Monday, September 13, 2010


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(My 140)


Two maids,
School Marm
And Mini-Tittie
Both from the farm
Head for the city.

Spreading alarms
Sending a wire!
The town's on fire

--Steve E 

HEY! I just jotted out a sequel which became "140 Number TWO"


Mom, I'll be home tonight--after we put out the fire. It could be late.

It may be tomorrow
But have no sorrow

I'll get to work on time...


Peggy said...

Steve E;

Both good ones, can't choose my favorite. I only came up with one.
I'm so impressed. Good job!

Brian Miller said...

lol. change the location and out comes the wild child...nice one steve...

Jim said...

Gonna be a hot time
in the old town tonight!

Good ones, Steve! :)
Would you believe I had the TV camera on me one time at a Houston Astros game? For a long time!
I was sitting with nine blonds. All were a lot younger than I was.

steveroni said...

PEGGY: Gosh! Thanks! You are nice always to old men??? Hmmmm?

BRIAN: Being a Gemini helps.

JIM: Was the TV camera on YOU, or the nine little blonds? --grin!

Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Now both of these were good, I can't decide which one I like more. Nicely done.

Thanks for stopping by the blog tonight and leaving the kind words.

steveroni said...

BILL: Sounds like Mutual Admiration, etc., but truth is that I'll be back to you, AND the others...really like these expressions from one photo. Ya really get to know how Peeps think this way. Interesting, fun, and well, that's enough!

Ms.Daisy said...

Both are very good but I like the second one best.


hope said...

They were both funny...only you did a "Before" and "After" story. :)

Do we know each other? Hmmm. Not sure. "Hope" is just my pen name. ;)

KB said...

I enjoyed both of these. Have a great weekend.

Michael G-G said...

I'm always impressed when people do two MMs! I liked them both, #1 by a whisker becaus eof the rhymes!

Have a great week.

moondustwriter said...

Setting fires eh my friend. yeh ladies will do just that - especially when you let them loose

Nice MFM

have a gr8 week

Moonie smiles

Madeleine said...

Not content to paint the town red, they're going for the full blown fire! LOL! :O)

Ellie said...

Two hot stories! Can't choose between them, they are both so good.

p.s. I’m running a competition this week and holding a blogfest in November. If you get time, pop along and have a look.

Deborah said...

Nicely done...both of them!

steveroni said...

MS DAISY: Ah! You are one who rather put out the fire, than just watch it burn! I like that honesty--grin!

HOPE: Or maybe a 'before' and 'during'?? Guess we are not acquainted. You would have recognized my name. But...nice to know another Hope! "Spring Eternal", girl!

KB: Thank you for dropping by.

MICHAEL G-G: Your comment is appreciated. Sometimes the rhyme just happens, I don't like to 'force' it. But I love RHYTING.

MOONDUSTER: Yeah..."don't let the cowgirls off the farm" (They get into enough trouble ON the farm. Ah! How well I remember.

MADELINE: You GOT IT, girl! Thanks for being here.

ELLIE: I'll be by, got a busy morning. Later. Thanks!

DEBORAH: Always nice to see you--everywhere (on blogs!) it seems...thanks for coming in here.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I think #1 is my favorite, but I like both.

Nevine said...

You are so good at this "micro" stuff, Steveroni! But you're also good at the longer writes... and at being an inspiration. ;-)


Pat said...

How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm, once they've seen Paree?

Both are clever and fun. Well done!

Raven said...

Those are fantastic! I can't choose which one I like best, they are both so good.

steveroni said...

JESS: I could walk over and sit on that monster-bridge (Charleston SC) in the span-center and write micros all day long--some good, some bad.

Thank you for following even when it is not 'program' material--or 'sharing'. "We are not a glum lot"
and "We absolutely insist on enjoying life" (Two of my favorite six-word phrases--grin!)

NEVINE: What can I say? You are this 'special Peep' in MY life and those of many other Peeps.

PAT: Good comment! Or it could well read: "How ya gonna keep them in Paree, once they've been down on the farm?"

RAVEN: Girl, I do not think they are THAT good, but I love them anyway. (And I love when Peeps like YOU write "fantastic...")

Syd said...

Which one is School Marm?

BeccA's Buzz said...

Lovin' the sequel!!

steveroni said...

SYD: One on our left (facing them--did you not KNOW that???--grin

Becca's Buzz: Thanks for coming by today.

SouthLakesMom said...

My grandmother (very much like these ladies) grew up on a farm. When she was 14 she got to visit Iowa City for the fair. By 15 she was married and 16 had my dad -- all because she could go live in the city and get OFF THAT FARM!

When we say, "it would be nice to live out in the country" she looks at us like we've lost our minds!

Well done, Steve!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they were thinking of the lyrics "Come on baby, light my fire..." LOL Funny take on the picture this week.

drybottomgirl said...

"Still waters run deep"..... :) nice job!

Mama Zen said...

Both are well done!

Dave said...

Where IS this Madame Mimi? I'll have a goa at her boa-grin!

Dave Wrote This

steveroni said...

SOUTH LAKES MOM: Loved those pics of your family dating back to 'the stone age'? Did ALL the women leave the farm(s) at age 14?--grin!

BTW, ALL the women are real "LOOKERS" including grt grandma, all the way to you and yours!

SYLVIAMORICE: Reminds me of song "I don't want to set the world on fire...I just want to start, a flame in your heart. WW II era.

DRY BOTTOM: Thanks, friend!

MAMA ZEN: YOU a popular girl! Thanks for coming by, and commenting. (Even if you were NOT 'popular'.)

DAVE: I commented ab this on your blog, Sir. Goa for the Boa...INDEED! WHO would say such a thing? Ooooops!

Lyn said...

When you head for the city..something's bound to happen! Tonight,tonight...
Both clever and fun!!

Susan at Stony River said...

A pair of masterpieces, these! I love the rhyme you found for "to the city" ROFL

G-Man said...

Make up your mind.....

steveroni said...

LYN: The city that never sleeps! Thank you Lyn, for coming here and commenting.

SUSAN: Yep, I was hoping not to offend anyone with that rhyme! But Thanks for your comment!

G-MAN: Maybe it's too late for me, but I do not understand. Gotta get up in 5 hours.

Dulce said...

& ;)

steveroni said...



Scott said...

Mr. Roni, those are excellent! You have such a knack for the short poem and tale!

Anonymous said...

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