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Thirty-seven years ago I met a Hungarian couple, ages 17-18 who had escaped--after several unsuccessful starts--Communism. They made their way to South America as stowaways on the tramp steamer.  

After two months touring a jungle by canoeing alone down a thousand mile river involving with many, many dangers, adventures and exploits--they found themselves in Miami, Florida. 

On a whim, they rode stolen bicycles the 120 miles across the peninsula to Naples, Florida. And this is where I met Jack and Jill (not their real names). We became friends.  Those were still my drunk days, the final two horrible years.

Jill, age 18, a SO really beautiful young woman, so sweet, so intelligent, became pregnant. Shortly after giving birth, she was riding her bicycle on the side of the Tamiami Trail Highway.  Along came a pickup truck. The right-side rear vision mirror hit her in back of the head, killing her instantly. This left Jack with his baby not yet two months of age.

Last week, 37 years after, I met Jack at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. What a sight we were now, both sober, both happy, enthusiastic, both friends again well-met.

Jack's Toyota with over 300,000 miles, blew its engine yesterday, now junk. So today I  moved his belongings from his addicted son's (age 36) house, to a place more than an hour away from home.  We had a grand reunion on this day, drank triple espressos at McDonald's (GoooooD!) and shared wonderful memories. It rained heavily all the morning, and was not a good day to move, but we got the job done.  I feel so good, having a new friend, sober six years. And this is probably the first male friend I have had for a long time.

Jack reminded me that I am godfather of his 36-year-old alcoholic son. What memories were stirred today, about the untimely death of his young wife at the hands of a drunk driver, and the many happenings since then in each of our lives.  We shared with each other our very soul-thoughts of today...yes we did! He is a very spiritual guy.

I talked him into beginning a written story of their escapes from Hungary, the imprisonments they both suffered, being caught several times, their final getaway. He cannot write well--so I'll get to edit these histories, stories, and it will be SO much fun, because I am already aware of some of the uniqueness of what he has to tell.

So that is my post for today, I decided to blog it. Jack's story is one of hardship, deathly fear which lingers even today, a pure true love, and experiences so wild--which will raise doubt as to their validity. But I know, and Jack knows.

Blogger Peeps, we are sober today.
We are at peace today.
We LOVE deeply...today!

"HARBOUR BRIDGE" by artist  

Australian artist Robert Bosle


Calli said...

What a story. So sad. Heartbreaking for your friend and the 36 year old son whose mother was killed by a drunk driver, devastating. That is how my mother was killed. Prayers for him that he stops drinking as his father has.

Prayers for you and your newly found old friend~
Happy weekend~ and Steve thank you for all the lovely people you have sent my way and once again for the lovely poem tribute.

On a much lighter note,
I sign off in spanish now, besos

as found via the always humorous URBAN Dictionary: Besos
Spanish for "Kisses." Commonly used by latinas and wanna-be-hip kids when signing off an email or online personal ad.
"Catch ya later, grrl. Besos."

I must be a wanna-be-hip kid !!! lol ;)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing reunion. You are always working overtime for humanity. Does God pay you time and a half, or double time?

Thanks for your work, Steve.


Madison said...

I love that story. It sounds like God had his hand on the two of you way back when. I bet He has an eye on that son.

Andrew said...

What a wonderful tribute to your long lost friend.

I look forward to reading the book.

Silver said...

tripple expressos?

So nice to hear about this reunion. I am looking forward to read the book too.

love & hugs,

Tall Kay said...

What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing it with us Steve. I hope you remain close friends despite the hour drive. Praying for his son too.

linda said...

what a lovely and yes, heartbreaking, story....you are an angel in his life, my friend...just you wait and see since I am sure you are clueless ;)

kidding *grins*

and thank you, friend, for your comments today...as always, they made me smile, always a good thing.

Ed G. said...

Just another one of those coincidences that happen on a spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing it.

Blessings and aloha.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad story, heartbreaking. But grateful that he found a spiritual realm and hope. Thanks for the story, Steve!

May your weekend be filled with beautiful peace and love...

Anonymous said...

By the way, Steve... I miss seeing your violin on my list of followers, hint hint!!! Heehee

Shadow said...

meeting up after soooo many years... wow.

Nessa said...

His story (and your part in it) sounds very fascinating.

