Tuesday, September 28, 2010





Sea of blue-hued beauty
Standing here before you
With respect, admiration
To give you, and love
Yes, love

It is said peace and happiness
(Sometimes warily sharing),
Are those keys to
The door of fulfillment
What of love?

Constant flowing of giving,
GIFTING the unsuspecting
This is the clue
I give you
It's called love

Thank you, oh ocean-body
Huge of water and life
You rage and tumble about
Yet suffer not from strife
I accept your love.

You are my friend, teacher:
Blues of the sweetest hues
Before you I stand erect
In awe and in respect
And in love

And I give you...

One Shot Wednesday is a place where we gather to speak poetry. It's pretty simple, and doesn't even need to rhyme...so go write a poem, and come join us. The fun begins TUESDAY at 5pm, EST.


Carrie Burtt said...

The sea always bestows so much inspiration hope and appreciation of life...lovely poem Steve!! :-)

If you do not mind i might use the pick at the top of my seagull blog...let me know...:-)

Laura said...

beautiful poem Stevie...I love the photo too!

Brian Miller said...

and once you give yourself over and feel the rhythm of her waves...its all over with at that point..smiles. nice one shot steve...

steveroni said...

CARRIE: The pic is "yours"! (It is the second time I've posted that drawing, I like it so much!)

LAURA: Glad to see you, girl, I'll drop in on your blog in a minute!
(I hear you saying, "Oh Joy, Joy!!!--grin!)

BRIAN: I really believe in what you are doing here, it's fun for me, and I get to read so MANY GOOD poets all in one place. Thanks again and again...

signed...bkm said...

she cares much wisdom in those waves...she is a jealous lover, is she not?...great one shot..bkm

Lu Ann said...

"This is the clue
I give you
It's called love"

No need to say more!

I loved it Steve!

Syd said...

The sea is mysterious and dangerous and so beautiful.

dustus said...

Through the gift of poetic lines you give yourself. Great poem, Steve.
(Great image too!)

steveroni said...

SIGNED..BKM: THANK you, and I'll be over to read yours.

LU ANN: YOU are a 'romantic', girl. But ya know...love IS what is. At the very end of everything there'll be nothing else remaining--my opinion.

SYD: Of all Peeps, YOU should know!

DUSTUS: Thanks...I like that picture also, a favorite--2nd time I've posted it.

moondustwriter said...

That pictures says so much and then you communicate a love that is timeless.
How many are caught up by the sea? She has an allure.

Your poem has that sea like pull as well.

Nicely done - thanks so for the One Shot support

Moon Smiles

TALON said...

What a beautiful tribute to the sea. Love in every line.

Shadow said...

hallo, my dearest friend, whom i've missed terribly. thanks for the kick under the butt, and guess what, it worked... thank you. and lo and behold, it seems the ocean has grabbed us both...

Ces said...

Steveroni my dear brotherfriend, a secret: (I am afraid of the sea).

I have had so many traumatic experiences with bodies of water when I was growing up, starting when I first witnessed my friend sucked away by muck, of me falling into a drop offs, of riptides, of mangroves, of sudden weather changes while snorkeling and seeing my husband trapped on a coral reef. Yet I love the many beautiful creatures as long as I am firmly footed on land separated by glass.

I love your poem. I can see myself standing on the shore, admiring the blue sea.

See what you did? Your poem made me recall.

Have a great day, peep!

Ces said...

I mean a drop off. Just one.

drybottomgirl said...

The beauty of the sea...I always compare the vastness of that abyss to the love of God. It's endless....

gautami tripathy said...

I love the ocean and poetry pertaining to it. Yours is so beautiful..

the middles makes it

heartspell said...

Learning of love from the ocean... we are kindred spirits...this is lovely; and I adore the picture...a gorgeous visual! Thanks so much for sharing this. :) heartspell

Eric Alder said...

Does that mean you're gonna go jump in the ocean?

(Don't do it, Steveroni!)

A nice, calming One Shot!

Claudia said...

so you give yourself in..i think you are a giver, steve...i have seen this picture before...smiles

Blues of the sweetest hues...is cool!

Bella Sinclair said...

Yes, I think I sea love here. The gentle waves of your poetry is refreshing and healing. Lovely!

It's okay, Mr. Fiddleman. You can say it. People have called me b..b...b.... before. :D

Gotta go call Ces's thigh now.

RNSANE said...

This poem is really so special. Like you, I am an avid lover of the sea, in all its many moods and faces, whether cruising on it or just sitting beside it, contemplating life. You did a wonderful job with this one, Steve.

Belinda said...

A lyrical love song to the sea. Lovely.

Great meeting you through One Shot Wenesday! (Enjoyed reading your bio. Will be back for more.)

Carrie Burtt said...

Hi Steve...i have been swamped at work this week...so i never got to my one shot...but i will for sure get one out there next week...enjoyed reading everyones...:-)

Terresa said...

An Ode to the Ocean, love this. I quite often (and not meaning to) write water imagery into my poetry, it was only until a friend pointed it out that I realized it.

I think, if she (the ocean) were to hear this, she would wave her blue waters onto your shores, in gratitude...

margg. said...

i love the ocean, so for me, this was just so wonderful.

you have captured everything i love about the sea, and put it in such a lovely poem.

thank you.

joanny said...

There is music in the waves, in the colors, the whales, the sky and misty brine, your poem captures the essence of the ocean.

I can see you walking to the edge of the sea and playing your violin to the heartbeat of the ocean meeting the shore.


I had a heck of a time getting my one shot posted so many technical problems today even lost the whole post and had to redo it.

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Beautiful poem! Loved it! When reading it you're transported. This poem is kind of perfect!
Great picture you paired with it.

Thank you!
B :)

Manon Doyle said...

Awesome poem and the picture that she's painting the sea....well..... that's terrific!!

Amanda said...

Amazing tribute to the sea my friend...what an awesome write for onestop!!

steveroni said...

It is real support, when you wonderful Peeps not only stop by--but also leave a comment. And SO much do I appreciate that!

I just CANNOT find the hour to respond individually, and really sorry about that.

Thank you ALL...

Shashi said...

I love the sea and most of the times I end up talking with sea as my muse... and she has inspired many such love songs in me...and this one is one such song I got from you.. I loved the image .. its so beautiful...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Beachanny said...

Of course I love the sea as I chose to live by it myself, so interesting always changing, usually well attended but these days are beautiful and we have it back to ourselves. I really appreciated your ode to the sea here.

Btw, if you haven't stopped back by my blog since last week I left you a special note on TRIO and you might read this week's post while you're there. Thanks, Gay @beachanny (http://beachanny.blogspot.com)

Tatieva, artiste said...

Merci pour la poésie de cette image... Maintenant, je vois la vie en bleu...
Thank u.