Tuesday, September 7, 2010


A note to Ces. Click on her name and view some extraordinary art by an extraordinary peep. I was commenting in her blog post, and (as happens frequently) I found myself writing a blog post--on HER blog! Imagine--grin! So this is my comment, here, instead of ummmm, there:

Engraving_by_derranged_gadgeteer (in Deviant Art)


Ces, there is a reason why your drawings (somewhat-etching-looking) and art, appeal to and interest me so, aside from the fact that you are a master (mistress just didn't look good in this comment).

--In Cincinnati Ohio, during the early 1950's I applied for a job as an engraver apprentice. (Yesss, I was one of those musicians who had to supplement their income.) 

We were given a cutting tool, a piece of soft metal, and told to make "hundreds" of little marks in a very compact (SMALL) space. With an infinitesimal amount of instruction, then left on our own, we  future "American Engravers Society" members, on stools at long work benches, set (sat?) out to be tested on our "promise" as tomorrow's engravers. 

Out of 27 applicants only one passed the test--me. And I really wanted that job. And I was told "Come back tomorrow".

So excited was I about this job with its earnings potential and expectations, that I, so happy, felt like making merry. For me, reveling or rejoicing was in those days a lonely affair. One liter of cheep vodka--the kind you could still taste two days later--and some beer to keep hydrated. And the food? Well, none of that sort of thing for MY celebration!

As it turned out, the phone woke me 'early', about 11 AM. Boss wanted to know where is his newest employee? I gave him my "dentist pulled the wrong tooth" story, dressed, and went in to my new job. The foreman took one look at me, and I knew the jig was up. Discovery that their new "engraver-to-be" was just another common drunk, hurt me more than it did the engraving business.

Did they not realize that I would one day be essential to their very own business plan? Evidently not. My career ended ignominiously, as I should have presupposed. This was not my first encounter with peeps who just "did not understand" genius.

And so life rolled on....and on.

Today I am sober.
And I am REALLY not a genius...or had you guessed?
But I still love you, peeps!



G-Man said...

Never was much of a Boozer. I could'nt understand why people liked to drink till they puked!
I'm glad you quit Maestro.....G

Mike Golch said...

we all tend to get stuck on stupid from time to time.Drinking is one of these times for some of us,Especially me.

margg. said...

this is really interesting.

thankfully, i don't drink very much.
i cannot imagine what it would have been like for you.

and you're right, the pictures are beautiful!

Ces said...

Aaaaaaw! Well, I am glad you posted this here because this is a very touching story. I have to tell you, I took care of so many intoxicated patients, as an ER trauma nurse. I am so glad you are sober and I thank you for being forthright and honest and you are also very funny! I read your comments on my friends' blogs and you are a lot of fun. Take care Steveroni I was bored today because of the storm Hermine! So I sat and sat and drew. Thank you.

Jannie Funster said...

I think you are a genius, and I really don't know you all that well yet, Steve.

I like the eye at the top of this engraving, and the interesting humans. And I like how "grave" is French for serious, and I wonder if it stems from Latin?


I posted a song. My vocals, I'm still working on, but I have come a long way, baby.

And so have YOU!! With all the best still to come.



Ces said...

Oh, I am almost a teetotaler. I drink half a glass of Piesporter auslese on thanksgiving and Christmas because I live the stemmed glasses.

Ces said...

"love the stemmed glasses"!

Brian Miller said...

glad you made it out alive steve...you are such the encourager...

Andrew said...

lol..how many wonderful opportunities did I drink away? Too many.

Scott said...

ah yes, a dream lost due to drinking. I've been down that road a time or two, like the time the nearly deaf Cutty Sark drinking bandleader (85+ yrs old) threw ME out of his dance band for playing poorly and drinking too much! How does that even happen? lol

izzy said...

Thanks ! love the blue etching and
the memory- which came first, the opportunity or the drink ? Ha ha and yet
not. I used to love the little boards coated by crayon or ink; that you could
scrape away at. You can always allow
time now for that kind of experiment-

Dulce said...

Great tribute to a great artist
You peep!
Only you can do these things
so sweet!


Kim A. said...

I had a quit-got-fired experience that still has me cringing with humiliation when I remember it. It got my attention though and I am no longer that ego-centric, puffed up person. Some lessons are painful so I can remember them. That's how I roll...


drybottomgirl said...

I understand the need to celebrate. I used to celebrate just because it was Tuesday. God had other plans for you my friend, and one of those was to encourage others....like no other :)

Syd said...

Good to know that you aren't doing those type of drunken gigs anymore.

Lu Ann said...

They "did not understand" genius.
I do see you as a genius, I believe you are one of the bright minds of the world, at least the world I come to know

:) Sorry I`ve been far away... Im glad I still can read you in my spare time!

Ben kinda busy, but I really like to keep reading yoou

Raven said...

Oh can I relate to those days of cheap vodka and beer to stay hydrated. Thankfully, I am sober too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed yours and will be back.

Claudia said...

kind of glad you didn't keep the job and got stuck there…and glad you don't drink any more - otherwise you couldn't write like you do now and encourage and connect to people like you do now - you are a real treasure to our blogosphere steve!

Crown of Beauty said...

Well, Steveroni, I have always believed that God will restore the years the locust has eaten once we reach the point of realization and decide it's time to move on.

I have no doubt that you are a genius, Mr. Steveroni. The way you do your stories, and this blog...so much fun to visit and read.