Monday, August 4, 2008



Three meetings yesterday, Sunday--6, 7, and 8, AM. When I called home to say I'd be late, Anna said, "Well, there must be a reason why all this is happening!" (What a 'good' Alcoholic-Alanon wife she is!) The reason? I got a new sponsee...and when we shook hands, his hand was not just shaking my own, it was shaking itself. What else IS there now which could make an Alky more happy than another Alky asking him for help? Nothing on this earth!

Then yesterday afternoon I got a call from a guy, asking me to accompany him today, to visit a 'sick friend' I'll call Eugene . I've know Eugene for most of the the 24 years that he's been trying to get "it" (here, "it" means "stop drinking, and STAY sober"...and just recently his female partner (for the third time--same female partner) kicked him out. He lost his GOOD job, his "friends", his insurance, his DL forever, his self respect (again), and he's been living alone, drunk, for several weeks (so they say). We had planned to go down and see Eugene this morning at 10 AM, reasoning that he might by then be nursing a real bad headache.

Later--last evening--I changed my mind, and biked down there (solo) and found a congenial Eugene; sober, smoke-free, (starving--NOT!) who invited me into his home. We had some good, old-time conversation for the better part of an hour--interspersed with a few laughs. Eugene certainly has some problems, BUT I found him, as he's always been with me, very pleasant company.

We agreed to meet this coming Thursday evening and hit the weekly AA meeting in the church across the street from his house--imagine THAT! Who'd ever guess? Maybe God has another job for Eugene and me. I "was" Eugene's sponsor...and will always be his sponsor--he never did fire me, I don't think...well, truth is, I don't remember! Anyway, THIS will be a big job for even God. (I know...I know...nothing is too big for God to take it on.) Please pray, all you BHMs, and I'll pray for you, too!
This morning--BEAUTIFUL DAY, well, it's still dark, actually! 5 AM and all's well, going to a meeting, but the first fun part is getting there--on the bike! I'll never be able to explain the amount of pure pleasure derived from a good morning ride: that feeling of power, the control, the freedom (all the traffic lights are blinking yellow!), the freshness of morning (or afternoon, or evening) AIR. God IS good. Wonder what He has in store for me/us this Monday?

(Special to 'Nean. Thank you for your kindnesses in the meeting rooms AND emails. Now that you GOT "it"....KEEP "it". OK?)

Everyone stay sober and clean today, ya heah! (I copied that thought from you-know-who "somewhere in the foothills of the Rockies, Colorado "...and I only copy from the BEST! Believe me on that.)



Lou said...

How great that you decided to see your friend last night, instead of waiting. I can picture you-- "the biker with the big heart"

Syd said...

Glad that you helped Eugene. It is a great thing how the program works.

TraceyBaby said...

Prayers coming your way. I too enjoyed the fresh air today. Hurt my arm and haven't been able to walk the dog for two weeks (luckily, husband took that over) but today I got out and walked myself. Exhilarating from the moment I stepped outside. Very peaceful.