Sunday, October 18, 2009


I Just LOVE Flowers within Flowers


What a wonderful day!  An early-morning AA meeting, followed by singing in choir at mass.  Choir is getting bigger and better, as peeps from north (snow-birds) are arriving by the thousands.

Next I got to ride my scooter up to a GSR meeting, my first!  In the past, this would have been a trip I might have thought twice before doing.  But after riding to Virginia and back, this was like "around the block" and pure enjoyment.  

It gave me a chance to be alone (that's a benefit of riding!) and pray...and meditate, and simply just love everything which came into my mind today. Also I reflected on the day so far, and if I had committed any transgression or omitted any necessary items in my daily list of stuff.  Have my motives been pure?  Well, NO!  I can report that they have become more-so than ever in my past.

The GSR meeting was boring to me, lots of "much-ado-about-nothing", but I will go back--somebody's gotta do it.  And it IS a nice "ride"!!! And it DID last three (3) hours.  If it were not for the Starbucks coffee on tap, I would have been outta there soon after the "Serenity Prayer". (Not really...)

Then home, supper, a phone chat with a friend, then my regular Sunday night hour in chat room of The Second Road (TSR) 8-9 PM.  I mean, this Sunday began (after 4 hours sleep) at 5 AM and will end at Midnight.  Yesss Baby, I'm looking forward to that bed tonight, "You betchum, Red Ryder!"

Our chat tonight had as it's topic "Gratitude" and I am still in that mode, realizing all the gifts God has granted to me. Example:  Late afternoon, I pulled up next to a monster Motorcycle, a Ninja, or something like that. We were at a long light, so I chatted him up a bit.  Young fellow from Germany. He joined the US Army to gain entry to the United States. He married, built a house, and drives a money truck between banks.

We were sitting there chatting, and out of the blue, I startled myself by asking him, "Are you a friend of Bill W?" And guess what, Peeps!!! He said, "Yes, how did you know that?" Maybe it was a catch word or phrase, I do not know, but we pulled up soon after and talked some about recovery. Also we sped down a country road (Alico Rd) near here, doing easily *** mph, about 161 k/h.   

It is truly a great gift to be allowed to share, care, to be ME, to be at peace, to speak to strangers, to be of help, to love, to pray, meditate, and to be free of alcohol one day at a time.  Come along with me, bring your own special gifts, let us celebrate together, Peeps!

"Steve is Steve", and right now that means something special to me.

Dulce a "sweeter poetry" blogger, has bestowed on several of her male peep followers (of whom I am one--grin!) an award--see side bar right under "The Second Road".  And I truly appreciate thoughtfulness of this sort, it honors me and shows we are supported for what we do, and how we do it.  Thank you Dulce.  Thank you!


Tall Kay said...

I am grateful that you are Steve! I missed the chat again...did another jail panel tonight...finally among the living! Hurray! I'm going to get a flu shot so as not to go thru that again this winter. Hey, I have those same flowers in my garden! So cool!

DreamDancer said...

Beautiful pic of the flowers. Sounds like you had a wonderful, productive day. Peace be with you :)

Shadow said...

i love my beugenvilla (how do you spell this???) too. they're in full bloom at the moment.

Prayer Girl said...

A flower within a flower - reminds me of those Russian dolls - a doll within a doll within a doll.....

I too loved my scooter ride in the cooler air. I have been on my scooter less during the terribly hot summer. Sunday was a delight outside.

Love and prayers,

Dulce said...

You are welcome Steve, because Steve is Steve and there's no one like him... That means a lot to me and I hope you understand it that way > beacuse you are the greatest peep of all.
Now, I am glad you've had such a bussy Sunday, must say I don't like you going that speed, and the picture is beauuuutiful.
Love and Peace Man!

Inky said...

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday. Although the speed was tad to fast for me . lol But so glad you got out and BECAME YOU. there is nothing so special to be oneself. I was always told to love myself first and foremost, be who you are and not be what other people want you to be. are they any better than YOU? NOPE

God bless you, I am so glad I got to have you in my life even if it is online blogging.
HUGS and much happiness.

Hootin' Anni said...

I love this macro shot! So so pretty. But the 'red' isn't a flower per sé---scientifically it's called a bracket. It's more a leaf than a flower.

{{{Steve}}} It was so nice to see you visit with me today. Too long it's been.

I sure do hope you have a wonderful, fulfilling day ahead!! And thanks for stopping by. You made my day brighter coming to visit.

Gin said...

Steve is Steve. That's a good thing!

Syd said...

It sounds as if you had a great Sunday afternoon. Amazing how people just show up in this life,and we actually "knew" them all the time.

Dulce said...

This is just to say..> My friend Angeles has asked me to tell you she has problems entering comments in your blog or in the blog itself...
thank you lovely peep 4 those looooovely and loooong and deeeeep comments on my blog. Steve is Steve, yes!

Nessa said...

What a beautiful post. It is truly a blessing when we can feel comfortable with ourselves.

Beautiful picture.

Prayer Girl said...

For the life of me I couldn't think of the idea that was sitting at the edge of my mind when I read "flowers within flowers". I knew there was something similar I wanted to write, but couldn't grasp it.

Last night I picked up a book of Mother Teresa and there was the thought waiting for me. Mother Teresa had a "calling within a calling" when God called her to leave her place of service and go out into the streets of Calcutta to serve "the least of us".