Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Love Poem

This is my part in One Shot Wednesday
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So, the meeting takes its place
Planned long ago
Concocted, contrived
To be face-to-face
Either none...or


This is not longer fun
As was the intention
Almost it seems to run
As just something to mention


"Ya, I done dat
Even been dere
Und ya, ve sat
Right in dat chair."


Seeing in your eyes
Will be when I
Remember December
And all those others


Within those eyes is seen a soul
Where much beauty resides
Beauty after which I lusted
And which I had not trusted


If words which tell
Come to me today
I might wish to--well,
You know... wish to say


How I may describe the range
Of this love for mon Cheri.
Oh dearest, we must change--
Of jealousy we need be wary

It kills. It kills LOVE.

One thing every Peep to know
"...can only reap what you sow"
So 'from this moment on' I'll go
With new enthusiasm, to fly


As we forgive and forget
There is no way to expect
Oracle, nor Miracle
But only what God will let


What then? You (and I) ask--
When what happens,
Happens--or not
Do we brood or bask?

What then? What then?

Ever, for all, the
Key word is then
And then is when
We both will know

Is 'love' really 'love'?

If the answer is "Yes!"
Then our beautiful,
Exciting troubles begin.
If "No!" is response by

One. Or one other

Not the end
No, not the end.
NEVER the end
But re-enter...
Enter again!


This is my part in One Shot Wednesday


Steve said...

Suitably enthusiastic and fun, given the subject. :)

gautami tripathy said...

It might seem light at first but not so. Over the period of time, love does run into some kind of lethargy. I can see that here as well as the desire to make it right.

This is how I interpret.

Brian Miller said...

strangely enough your words spoke to me today...particularly the end...never the end...thansk steve. nice one shot.

JStar said...

I agree with everyone else....As twisted as your words are for those who dont understand...I surely understand...This is great...and oh so true

Dulce said...

Why two blogs???

This is superb, Steve... I love the rhythm and love and not love in those words... that kind of fight.... jealousy, insecurity...
Trusting is the best two can have and give, but soooo difficult... Now that I come to think about it, I trust no one, and even trusting myself is hard at times.

I must say I also love the picture and that this one shot I like better than the other one...Although boths are full of love and intrigue

Hugs, you, Romantic Veroni :)

Nevine said...

Steve, boy were you ever on a roll! Another lovely string of words, here. And that jealousy... it can destroy true love. There is an insidious quality to that emotion that seems to start innocently enough. There is a possessive streak in wanting another only to oneself. Like you say, being "wary" is the way to go. As we enter new relationships, or even continue with the old, we should always look to see our true feelings... and how we express them.

You ask all the questions that two who love should ask... and answer... together... openly.

Wow! Two lovely bonbons for me to enjoy before I dash off to work. Thank you for these treasures, Steve! It was such a delight to enjoy them!!!


Syd said...

Love is such a complex, yet wonderful thing.

Shashi said...

Is love really love... nice one beautifully ended... to enter again.. perfect.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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