Tuesday, September 14, 2010




The following story has happened
over and again in Naples, and on
my scooter rides along the coast:


At an AA meeting recently, one man--who looked like he needed a drink (Steve, do not judge!--GRIN!) OK, the man said:

"...these people who put AA slogan 'stickers' on the back of their cars...who do they think they are?  We do not 'advertise' here. They are prideful, ignorant! those who display their Alcoholics Anonymous affiliation in public...ETC."

OK, Peeps, I am here to say that many years of drinking, and many years of being sober (36) in AA, I have earned the right to be wrong, also the right to disagree--as maybe with a friend.

Two days after the man made the above statement I was filling my truck tank with gas. It was already dark night, and I was on my way to an 8:30 PM meeting. A man and a woman approached me, told me they noticed my sticker EASY DOES IT, and were hoping (praying?--grin!) that I could direct them to an AA meeting.

Guess what! After the meeting we spent a wonderful two hours in a Starbucks Coffee House which was open until midnight. I have not seen them since then. They were "on the road" (HA! I know what THAT'S like, you betchum, Red Ryder!).

If you believe our meeting was just chance, well then, 'chance' is my new word for "being touched by an angel" for that is how I felt all the next day. It was for me, another of those many mini spiritual experiences.

--Steve E 

With YOU--SOBER, today.
With YOU--LOVE, today
With YOU--PEACE, today


Brian Miller said...

personally i think it is a great way to make just what happened in your story happen...you never know when someone may have that need and your direction help them stay out of the bar...

willow said...

I don't believe in coincidence.

Syd said...

I have heard that coincidence is God remaining anonymous.

steveroni said...


Sounds like we're on the same page on this topic.

Ginnie said...

Put me on that page too, Steve. My license plate is FRNDOFBW and I have many instances where it has been the start of hooking up with AA. There's a big difference between "advertising AA" and being proud to be a member.

Dulce said...

'Easy does it'
What a big deal! How dare you! (joking)
You really do it...easy.

Hugs sweeest peep


Anonymous said...

Keep on stickerin'! It's a great way to let others know of your healing path, meet others on the same healing path, or help those who are interesting in exploring it.

BTW I'm starting something new, a Haiku Challenge for Blogger's. Perhaps, wordsmith, you'd like to participate.

G-Man said...

My sticker says 'Show Me Your T**t's'

steveroni said...

GINNIE: You were on that page BEFORE it was a page--grin! Thanks!

DULCE: You're right, I should be more careful, not to excite those who know much more. (Joking)

And in 'doing it' is where the JOY of LIVING becomes reality! Thanks for being here....

G-MAN: Well, t'each his own. Are they standing in line to show you their ****s? My friend, you are the craziest funny guy I know. Please ALWAYS keep up the good work!

DARK MOON: Thanks. You ALSO seem to have an understanding beyond 'normal'. And for sure I'll check out the Haiku thing. I just might learn something--besides, i enjoy reading that stuff!

margg. said...

it's hard to not judge.

i admire your strength.

Scott said...

I love seeing those little reminders on the highway. I don't view them as advertisements as much as I see them as expressions of gratitude and reminders. AA works and we're damn grateful for that!

izzy said...

I used to have "One day at a time" on my Bumper, I have thought about doing it again- yet I haven't. I'll have to think
on this some more.

Timoteo said...

Bumper stickers give everyone a forum --the message may be thoughtful or wise-- but then they go and blow it with their boneheaded driving!

Anonymous said...

interesting post

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Being an intellectual bookish kinda gal, I will say that I just completed service as the speaker at a workshop on just this topic...anonymity.

It's funny how much we speak without actually spending the time in study and practice. :oP ('I' stepping in to be first in line in that we, cause OH boy did I learn a lot once I was committed to standing in front of the crowd to carry that message! I straightened up and began to ask direction right quick!)

Having the want to learn more, and wanting to really be a good representative of AA as a whole, I now have a lot more back ground and truth in the experiences of others and have actually read MORE of the literature of AA (PI information workbook and speaking at non-aa meetings are both awesome resources on this topic) and have been much more attentive to the traditions. I learned SO MUCH! For instance, putting a sober sticker, or an easy does it sticker on your car does not break anonymity (that's according to the literature and GSO)

I also learned that you can give a published interview as long as you don't identify yourself as a member of AA, you can say I'm sober, I'm a recovered alcoholic, but NOT (the group suggests by majority vote and GSO reports) I'm a member of AA.

Of course GSO has also said that each group and individual conscience can decide how they wish to handle these things for themselves, as long as it doesn't affect other groups or AA as a whole. This seems to keep the integrity of the fellowship and program in tact lo these many years.

:) I understand (even better but not well enough) now the truth in the legacies we all pro-port to support.

Of course when God enters the room we've no need to argue or debate the truth stands for itself.

I sure do get caught up in debate still though?

I love it when someone just tells a story in their own experience and it shuts down all argument, so much more powerful than quoting literature book, page, verse. :)

XOXOXO Steve my friend, I learn more from you daily!

steveroni said...

Margg: I'm sending to your blog my response because I think I'll blog the words later tonight.

SCOTT: Way-to-go, Brother!

IZZY: Please if you see this...read Jessie's comment (a couple below yours). This is NOT a so-called 'mutual admiration' thing. Sometimes we get the TRUTH here!

But there is certainly no rule which states you must plaster YOUR car--or scooter--with placards!!! Right on, girl!

TIMOTEO: That is probably the ONLY area of my existence which is near 100% OK. I never anger on the road (or off much, either--grin!), and drive very courteously. That's just 'my thing', OK?

IAN: You french Peeps have a WAY with words!!! LOL!

JESS: You are someone for whom I have great admiration--your program, your sponsorship(s), your dealing with life-on-life's-terms, and your attitude about EVERYTHING!

Since I DO respect your opinion so much, I hesitate to simply say "Thank you". But, I WILL say, I'd like to read MORE of what you wrote here--on a blog post! Your recent experience IMO should be 'promulgated'. If you already did this and I missed it, I apologize. I am blest to have you and your Peeps as friends.

Crown of Beauty said...

Wow, Steve man... I was so touched by an angel reading your post for today... and even the ones before that actually. Blogging in a way is a mutual admiration society... IN A WAY, because there will always be a few exceptions... But on the whole I only go back to read the blogs I like, and not the ones I don't like.

The blogs I like make me feel good, or open my eyes, or equip me for life, and widen my understanding...

ANd it often is true that the blog authors I like also like me! So it is true...birds of the same feather flock together.

I love bumper stickers. There are really cool ones out there. Your Easy Does It is a subtle way of saying you've been there, and you want to share a valuable experience IN A NUTSHELL.

This is a free universe, and it's your vehicle...just like this is your blog, and you have the freedom to write what you want on it, right?

I also appreciated the words of Jess on her comment... so well said!

Here are some of what she wrote which struck me:

"Of course when God enters the room we've no need to argue or debate the truth stands for itself."

"I love it when someone just tells a story in their own experience and it shuts down all argument, so much more powerful than quoting literature book, page, verse."

Bye for now. What I really want to say is that I thank God you have re discovered life again as a sober person. Isn't life beautiful?

And I also like the "peeps" (learned that word from you!) who read your blog. They are real and sincere...just like you!

Blessings for today...

Carol said...

I have a Let Go, Let God bumper sticker that I won somehow and I am pride-full of it and the program.

secret agent woman said...

You have every right to advertise and it is a good way to start a conversation with someone who might need it.

Anonymous said...

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