Thursday, August 14, 2008



Since the topic is "Change" (my topic!) I'd like to relate a couple changes with which I'm involved. About a year ago, I began dreaming about owning a bike again, but did not tell my wife. About six months ago, I began dropping little subtle? suggestive-type phrases now and then, like, "Look what we're spending on gasoline each week!" And I walked around the house, shouting "VVVRRROOOOOOM". Well, finally in April I just out and said, "How about I get a bike--in May we have our 18th Wedding Anniversary, plus each of our birthdays.

This got her to thinking, but her mind, you see, was already (secretly) prepped. So, mid-may, we bought me a nice scooter, the biggest one made--I think. Then I coaxed her to start riding on it, as long as I was driving (she had never ridden a bike before). She has NEVER entertained the notion that a bike would tempt her, so I used the same trick with her now, as before...the gas crunch, gas prices, maybe the gas shortage one day--who knows what?

Yesterday, we came home from Fort Myers, and I drove HER new bike back to Naples. She has no motorcycle endorsement on her Florida D/L yet...but soon, soon. NEXT Thursday she will go to "Motorcycle School (a mandatory three-day course, here in FL--as of July 1) and learn the rules, and also how to drive the sucker, and she will receive her MC Endorsment.

The point here illustrated is that we CAN change people--but only RARELY. Only after a HUGE desire, and careful planning on my part, could this have been pulled off. The end result IS that we're BOTH happy campers after having 'bit the bullet'...

Do not know if this falls under the heading of "Courage to Change", or just under "Have nothing to contribute to my blog today". But "Willingness" might fit, or "Open-Mindedness"...hey we can justify ANYTHING that is life-on-life's-terms living...justify it as AA stuff. Because EVERYthing I have or ever will have is due to this program for living which YOU all keep on teaching me, as long as I can remain TEACHABLE.

NOTE: Anna tells me now--after reading this--that she does not subscribe to the thought that I 'changed' her (or could ever change ANYBODY), but since it reads that way, I may leave it unedited.


Kristin H. said...

I learned to ride a motorcycle shortly beofre I left California. My dream is to own a bike. Soon, soon.

Princess Powerless said...

In sobriety, I've learned that management of expectations is huge.

For example, when I have a day off, my husband will give me a gigantic list of crap to do -- verbally -- first thing in the morning. I find this highly annoying and disheartening, which gives me an excuse to procrastinate.

With the recent change in our lives of me being unemployed for a few months, the man went into overdrive. Instead of getting frustrated, I asked him to make me a list. "Well, some things need to be done by certain dates," he said. I replied, "Make sure the list items have due dates, then." Adding, "Sweetie."

And when I cleaned the house yesterday in preparation for my mother's visit, I didn't promise the world... I under-promised and over-delivered.

Oh yeah and I want a scooter now. A green Vespa, please. :-)

Laura said...

Love the post and the comments!


Syd said...

I don't see it as change either but maybe it's more about acceptance and being willing to entertain new ideas. As you so well said--"being teachable".

J-Online said...

I have to agree with Anna on this one! Sorry! At least you both got what ya wanted though!

Lou said...

However it happened, it's great you two spend time together in mutual pursuits. God Bless a strong marriage.

TraceyBaby said...

Hey, Stevie B, thanks for all the advice. Some of it I didn't want to hear but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I truly do value your opinion. ;o)

Shadow said...

heee heee heee. you men are all the same. in may hubby started with 'look, the thruxton, cool bike, low and light enough for you, maybe look at it'. and now it's august. and he's got his thruxton. although to give him credit, he too has enrolled me for riding lessons, september some time i think, so that i can ride it, and he can ride his other one...