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There is nothing in or out of our world so sublime to the human psyche as mankind's ability to appreciate wondrous nature, a fine painting, a beautiful dance, architectural majesty, sculpted masterfulness, materials so soft or course, music ethereal, verse eternal, even the scentedness of things animated and not.

To feel, touch, to visualize, see, to listen, to hear, to experience a fragrance or something not so fragrant, to taste of either piquant or sweet, to extraordinarily perceive; these attributes, normally accepted as birth gifts are--for us women and men--that which are only some of the qualities of humanness.

For this post I am transported to the stage of a gigantic 19th Century concert hall. The occasion, an orchestral reading of Beethoven's final chapter, his great, unsurpassed NINTH SYMPHONY.

I am living this moment in the Fifth Movement, Where everything sort of stops.....and almost in silent mode (not a sound from the audience of three thousand listeners) in the utmost of Pianississimos (PPP),the violoncello section twelve strong just whisper the melody, unaccompanied, of the immortal poem which we today know as "Ode To Joy".

The melodious tones meander their journey through, with all, even other orchestra members straining to hear these glorious God-inspired sounds. And then, in a very short time, all 250-members of the chorus, and 125 members of the orchestra, blast forth in great and glorious intonement the songful words of the master poet Frederich von Schiller in his poem An Die Freude (Ode to joy). It is HERE in the original German, followed by an English Translation.

Along with the greatest music ever written, lines such as these bring hope, Joy, Love, and Gratitude to generations before, now, and as yet unknown:

Joy, beautiful spark of the gods

All creatures drink joy
At the breasts of nature;

Be embraced, you millions!
This kiss for the whole world!

Your (God's) magic reunites
What custom sternly divides;
All people become brothers

And, as a simple-minded second-violin player in this vast enterprise, I am blest, feel ever-so-much honored, that at a gathering, and a happening so heavenly-inspired, so heavenly close to the Almighty, my very presence is even allowed.

And, please believe it, I have been there several times in my life. I do not have a necessity for the DVD--it is all in my head, to be called upon in a moment of need, whenever and wherever, and in whatever circumstance I find myself...I can "hear" the whole 70 minutes of this symphony--in the correct tempo and key(s)!

It is a gift I have--thank You, God....

Whoever reads this (some poets, artists, dancers, lovers, sober Peeps) hopefully will  understand of what I speak. The awesomeness of creativity, that piece of God within each of us, which allows some to create, others to--by viewing, listening, reading, imagining, tasting, smelling--others to RE-CREATE.

Heaven on earth is made of such.

For today, I am with you
Sober Peeps!
Peaceful Peeps!
Loving peeps

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enchantedoak said...

I'm in awe of this piece you have written, so majestically written, about both the masterpiece and the joy of our humanity. You've been inspired by the same God who inspired Beethoven. Surely you were writing under His influence. Oh! You've written your own Ode to Joy here.

Mike Golch said...

As always,I have to take my hat of to your,this is a great posting.

Steve E said...

Awwww! Hey Mike, and Chris, you both ALWAYS write the nicest things.
You KNOW these posts (everyone's maybe?) are fueled by comments, and you both are faithful and loyal followers here. Thank you so much! I mean it.

I love ya.

Daisy said...

you have a gift with words!!! And I'd LOVE to send you a postcard :) just email me at daisy@australiandaisy.com. :) But please do it before Thursday because that's when I leave.


Anonymous said...

I love coming to your blog reading all the beautiful words you write .I was wondering have you ever wrote your on music?
God gave you the gift music and words. I bet this time of year your playing a lot of Christmas music , mine fav is silent night

Dulce said...

Well if someone can tell about music that’s you, Man, if someone can say about what one feels as he LIVES the music that’s you. If someone can say, ‘I am music myself’ that’s YOU!
You are every single instrument in the orchestra, and the music they make, they make through you… Yes, only you can write about it like you do. And here it is.
I can hear all so well that it hurts as it beats…

Awesome Sweet Peep, just awesome. ♥

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Tears of joy in this post, I found I had tears.


Many beautiful symphonies to you always!!!

Ed G. said...

I'm hearing it now.

Thank you.

Blessings and aloha...

Anonymous said...

Music like that speaks in all languages.

Madison said...

You wrote like the music plays. Awesome post.

Shadow said...

i'm so with you in the joy of sensual? experience of humanness... i need them as much as i need air to stay alive.

Cheryl said...

I turned a friend on to the amazing power of classical music, by putting on this symphony, turning off the lights, and getting her to sit still and really listen. It was a transforming experience for her; she was shaken and had tears in her eyes when I turned the lights on again at the end. Such is the power of music.
Thanks for a great post.

Fireblossom said...

What a neat post! (and btw, Steve, thank you for the VERY neat comment on my blog today.)

I have enjoyed classical music since I was a child still living at home. My father used to buy me records sometimes, and then I developed my own favorites. I remember my delight at discovering Smetana; The Moldau and The Bartered Bride!

About 15 years ago, I rediscovered my love for this kind of music. I heard Vivaldi's "Gloria" used on a tv show, and had to get a recording. Vivaldi became, and still is, my favorite of all.

Nevine said...

I do understand of what you speak, Steve. Oh, yes I do! Beethoven's Ninth Symphony is one of my favorites, amongst few favorites. I listen to classical music more than any other variety, but there is the passion of Beethoven that always oozes through for me. He is burning, on fire, alive through the fire, burning and surviving and continuing to live. His flame is his life, and my pleasure, always, every time I listen. And guess what my tradition is, every New Year's Eve... At 12:00 a.m. just as the new year has made its entry into my world, the Ode to Joy is blaring from my speakers, all of my windows are opened (cold weather and neighbors be blasted), and my husband and I are holding each other tight and smiling while that music pours over us its heavenly blessings.

That was an awesome post, Steve!


Rhonda said...

wonderful post Steve!
I feel like it was better than a sunday morning sermon!!!
I am inspired and in awe of the majesty all around us!
God is great!

Andrew said...

Oh yes, I remember sitting quietly in the school gym while the Sr. band practiced. I also enjoyed the CPO when I lived in the city. Man has made much beauty for the sensual.

Zanejabbers said...

If it has piano, I usually love it.
I am blessed with liking all music.
When I was a pre-teen I only like fast tempoed music - love songs - ICK. Ditto to classical. By mid teens I became more open minded and just liked all music. Two of my favorite pieces are Mozarts 21st and Bolero. Such serenity and peace they bring me.

Syd said...

I think that music is truly God inspired as are musicians that play such magnificent works. What a tortured soul Beethoven was but he was touched by the hand of God.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What I love about life is music, the way it makes me feel inside, it is one thing that truly moves my soul; dance, music, books...even some movies. We are all playes in the vast and amazing tapestry of life...living our journnies...
love you Steve...

Anonymous said...

Steve I think what I feel when I come here is just what you wrote today. You are music to my soul, I will call you Music Man.. I lie Syd think that Beethoven was touched by the habd of the Lord and God knows what a blessings his music has been and still is for all.

HUGS and hugs

Carol said...

It's good to read you again. Thank you for your comments and hangin' in with me.

Calli said...

What you've expressed within this post is absolutely beautiful, Steve!

No words...I'm just hearing the music...

lots of love~xo

Nessa said...

Very nice Steve. So many people strive for happiness. I prefer Joy!

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