Friday, August 1, 2008



Recovering Alcoholic, teacher, cookie maker, speaker...

Polly was the speaker at the "cookie" meeting last night. (See "Polly" blog)

http://steveroni.blogspot.com/2008_07_16_archive.html and I got to tell you that her story revealed to the crowd of about 150-200 people, that she indeed is a real alcoholic. And the humility she showed me was inspiring. You know, I believe the way to express humility in a talk, is to not use the word. In fact, maybe that's something I learned last night, "don't talk humility--live it".

When Polly gives me (and many others) an hour of her time, and displays the courage to stand there and more or less bare her soul, it is a gift, presented "as the gentle rain from heaven, dropped upon the place beneath"...dropped upon a room full of recovering alcoholics. Thank you, Polly, for your gift. Your talk was as good as your cookies, believe me!

God has truly been working in Polly's life in convincing and powerful ways--and she is willing to let all know that it is HE, not she, who is boss in her life today.

Each time I hear someone speak about their "last drink" or the day that "the game was over" or that "I surrendered", it gives me those feverish chills, which only a "God-thing" can produce. And to hear Polly talk about "that moment" brought tears to my eyes--and still does this morning. (Had deleted this paragraph, but just decided to put it back in--Polly won't mind!)

I myself often 'preach', that God does 'talk' to me, but only through other people. Of course, then I gotta listen! Well, He 'talked' last night, and I listened.

Looking about twenty years younger than her real age, Polly is a school teacher, and I cannot envision anyone in her class receiving less than an "A" grade. Recently, a seventeen-year-old girl "K." stayed with us over-night, and Anna and I had the privilege, the honor, of introducing her to my morning group. Polly sat next to "K" and I now know that God was sitting there also. And I know WHY! Read on:

Yesterday "K", who lives in Norfolk, called us in Naples to say that at an AA meeting she met her TEACHER! "K" (and the teacher?) was shocked. "K"'s question was how could she face her teacher ("K is a high school senior). So naturally, Anna counseled "K" on the phone, to ask her teacher to be her sponsor. Don't you know, I can feel God's presence all over the place today, and it's only 6 AM.

And so, I've missed my 6 o'clock meeting...but there IS one just following, so I hope I can just sit and listen, and maybe learn something again today. If only I can keep my mouth shut! Thirty-four years ago they told me to "Take the cotton out of your ears...etc." and somewhere along the way, I forgot how to do that.

Thank you R., for asking your bestest friend Polly to speak. And thank you, Matthew, for traveling back to Naples to receive your thirty-year chip!


Mary Christine said...

Thanks for sharing your miracles with us.

J-Online said...

I love "don't talk humility, live it." Such wisdom. Jenn

Syd said...

It sounds like a great speaker meeting. Surrender and humility--those are key for me too.

Ginnie said...

Speaker meetings are wonderfu. It doesn't seem to matter if they are "gifted" speakers or just muddling along...someone will be sure to identify and that's what it's all about.

Banana Girl said...

Without the words of speakers who lived humility, I would never have been able to identify the real thing. So many walk around talking about humility in a sort of back door way. The "I was so humble when I...." gets my antennae up fast. But we are all just progressing, so I listen to the rest and then expand the latitude meter and really find whether the speaker is off track and sincere or just full of pride in reverse. This I could not do when I first walked in the rooms. But then, I couldn't really do anything then either. Thanks to all of you and the fellowship I keep it working one day at a time. Oh, and they locked my blog so no posting until they are convinced I am not a spam blogger, whatever that is, which I am sure is not a humble thing either. Thanks Steveroni