Wednesday, December 2, 2009


One fortunate day for me many months ago, a poet-artist-blogger named CALLI (click HERE) was posting for us every few days, the progress of a painting of "The Lady in RED".  Well, (what else is new?) I fell in love with RED, and told Calli so. 

Also I love the poetry with which she frequently teases, entices, cajoles and otherwise excites her readers.  CALLI is a God-gifted artist (Art Site HERE), at times sensual, erotic, spiritual...and always full of beauty in her many works, and in her person.

She gifted me with "Lady in Red, henceforth named RED, and also a painted card (inset), and to the left of my computer is a Calli farm landscape in water-color.  (Art Blog HERE).

On my computer screen (on bottom right) is a partial photo of Calli, my blogger-friend and much more. Below is a poetic attempt to publicly thank Calli.  These words just seemed to flow a couple days ago, upon my receiving these wonderful presents.  Calli thank you.  I love you.


A piece of you is hanging directly
Above my computer on the wall
Just as you once said
Her name shall be RED. 

A piece of you is here in our house
A Lady in Red
She is very pretty, questioning, 
Dark, somewhat innocent.

A piece of your work, your creativity
Now lends her beauty to my blank wall
RED enhances this corner of my universe
Where I write, dream, meditate...and pray.

Yet she displays a disturbance
Lingering deep within her soul.
I will determine in time what this is:
Her mood, her secret love, her very life?

First perception at seeing Red Lady
Is that her expectations have
Not achieved the reality of a

Lasting and really profound LOVE

"Is this love, my lovely man,
Which marks my completion--
Is it mutual, reciprocative?"
For she is asking, "Do you truly love me?"

Red searches for depth
In her "other"--for his concept of
Her thought, her life, her Being:
And of these... his acknowledged understanding

Hours each day I spend
Searching the eyes of my LADY
Reading her questions.  My friend
Calli--your creation, your work, your GIFT...

A piece of you is in our house
Before me is a reminder that
Though the world itself be a mess
One blessing undestroyed is tenderness.

Calli, a piece of you has embedded itself
In our home. Here she will preserve.
I am so certain to never comprehend,
Oh Calli--what EVER did I to deserve?

My gratitude, my thanks is simply
Overflowing, enough to pour out to others
Service, Hope, Prayer, and LOVE
And know, that in complete charge of all
...is God above.



Anonymous said...

Calli is very talented, I agree. You have composed a fitting tribute to her, nicely done!


Syd said...

It was great of her to send that painting. She does have talent.

Nevine said...

I am new to both Calli's world and yours, Steve. But this I will say: she is one talented artist and poet, and you are one loving poet and man. And that is not to say you're not talented, but here it is the love that shines through. And love is... well, love. You know what I mean? :-)


Dulce said...

Oh My Dear Steve... My Dear Calli Girl...

So much reading poetry has made the artist in you come up... so easily and sweetly. you see?
Especially after having read for so long her awesome poems and seen her beautiful works of art…

You are such a lovely person... How wouldn't you deserve such a precious gift?
She is a Love, you are Love.
And I love you both and I feel so lucky I've met you.

Thanks, both of YOU!
♥ U

Anonymous said...

wow I wish I had the talent she has.
and you

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for sharing your gifts from Calli and yours in turn to her...both equally talented people with such an obvious flare and love. It is a treat to visit you here and learn of someone new. Beautiful.



Wordless Wednesday ~ Kind Of

Angeles said...

Dear Steve you are a Good friend, i'll visit Calli....
It's a great tribute, very sweet!!

I'll return to read the older post.
See you soon...

Indigo said...

Loved the painting and sentiments dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Silver said...

Calli is indeed so talented!! The artwork is beautiful!

Your heart is so full of love! I am moved to see such love in action!

love & hugs,

Rich Tannenbaum said...

Having a problem like... Vicodin addiction. It's good to see some light in the world. The girl has skills!

Calli said...

Oh Steve, Sweet Steve~ You bring tears to my eyes. I am stunned by this beautiful tribute and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this gift from your heart. What can I say? I feel like what did I do to deserve? all while knowing exactly why you so deserved RED to be with you in your home.

Your words, this poem, so gorgeous and so fitting the way you 'see' RED and what she is all about.

and She looks good!

I love you.

I also love that friend of ours, Dulce. She is a love and we all are so fortunate to have have met one another in this blogosphere...:)

also, I am truly humbled by all these lovely compliments by your peeps and some of my peeps.
Thank you SO MUCH!

I am so feeling the love...♥

Tall Kay said...

Well I'm sure glad it wasn't all about me...Calif. girl! LOL

What an amazing gift exchange here! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Red does look good there!

Shadow said...

how sweet you are. i love calli's writings!!!

Anonymous said...

such a wonderful gift from Cali. Steve your gift is not only in writing it is your BIG heart, that makes us smile and laugh and feel so good knowing you even if just online in the blogger world. You have touched my soul many times and most of us on here have never met.
The paintings are lovely. REd is sitting in a special place.


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Nessa said...

Great picture and a lovely tribute.

Name That Christmas Song

Sylvia said...

That's really beautiful and inspiring. It's like a picture of an impossible love, of an eternal bond. So full of tenderness.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and PG a GREAT fun happy weekend filled with laughter and love..

Anonymous said...

How touched I was to read this beautiful story of love...love given and expressed through written words and paint. Amazing!!! And yes, Steve, you are so truly deserving of it... it's our gift to know someone of your generosity and awesome spirit of love :)

Hugs and blessings sent your way !!!

Rick Gates said...

Beautiful story, We are so bless to have so much help here to keep us sober one-day-at-time

Dulce said...

Missing a new blog from Sweet Peep...! ;)

Just Be Real said...

Wow, Stevie what talent! Inspirational story to say the least. Blessings my friend!