Thursday, December 17, 2009

Past, Present, Future!


This post is the sole responsibility 
of the Blog-owner and reflects 
the thinking of me alone.

It surprises me that some Peeps really believe there is only Past and Future, but no Present. I do not know the philosophy, nor the theology of this, but I do have my own thinking. And I am certain there must be others who share my thoughts on this.

Please do not read only the first line and then move to another blog. You will know why. OK!

The past is unattainable by me, except for purposes of research, a teaching aid, or the results of those.  The Past, as I see it, is that accumulation of experiences, activity, and knowledge which affords humanity and the world a constant flow of what we label as "new, improved, or never-seen-heard-or-thought-of-before now"!

These results of past revelations, one might think, would culminate in a complete and total learning environment, a search for truth. For there is but one truth, in the final analysis. We can argue truth forever, but in the end, truth stands uncluttered, unfettered, undoubted, admired, revered, adored. God is Truth as much as God is LOVE.

The FUTCHAH! Well, who knows? Actually none of us know what the future--even the next second--holds. We plan, sign contracts, buy, sell, consume, enjoy freedom, make do with oppression, sleep, awaken (somewhat?), and we live. Always we live, planning the next step, next day, week, year or more--we live. However, whoever observes must know the future has not yet arrived, and is changed moment-to-moment by zillions of factorings.

What is...is now, this moment, this split spit of time, but whoa! there Nellie! This moment is all that ever was or will be. Creation happened in that instant of the Most Powerful Purest of Infinite LOVE. Creation was, IS, that Prime Thought of a First Cause. And we live creation in this (that) moment. Everything "happened" now, is happening now. Of course I do not understand this, I just "know" it. OK?

I think always of love as a quality connection, unity, combination, the closest word would be UNION. Naturally, a beautiful God-created Gift,that quality of love one human can express with another is sexual union. 

Aside and beyond--dare I say 'above'?-- that is a connection, a union of the mind and the soul, when two minds and two souls become as one, there arises as the result of "them" a third "person".  I shall call this person Happiness, Ecstasy, a Total Escape (even if only temporary) from Self, and Self-Centeredness. 

There is a lovely love for all humanity. there is the love of ALL THINGS, and there is that love I have for GOD, that which He so desires, that which He has so freely given.

Peeps, know PEACE today!
Peeps, give and receive LOVE today!

Recovering Peeps, stay SOBER today!


Shadow said...

of the past, present and future, only one i can effectively shape and direct, and that's the present... i'll stick to that one, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Only the past is guaranteed.
Today is uncertain, as you said.
The future, we'll have to wait until it becomes the past, before we'll really know. Right this instant, the now, that's the real deal.

Sorry, you just said all this, Steve. I'm just going over it in my mind some more.


Madison said...

I wish I could come over and talk about how to live in the present. It's so difficult most of the time, isn't it?

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Following the present suggestions :)


Dulce said...

HeY! My present has alredy become past as I click on 'enter'...
Love you Sweet PEEP

enchantedoak said...

Thank God the "Now" keeps happening. When I was a drunk, "Now" was always a loaded question. I couldn't see beyond my own disheveled mind. "Now" I can foresee the future consequences of my choices and adjust my actions accordingly. What convoluted thoughts so early on a Thursday morning! How Now, Brown Cow.

Tall Kay said...

"Today is the tomorrow I dreaded yesterday."

God is the truth and I believe He lives in the NOW. Gratitude helps me to stay in the present. Beautiful message and reminder. Love and hugs to you!

Mike said...

Thanks for the post
I know when I was drinking I was always planning for the future on how to change the past. If that makes sense. Planning, plotting and destroying those who I felt who'd done me wrong.
As a sober person, I've found that I keep things more in the day. I can plan for the future but in positives ways!

Pete Hoge said...

We know the Higher Power is
with us when we feel the
connection to another AA'er.

If we happen to be confused
about when He is with us
we can know through the 12th


emilyism.com said...

I love this post! It is so true all we really have is the moment we are in. I often refer to my past as a sort of personal set of encyclopedias which I can open in order to help other people then put back on the shelf until it is needed again. Hope you are doing well:) Emily

Syd said...

I make the most of this day and stay away from the future. The past has shaped me in different ways. I can learn from it.

Indigo said...

Wise words dear friend. The past is definitely a well of lessons. The future is only given on how I live my today. (Hugs)Indigo

Findon said...

If only I could live in the present and pay little heed to the future and pick the best out of the past. well that would be nice and smooth.

thatgalkiki said...

I just watched Deepak Chopra speak on this very subject. "The present is the only constant".

Thank you for this. What a beautiful reminder of living in the moment.


Anonymous said...

wonderful thoughts in this write Steve,
I try and put what is in the past , in the past, but I choose not to forget my past, as that is who I am to share in the present and the future.
Presently I live in the present , look forward to what life can bring me in the future and hope for good.
I love parts of my past, other parts are best left there in the past, the present is fun now, as today, which will end up in the past tomorrow.

OK my head hurts LOL at the present time lol
Ti AMO dear one

Susan Deborah said...

How well you have written the sublime truth of life. I wish it were easy to dwell on the 'now.'

I am trying to do that and now after reading shall be aggressive about it.

Joy always,