Saturday, October 17, 2009


My favorite Sunday night place-to-be is The Second Road aka TSR and here is WHY:

Get together with us in the chat room on Sunday night, at 8pm, to discuss Gratitude. Bring your personal experiences, musings, and questions. Our hostess is Ms. Hen, aka the Frugal Hen, Betty.

 1958 was a drunk year, best forgotten by me, and anyone who knew me then.....

I can not write, for I am without words
I Cannot paint, for I am without imagination.
I cannot love, for I am without a companion,
But I can drink, for this bottle is my own.

Cannot eat, no appetite
Can't sleep, no peace
I can not work, for ambition has left me
But I can drink, for this bottle is my own

I cannot see, I am blind
I cannot hear, I am deaf
I cannot breathe, I am choking
I can not live any more

For this bottle, my own, is now empty.

--Steve  E  Sep 7,  1958

NOTE:  It would be 16 years more of heavy drinking and downhill life, before I could put down the bottle for the last time. March 18, 1974 I shook myself into my first AA meeting, and met you peeps, and met God..for the first time.

Peeps, it is not my anniversary.  On the other hand, EVERY day is Anniversary day, when you been where I came from.

Sober. Peace. Love.


Tall Kay said...

Wow! Written from the depths of despair...16 years before you got sober! Those must have been some really tough times my friend.

Gratitude sounds like a wonderful chat topic! Hope to see you tomorrow night.

Linda S. Socha said...

Love the idea that eveyday is an anniversary Steve.
Happy Anniversary TODAY

Dulce said...

Oh Peep this is sad, though beautifully written. GOod you forgot and did not. Passing the page, now you can love, hear, speak,you can write and drink lots of water and orange juice, tea, coffee and life!
Great Post

Just Be Real said...

Cool thinking. Happy another anniversary day dear one! Blessings to you and yours....

Nessa said...

Your poem is very powerful. Congratulations on your daily anniversaries.

Come Get Your Sunshine

Madison said...

I bet people had given up on you. And yet here you are blessing everybody.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I'm so glad you lived on, and continue to do so ... in word... Indeed!!!


Prayer Girl said...

Only an alcoholic can truly know what the place you write about feels like - that hopelessness and despair.

Your poem captures "what it was like".

Have a beautiful Sunday,

Margie said...

Ho very grateful you must be for the life you are now living!

It is a blessing!

God can work wonders in our lives!


garden-variety drunk said...

wow- what a great poem to have all these years later for comparison. it still blows my mind the great distance alcohol takes us away and the even greater distance G-d bring up back

Ms Hen said...

Wow very artsy... I love your writing style.. !!

Andrew said...

A poetic remembrance of the despair.

Thank you for posting this Steve.

Just Playin' said...

Very glad you found that meeting! It has made all the difference. Helped you find your strength. I have dealt with this too and I am sooooo happy for you AND for your family.

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

That was nice to read, and it's a reminder than we Can control ourselves!

Findon said...

If anyone could tell me what time that is ib Britain I would gladly join you.

Syd said...

Heavy stuff, very heavy stuff. I'm glad that you are where you are now and not where you were then.