Sunday, October 11, 2009



Peeps:  I DO apologize for the fact that my next blog will be Thursday October 15 (or before?)...There is a matter to which I must attend.

Meanwhile, today is Sunday, and the following is for you Peeps.  It is meant to be happy words, so please read it in that mode:

this morning
I sped through wisps
of flimsy gauze-like curtain
which actually were mist-clouds
hiding in a nectar-like air
hanging from above
And I thought of you

In the  meeting
where I sat in silence
imagination soaring
to the place where
clouds begin
where space is also a creation
I thought of you

after, in a choir
singing a new song
of happiness and joy
and to God, PRAISE!
bells ringing
I, singing loud and long
still thinking of you

later this same day
a feast with family
a chat with blog-friends
silent moment between
in which I listed
possible owed amends.
in my mind and heart--you

one fine day in May
earth-life for me will stop
suddenly as begun
and as this event happens
an inevitable occurrence
songs shall all been sung
as I remember forever...YOU

--Steve E   10/10/2009

Peeps, you KNOW
I love you all
No Matter What



Prayer Girl said...

Very beautiful.

Which May are we talking about here?

From: YOUR #1 PEEP - ME

Anonymous said...


Shadow said...

you have great thoughts. keep thinking.

Dulce said...

WoW!! Dear Steve,
This is really sweeeeet! How LOVEly and how lucky that "YOU" is,
and what a great poet YOU are!
I think you should leave all that AA stuff aside for a while and keep on with poems...
Thanks for sharing :)
Sweet hug from the Canaries {{{

Andrew said...

Love you too Steve.

You've been practicing! You will someday be Poet Laureate of Naples, Florida if you keep this up.

DreamDancer said...

Steve, I have been reading your blog posts over the course of several days. I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts and information about alcoholism. My youngest daughter is an alcohol abuser. For the first time, she is attending AA meetings. I will attend some of them with her. We both need inspiration, and more importantly, education and goals. I will be stopping by to read more of your future posts. Blessings :)

DreamDancer said...

Thanks for visiting. Sorry to hear about the bad stuff. Stay safe and peace!

Margie said...

Oh, I loved your poem, Steve!

See you soon and may your day be full of joy and many blessings!


wolfie185 said...

Wonderful Steve.
Thanks and love you also

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Steve, your words make everyone have a better day, and I thank you for that! Be well, you and yours, man.

John DeFlumeri Jr

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Steve much love to you too and BIG HUGS!!!!! Love you!!!

Rikkij said...

Steve-how curious you prophecy so of May. Shall it remain a mystery?
I knew a man named Bromo Seltzer. really. Perhaps you were related. Lovely poem
-so is he

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Hopefully this is the May of the years to come... It "may" happen soon it "may" happen a long time from now... it "may" be when we expect, it "may" not....

One fine may...hopefully prayerfully with much distance do we reflect on that May...

Much Love!!!! ((((Hugs)))God be with you as you step away from blogging and into the business at hand :)

diane d said...


Syd said...

Nice Steve. It sounds as if you are in a great place with all around you.

Propaganda said...

Hello. I am celebrating my first year as a sober alcoholic tomorrow. I found your excellent blog while googling about and I will now explore it some more. Blogging has helped me quite a lot to fight my own demons this past year and I even found my sweet girlfriend through it. She loves me in spite of my background. Myself, I blog in Swedish as I am from Finland. Keep up the struggle, mate.

Wine and Words said...

Everyone wants to be remembered, to come to mind without provocation...to be that much on the edge of someone's consciousness. Lovely post.

linda said...

travel safely, friend...

this is a lovely poem :)

Catvibe said...

Love you too Steveroni!