Saturday, September 11, 2010



On radio
Came news
Alleged attack
Set world aback.

Nine O'clock
What a shock
To very foundations of
Us and many nations

Buildings tall,
Peeps so small
Sent crashing and sliding
In and on themselves

Jumping, diving,
Flying, driving,
Talking, walking,
Sleeping, Dreaming,
Buying, lying
Trying, crying,

It was real,
It was personal.
Anger, Sadness,
Horror and more

Out in the street and
Behind locked doors,
Strangers meet--
Waiting on top floors

For death to happen
In awfullest, useless
Hellish hatefulness.

God have mercy on
All the souls

Please heal wounds
Of Nation and World
As more than millions
Of flags unfurled

God help us do
What obviously
We cannot by
Ourselves alone.


Let live.
But not let
Ever forget.



clean and crazy said...

steve that is the most beautiful tribute to the spetember 11th attacks i have read. very well written. thank you for this breath of real life

steveroni said...

Sorry, couldn't help it--I was severely affected by this happening.

Stayed Sober, though...
Love you, Peeps!

CLEAN AND CRAZY: ...you ARE sweet to respond like that. Thank you!

joanny said...


I feel your pain, love, forgiveness, and remembrance for those souls and the all of us are in this together. What we do to one we do to ourselves.

The week before it happened, I had an uneasy unexplainable feeling, actually wanting to go back home to New York feeling some sort of urgency? I didn't go, but it was very surreal and upsetting.

Thanks for the beautiful prayer/tribute.


now for what I thought I came for to read your 55er. I get so easy off course.

Roxy said...

A beautifully written tribute in rememberance of that tragic day. Yes, we were all affected. It was very personal and so surreal. Thank you for writing and sharing this with us Steve!

Brian Miller said...

a wonderful tribute steve...i wrote about my experience years ago///i was in the air that day and emergency put down in ATL...we saw the tower go down and they cut the tv...10-15K people in shock stuck in the airport...far from home...it was surreal...not knowing what was happening...and the tragic loss of life...

dAAve said...

I often wonder if the madness will ever stop.

Syd said...

Live and let live is what we all need to remember.

Sam Liu said...

Poignant, beautiful, so achingly tragic. We will never forget the horrors of that fateful day.

Carolynn said...

That was a day no one of us will ever forget. One can only hope that we can move forward and live lives that honour those who died on this tragic day.

Today is also an important day for me because it's an anniversary for someone very special to me. Two years sober today. *smile*

RNSANE said...

Your 9-11 tribute moved me to tears. Beautifully said. A very sad anniversary for all of us.

Mine is at:


Kim A. said...

The last 4 lines say it all for me. I will never forget where I was, what I saw and what I felt. You do honor to their memories and their loved ones.


Claudia said...

yes - don't let ever forget...
it was in the news here in germany as well - and i remember when it happened the world stopped to breathe - it was frightening (even it was far away for us - it was so close and so real)
thanks steve for writing about this

secret agent woman said...

I think we got a horrifying taste of what it must be like to live in a war-torn country. I don't imagine any of us will ever forget it. And I don't imagine any of us came away from that day unaffected.

Heather's Mom said...

What an awesome tribute. Your words brought back unimaginable images. We will never forget.
God bless.

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Great tribute, Steveroni!
I totally agree with your last four lines.
We will never forget that horrible day. :(
May the terrorism stop sometime..
I wonder..


Caty said...

very beautiful tribute to Sept 11th!

Mikki said...


I know I will not forget. Forgive? yes-there must be forgiveness. Thank you for pointing that out. It's been nine years and this is the first time I've even associated forgiving to that horrible event; but of course, it must occur.