Sunday, August 17, 2008



Boyoboy! Yesterday, five of us from Naples joined the others for a men's AA meeting at Ft Myers Beach, and about 15 of us went for breakfast afterwards. I can't begin to tell you--that's the title to a song, look it up--what a beautiful Saturday morning it was, not only the weather, which is always such (wait until my Tuesday blog, we're anticipating a very windy, and very rainy day), but the meeting, the morning, the camaraderie, the breakfasting, the riding...Ahhhhh!

It is seemingly difficult for me to enjoy myself (self, get it?) unless the activity involves Alcoholics Anonymous members, the AA program, or spirituality of some sort. Since 'gratitude' is usually uppermost in my mind these days, I really can enjoy just being, or riding, or working, alone--or with someone!

Today I get to play my violin at two masses at St Ann Church in Naples, the 8 AM and 6 PM, and I love doing that. My favorite pianist-organist-music director Jamie is working this week, and asked if I might like to join her and my favorite, wonderful cantor, Karen. Would I LIKE ? Huh? Does an Alky like booze? Of course, it really screws up my self-imposed meeting schedules. But hey, why do I stay sober? In fact, in our Big Book I read..."we absolutely insist on enjoying life." Page 132

Our daughter Cheryl is visiting us this weekend,. She is a darling, age 26. She was not a darling, age 6-20, at least to ME (stepfather!). And she does have her problems, but NOW she asks advice, and LISTENS! Thank You, God--but God, You were so s l o w in bringing this about, this change in behavior. Then I look at my own life--when did the change occur? Well, it did not 'occur', it rather dripped along like a faucet might leak, until, years later there was a hole in the sink.

Another huge event in my life happened yesterday. I erroneously thought I had offended someone (my favorite non-related person EVER!) on my blogroll very deeply--don't know exactly why. And it hurt bad, and so I needed to make an amend...for ME, really. The response was timely, and exquisitely positive, and I am yet again awed by the love and understanding I find here in AA blogland. Of course, the AMEND is that I must change--and I did--and be ever so careful of what I say, do, and WRITE! I will admit here, to a few tears of JOY, as I read the answering mail.

I know this is wrong, but I (oh, crapola!) don't mind too much when I offend SOME people, but NEVER, on here, with you, beautiful AA people.
Steve E., still sober, still trying to get better. May god bless you all today and every day!


Shadow said...

i love your description of dripping... 'cause it's just so very accurate. i felt the same for so long, wondered if things would ever be 'nice' again, and then suddenly i realised that i haven't had a drinking thought, or have been relaxed, or haven't worried about xyz for a while, and that's how the change 'dripped' it's way into my life. LOVE it!!!!

Shadow said...

your posts about 'change' sparked my 'observation' for the day. check my post today. if you are unhappy about it, please let me know, and i will gladly remove it...

Zane-nawwaa said...

Hey Alkyseltzer, thanks for dropping by. My "y'all Be pretty Now, Ya Heah" is and old Southern expression that means "be good", behave,. It is an expression I have used for years. I got it from my Mother Lela, (my granma).

Syd said...

Sometimes writing isn't the best way to communicate and it comes off as being curt or stiff. I think that is an inherent problem with email. Better to talk face to face about things. Glad that you had a good meeting.

dAAve said...

A weekend breakfast with a bunch of AA's is always a lot of fun.

I hope Hurricane Fay slides by with just a small roar.