Saturday, August 30, 2008



Ahhh! Saturday. This is the day we ride in a group to Ft Myers beach, for an 8 AM Men's meeting, then go to breakfast. The meeting is fine, but heck--we have plenty of great meetings here in Nap***, F* -g-. The REAL reason we go is for the beautiful morning 'ride' over Gulf waters, yeahhh! And the breakfast scene after, in a Mom-'n-Pop diner--that's the draw.

And so I go to sleep, knowing tomorrow brings sober fun, with sober guys, and no vodka at breakfast! And, as usual, tonight I say to God, "Whatever You ask of me tomorrow, I'm here to do it, willingly, knowing that You are with me when I'm doing Your work. It cannot be any other way, even when I do not 'feel' Your Divine presence. And whatever good might be shown me, I'll let all who will listen, know that the only reason I'm still living is You wanted me to stay here. There is work to be done, joyful work, glad work! Important work. Live one day at a time. (I cannot eat tomorrow's lunch, today!)

And then, just as I fall asleep, I wonder who God will put in my path tomorrow? Who will I meet, greet, and who will look at me with joy in their eye, and who will return my smile. What stranger will reveal to me that we are NOT strangers, but all parts, all pieces, of God's indescribable puzzle. Each of us fit somewhere, and together we make it whole.

it's the same in blog-land. Which blog entry today will have special meaning for me? Usually, each speaks to me, and somehow I realize that often it is God's words appearing on the screen.

Anna told me tonight, that she has noticed that I've reached a new level of happiness--she's known me 20 years. Of course, she did not say whether the level was higher, or lower. And I did not ask! But it is true. I attend many, many meetings, and spend time reading and commenting the blogs. I have a sort of wonderful correspondence, an understanding, with at least one of our bloggers, an old timer. And I get to play music, and don't forget, my current sole transportation is the 120 mph Suzuki Bergman scooter. In truth, I love almost (not perfect, ya know!) everyone I meet. It's never been like this before in my life. God is doing wonderful things for me and with me. I'll tell you about them, one at a time--now and then. Some, I've mentioned the past eight weeks, here. (Seems like I've been blogging two years instead of two months!) But hey...One Day at a Time!

And I pray, forgot to mention that little item. My favorite reminder, from God Calling:

"Never weary in prayer. When one day man sees how marvelously his prayer has been answered, then he will deeply, so deeply, regret that he prayed so little."
--pg 89, GOD CALLING ...A.J. Russell-- On line, this is called "Two Listeners"...

And I get to play violin at mass at 4 PM tomorrow, then a great non-fat "Cracker Barrel" meat loaf dinner with macaroni (rhymes with 'steveroni'), followed by a speaker meeting. One of my friends, also an old-timer, will be sharing her story, and I know it will be good, and will gently, spiritually, touch more than a few in the room. (Here am I -g-, eating tomorrow's meat loaf, TODAY!)

May God bless all you sober people, and me, too. Good night.
I Love you,
Steve E. (I am SO grateful!)


Shadow said...

nothing better than a morning ride, oh yeah!!!! you're so good at wondering. it's nice to read your thoughts. stay safe and have a super saturday out there.... certaily sounds great!

Syd said...

Steve, it sounds like an inspiring day. And you are inspiring to me. I like that you are so full of life. Keep living it bro. It is worth it.

Laura said...

Hello Steveroni,

I had no idea you were here only two months. We must have started our blog journey just about the same time. Cool!

I love this:

I'm here to do it, willingly, knowing that You are with me when I'm doing Your work. It cannot be any other way, even when I do not 'feel' Your Divine presence.

We can't trust our feelings, but have to continue on in faith, KNOWING He's there!

You're a wonderful testimony to God's love and grace. Yeah!!

I for one, love you too!

TraceyBaby said...

I love Cracker Barrel.

Great post...I "felt" it.

My family has also noticed a big change in me. They see alot more happiness even when the walls (my problematic boys) are caving in around me.

They are the ones that keep telling me "keep going" (to Alanon).

I do miss the high that I felt in the beginning though. -grin-