Santa Cartoon Riddle

Silvia said...

Dear Steve, that's such a moving story! Of course you can use my writings, if you think they can be useful to help your friend. I wish I could write some words that could in any way heal him, or her. I can tell you though that this stories are true. I met my twin when I was twelve/thirteen years old. We were so young and I don't know what happened - life didn't let us stay together. Today, I still feel this immense love and, believe me, I have this 100% marriage. My husband knows and he is discovering his own twin flame now. We are Soul-mates, not Twin flames, and that's great, in a different way. I'm supporting him, because I know that it is a different thing and it does not interfere with our love in any way. I'm telling you this because this way you can tell your friend: there's no reason to despair, we can always find love. My husband also came from the Hungarian-Romanian border. He travelled all the way to Portugal, hiking, with no money, and he somehow knew that he would get married and be happy there. It's something so transcendental that it's hard to understand, but I know you do. You'll find lots of information on Twin Flames and Soul-mates in Internet. I'll ask my husband and he'll give you the best websites - he's studying the subject now. All the best to you, my friend. I'll be back :) Thank you for your beautiful story.

Dulce said...

You've lived a full life and your peeps too! Breathtaking yes, incredible and fate has joined you both again

My Dear Godfather Sweet Peep. You are a such a lovely person...

I liked Calli's observation of the BESOS you like so much so send to people these days... you *latino boy* (LOL)

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

And I only have two word coming to mind over and over again with a heart that is so full there are no other words...

"Oh God!"

well there is one more: Miracles!


Nevine said...

And doesn't that just give truth to the notion that there are no coincidences in life? I think we find people and/or they find us just when the time is right. We read a certain book, see a certain sight, have a specific experience, smell a particular perfume or fragrance, at just the proper moment so it will deliver meaning to us.

You, Steve, have delivered meaning into the life of your friend, Jack. And I don't even think you can begin to imagine just what level of meaning...

You're a beautiful person, Steve. Just thought I'd let you know... just in case you didn't... but I'm sure you do... :-)


Susan Deborah said...

Thats a very heartfelt and warm narrative of two friends. Rare to come across meaningful relationships as these.

I am glad that the two of you met again to revel in the remainder of life.

Cheers to your friendship.
Cheers to the universe for bringing you two together again.
Cheers to life.

Joy always,

Gabriella Moonlight said...

This brougt me to tears of joy and sadness both, it's complex being human and our paths and journeys crossing are no coincidence, I am so pleased that he found you again dear Steve, you are a beacon of light for those you touch!!!


Angeles said...

Life stories..........
Each person is like a book as a movie.
I think it's a good idea to write this story, you'ld help those who are still in the storm and let them know that the sun is still there between the clouds..

We LOVE deeply...today!

Happy weekend!!
(Feliz fin de semana!!)


Silver said...

No. Thank YOU. :)


Gaia said...

I feel sad reading this. But I am glad you found each other. Bless you, Jack and your Godson.

Just Playin' said...

Glad for him and glad for you! Hope his son finds his way one of these days. What a gift to befriend him again and help him get his story down in black and white. I know it would be inspiring.

catvibe said...

Steveroni, what a sad yet beautiful and wonderful all at the same time story. How wonderful that you two are friends all these years later. And I'm sorry about his son. I hope he finds the luck you did in becoming sober.


Just Be Real said...

Stevie, what an amazing sad but good story about your meeting up after all these years! Really a touching story dear one. Blessings....

Anonymous said...

Such a gift you have for amazing relationships. I love your stories. I truly do.

The Turning Point said...

What a blessing at our age to renew an old flame.
My reunion was less dramatic but I was reunited with one of my first "pigeons--old-term" I sponsored back in "63". What a gift, as all my old friends from back then (Illinois) are no longer attending earth-bound meetings. I really felt a jolt of joy and reconnected.

Love ya


Scott said...

what a story! wow Steve... God truly is amazing, isn't He?

wolfie185 said...

Steve that was a wonderful story, I hope the friendship continues to grow!!
Thanks for sharing.

A. Miles said...

I'm so glad I stopped by your site and read this story.

Hope you are well. We missed you at the chat last night. Stay in touch!

Syd said...

That is a sad story about the death of his wife but now it is a happy story about his new life. I'm glad for Jack.