Monday, December 14, 2009



Hey Peeps! PG gave me my Christmas present yesterday, Motorola DROID (Verizon). I L O V E it! Now I gotta learn how to use it. Internet, Facebook, unlimited mail, text, photos, 5-pixel camera, PDA, GPS and tons of applications. It even has a telephone connection! So NOW you know what I'll be doing the next few days--learning (She got one also, an L.G. enV TouchPhone)


More "Wordless" days, that's what I need. How about Wordless Monday--or Monday Without Words (like  Felix Mendelssohn's "Songs Without Words").

At one of my meetings there is a "rule"--grin! speak for two minutes or less, then shut up. At first--long ago--my rebellious nature (who knew?) saw that as ridiculously impertinent,  illegal, against tradition--certainly against ME!

In this group of 60-90 peeps daily it seems to work. Over time I've reconciled with the group's conscience, and have found to my amazement that one or even several thoughts can be promulgated inside of two minutes (no one is timing, BTW!).

Maybe that's the chief reason my favorite meeting is at 7 AM each morning of the year. Such a wonderful cross-section of AA thought from long timers, new members. As others blog on here, I can vouch also that a meeting of Peeps, whether daily or bi-weekly, become in time a family of sorts.  For many this IS their 'family', after continuing years of estrangement from blood relatives.

Some visualize their group--an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting--as the first family they've felt a part of since the 15-20 years they spent in Federal Prison,or some such.

Aside from all that, I have NEVER been to an AA meeting where I did not learn something, and was welcomed without reservations. I could not say that about any but a few organized religious groups.

I remembering (without resentment, of course, of course--grin) even the time that I mentioned God, and how He is within each of us (Big Book page 55) whether we see Him or not.  One 'older' guy, an ex-university "tenured" law professor, a learned man (but nevertheless an AA long-timer blowhard) said right after I had spoke of God in us. and I quote him, "I (he pronounced it 'oy') get so tired of these assholes who talk about God in these rooms. I thought religion was not to be discussed here."

In effect, he had just called me an asshole, I even asked the guys sitting near me, "Did he say what I thought he said?"  Resounding answer was YESSSSS! However, I did not stop going to that meeting. True, I do not "talk" to the guy, but there is no reason to put my finger in the cage, I reason.  And we all stay sober, One Day...today.

Almost everyone in our big 45-minute 7 AM meeting has a sponsor. During each week we have four discussion/topic meetings, then one on Steps, one on Big Book, and a 20-minute Speaker meeting followed by discussion. Usually everyone who wishes to, gets to speak. This group hands out a bunch of chips in a given month.

Back to the family thing:  we have brief squabbles, misunderstandings, lots of gossip--oh yeah! And yet the room is SO full of help, for any who ask. And SO full of genuine love. And full of AMENDS, where peeps try to change their behaviors.

Whatever happens in my life ANYWHERE, favorable or not...or whatever happens in the world, when I sit down with my "AA family" and friends, all is well. It is God's world, and God is in charge."

Back to "Wordless Monday". That is what today should be for me, I have not one single thought while at the keyboard today. All the rest of the day, I'm going so fast, it is a blur. And thank God for Espresso!  Espresso RULES, Baby!

Love you Peeps...
Sober today--OK?


Gaia said...

Haha there can never be a 'wordless' day for you. And it is truly great you found a place where you can call 'family'.

Peace be with you Steve.

Anonymous said...

I get a lot out of reading what you don't have enough to say about!


Kim A. said...

This is Steve's Brain--->███
This is Steve's Brain on Espresso------->▒▒▒

:-D Great Stuff today..ditto on the family thing. I have my family or origin and my family of recovery.


enchantedoak said...

Three cheers for espresso and for Steve E sharing his "thoughtless" Monday non-thoughts. Very thought-provoking, and so good to hear.

Zanejabbers said...

I used to go to a meeting in the San Fernando that adopted a 3 minute rule for sharing, then a bell would ring and you were supposed to stop. Funny thing, the person that was so adamant about this was the same person that just went on and on and ignored the bell. It almost split the meeting apart. Perfect example of "ruling" a meeting out of existance.

Shadow said...

ooooo, nice present!!! gotta stay in communication with the world out there, right?!?!

Dulce said...

Oh that Espresso... and that huge incredible, last generation device... Where are you getting to???

I see you are So happy. I am so glad for that!

Sweetest of all Peeps> Steve.

Anonymous said...

wow nice present, I guess it's true santa can come early LOL
Enjoy it !! I have yet to understand truly the meaning of wordless LOL


Susan Deborah said...

Great present for Christmas. Wordless is the time when I am kissing someone. LOL.

Joy always,

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

COOL phone! You are so connected now, will never be without us peeps in the many forms! :)

Good stuff!

I had an experience of the 'blow-hard' variety last Friday... He is still re-feeling the sentence "Being wrecked in the same vessel, being restored and united under one God..."

He is really not able to grasp and hold that "under one God" sentence and was going to let everyone know how WRONG it is.

I was feeling wronged to when he began the tirade, but I realized he was just feeling and hearing discord or negative judgment in his head that I just am not privileged to...just like me.

I pray that God helps him to feel the connection rather than the separation. :)

I know I feel connected to YOU in our common boat, with the Wonderful and ever growing and changing perspective of the God of our understanding and our foundational belief in a Loving God :)

Syd said...

I remind myself that there are still sick people in the rooms and that the disease is still there even though people are working on recovery. Thanks for sharing. Nice presents for you both.

Nessa said...

Very cool gift.

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