Sunday, September 5, 2010

 A corner of the Bach Yard of D-G (Daughter-Girl) 
with one of three dogs, her German Shepherd, 
age 7-months--chasing a ball.  
This IS a place of PEACE!

of 4,000-mile scooter trip

This final visit of my Trip 2010 is happening at the home of DG. This is where I began nearly three weeks ago. There is much love in this house..."DG" is "Daughter-Girl". She let me know that "DG" could mean "Dear God", or the preferred "Dear Goddess"--TWO big grins!

DG just told me that recently in her (yes, spacious!) backyard she picked up a dead baby animal, and DG cried as she carried it in her palm to the burial area. It turned out the dead baby animal was "playing 'possom". In fact the dead animal WAS a baby 'possom! Now the 'possom is a "protected animal" in this yard!

She has a plastic pool for the animals' (3 dogs and assorted critters) swimming pleasure.  In the water is sitting a large chunk of concrete block. DG explains this is for stranded frogs, who would drown in time, of exhaustion--trying to escape their wave-frenzied "sea", a two-meter diametered piece of bowl-shaped plastic.grows weeds

This is the same girl who has cultivated a garden of weeds--milkweeds--to keep a home for her friendly Monarch Butterflies, who flutter-by her yard to their milkweed universe OFTEN.

Before I leave you from DG's 'estate', there is one more significant reason one could never NOT like being here. I was taught this morning how to make use of a French Press (coffee maker). Oh, how simple life can be, when one knows H.O.W.  Now that I am making my own coffee, there is a sudden shortage of the bean in this house.

One thought before checking out tonight...

How 'awfully' LOVELY to be welcomed into the home of your daughter, when behind all that is my past: chaos, misunderstanding, hurt, powerlessness, deprivation, paranoia, fear, and dread. 

We are friends, we are daughter-and-Poppa, we are...LOVE! Thanks to the God-given program of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps.

Enough from me today--any day.
I am sober today.
Let's enjoy PEACE this Labor Day weekend.



rebecca said...

What a beautiful post on father and daughter. This was such a pleasure to read. Just from what you wrote, I know I would just love your daughter, she with the empathic heart that loves all living things....oh, this says so much about her she fills my heart with love.....

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Stunning bond...glad you found it again.

Brian Miller said...

i am glad you have such a wonderful relationship with her...that is something to aspire to with our children...

Syd said...

I do believe in redemption and second chances. Glad that worked for both of you.

izzy said...

Dg could in my mind be "Dawgone Good,"
we have a shepard too- who's
just like the pose of the DG's
relentless at seven....and a wading pool!
glad you are enjoying your trip!

steveroni said...

REBECCA: Yes, yes, and yesss!

A DAFT SCOTS LASS: Bonding is what it is...that beautiful connection of souls. Thanks.

SYD: I only know One Who gives endless opportunities to revise the book of our life: the First Author of Everything.

BRIAN: You seem to have found that key early. Let's all keep aspiring.....

IZZY: This German Shepherd is the largest 7-month old I know, so smart, and SO much to learn. And all her dogs go to school!

Kim A. said...

My dad just invited me for a visit. I live 1000 miles away and haven't seen him for a year. I am going to cherish each moment and make some real living amends. I am so grateful for another chance. Your D-G is a special woman cause she has a special dad.


Claudia said...

great to hear that you have such a wonderful relationship with your daughter - even more after what you write about your past - 4000 miles - wow...

Bella Sinclair said...

Number nine
Suits me just fine

Hello, hello, hello! Oh my, what a wonderful post, brimming with happiness that only familial love can provide. I have such a wide smile on my face, thinking of you and your lovely daughter and her haven of a yard and you pressing your coffee and grinding beans like there is no tomorrow. :)

My daughter has been taking violin lessons for six years. She is in love with the sound of violins. I am not one to push, so I tell her she can stop when the workload gets too much. But she doesn't want to stop. She really enjoys it!

Happy Labor Day! And happy trails to you!

Dulce said...

Pleasant it'd be to have a cup of coffee (or two) with my dear Verony there...

... watching the animals and listening to the sound of Nature- and Your amazing stories.

Time would stop!



Gabriella Moonlight said...

This was such a great post Steve the peace and love is there in your heart and on the page...wow!

I am like DG in that I have much growing in my back yard for all manner of creatures and have a small burial area "remembrance" area for creatures who die in my yard...
Thank you as always for sharing...
love you

Crown of Beauty said...

Oh Steveroni this is such a lovely post about your daughter, and her dogs, her yard...and most especially her dad!

Coffee made with a French press is the best.

Loved reading this post.