let's grow together!  I have lots of it to do (growing!)...l love y'all!  PEACE!


Prayer Girl said...

We are now ready for our newest addition to the household, Lucky, our daughter's dog.

Both kitty and dog will be able to live flea-free. Hope they learn to live in harmony with each other too. :)


Linda S. Socha said...

Hey Steve
Good Post. Loved the C note story. Hope your day is the one that offers the joy and gratitude of that moment

Queenneenee said...

Hi Steve~Humility, love it. I still struggle but I think I'm catching on! Oh and fleas suck. Its not easy to murder those little buggers. Take a hammer to them and they just jump away!

Scott said...

always a pertient topic with me, ego vs humility

I like to share about the concept of humility but I try to leave myself out of the chatter... it seems like once we have humility and realize it, there it goes... lol

Just Playin' said...

HI Steve, Thanks for coming by my blog. I was talking about exercise yesterday. Hey, you ARE very healthy. Sounds like in every way. That cat picture is hysterical! Humility is a virtue unless it's taken to the extreme. We could talk about it for a long time. :)

Hootin' Anni said...


There is an award for you on my Tuesday Blog....[scroll down to the last award...it's yours!!]

Have a TERRORific Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Perfect post to start out my day, Steve.

Madison said...

If all that comes with age, I can't wait for another birthday. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I used to have a cat, my daughter did, no fleas ( I hate BUGS PERIOD!! ). My daughter who was a ballet,jazz,you name it dancer, performed for many years, now a teacher of the art of Ballet, had a dream for a kitten. My sister told her whilst she was competiting, if she won the title she would get that kitten for her.

Well her dream and my sisters came true. They went to the humane society to choose a kitten., each one she chose had some disease or fleas , you name it. When she was feeling as if she would not get her kitten, her feet starting tapping, ( she danced never walked.LOL ), there in the corner was this golden and white kitten, whose head was following each step my daughter was doing. She wanted this kitten BAD. She started tap dancing even harder and the kitten was loving it, the connection was made. She got her dream, looked at my sister and I , saying I know what I am going to call him, LUCKY.
If she were not to have chosen him he was to have been put down the following day.
Just a little share this morning. I see that Prayer Girl's post said their dog's name is Lucky as well.

I am glad I get to grow with you and my peeps .. Bless YOU

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

We may not get thanked for the good things we do. But WE KNOW IT.

Dulce said...

fleas oh my! These little lovely animals...
It's hard to have humility, yes... a long way to go.

diane d said...

Oh my! That picture is hilarious!

Margie said...

Steve, I too believe the only way to help someone out is "with no stings attatched"
Once I gave some money to a dear friend of mine as she could not pay her rent.
But to this day she does not know I was the person that left an envelope of cash under her door.
Maybe someday I will tell her.

Doing good is its own reward!

Great post Steve!
Love all the words of wisdom that you share here!
Thank you!

Have a wonderday full of joy and blessings!


Ed G. said...

Thanx Steve - now I can't stop itching...

Blessings and aloha...

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

WOW a new room mate, I hope Burt is ok with sharing his peeps and his lair for a while...

I heard another guy talk about a dude 40 years sober who went to a meeting that wasn't his normal meeting, the group misunderstood when they had asked for newcomers and visitors to intruduce themselves ... they thought he was a newbie. They had a step 1 meeting just for him. He simply said "thank you, I heard a lot of wonderful things today, you all made me feel welcomed and a part of." He never corrected them. Just accepted with gratitude and love.

I still struggle with just accepting those gifts, all of them, just accepting it all with gratitude and love. I hope that I can continue to expeirence these things always, and that I can give as much as I have already received in time, but God just keeps on giving... I can't seem to keep up!

That's my hope. That I can give as much as I've received. But I keep losing count when I try to number God's gifts.

Syd said...

I still get caught up in those little expectations sometime. I think that my intentions are good when I'm doing something and I do feel good. It's the little kid within though that still seeks some approval that I have to watch for.

Angeles said...

I'm here Steve, there was something wrong with my explorer..
Y've reading various post and really you makes me feel a lot!!
My father was alcoholic but he never recognized that, I congratulate you for doing that, and save of yourselves.

DreamDancer said...

"one day at a time, one step in front of the other"... I have to keep reminding myself to slow down, take my time. Humility, I need extra doses of that! Thanks for the post Steve.

Tall Kay said...

Congratualtions on yet another milestone! What a miracle!

I give money sometimes and always tell them to pass it on to someone else in need when they get the chance. No longer my business if they ever do. Saves the time of keeping track...ya know?

Humility is a life long lesson. I'd much rather learn about it in a meeting than the hard way :o)

Nessa said...

Congratulations on your 13,000 days!