Thursday, August 28, 2008



Some years ago I developed a hatred for the words: "Happy, Joyful, and Free". I thought, for several years...how much BS this is. When is the chaotic bedlam going to 'leave' me? Well, it did not happen overnight, but here is a TODAY example, of a brief return to my 'old life', and how God keeps changing, keeps molding me, to maybe one day becoming a better person:

Did I ever sleep good last night! Not sure why, but I will say this much (really not much!). There has been for several days--and nights--a troubling in my heart. (Get to the point, Steve.) Not quite a week ago, I offended someone--right here at this keyboard, right here on my blogroll. Now, I have been in Alcoholics Anonymous for a long enough time to know better, to know when I am pushing that envelope. So WHY? Why do I even 'go there'?

Well, it's that long story again, of Pride. Ego says to me, "You can fix the whole world. If only they would do as you think, and say what you believe, Steve." Well, that's never going to happen, ain't THAT the truth. (There is nothing more true than the truth.) And it's a good thing that ain't going to happen, because I am not God. Once in a while I must do that "Be still" thing. "Steve, be still......and know that HE is God, not you!" How beautiful, even close to momentary humility. Fancy that!

Well, being acquainted with our Twelve Steps, I knew there is one called Step NINE, you know, that one about "Made direct amends...wherever possible...." So, how is this going to happen, to make an amend to someone who probably will not even read my mail, or my blog? What do I do when all else fails? I turn to God for help. Actually, I work through a Guardian Angel, named Flex (for 'flexible'). And somehow, I found myself in church, and, kneeling there up front, I was alone, but not lonely. "God, please help me here, how am I going to 'fix' this?" And God said to me (yeah, right!! -g-) well, at least this is what I discerned, that God said, "Don't fret over this. Let ME handle it--and all will be well."

The next day I receive a communication from the person whose very soul I injured. Now I do not like to use the word 'overjoyed', but, needless to say, I was smiling as I read the note, I was happy that God had given me an opportunity to show that I was sincerely, oh, so sorry. And we shared a little of ourselves with each other (Emails), and I shed a couple tears. The tears were, yes, of happiness, but maybe not what I might have thought. They were for a greater understanding of how God works in our lives. The tears were for my being allowed a newer conception of our God-given program, which gives me a real and spiritual PLAN of action, and the powerful tools, which--if I use them--bring me back to that good life I know so well.

That is a life, beyond all expectation, beyond even belief--considering where it (my life) was 34 years ago. And so I'm again here to say (yeah, almost finished!) that if I really follow these steps, and work them, I can, I CAN, enjoy that life of freedom and happiness. That life which we are promised is right around the bend, for each of us, for ALL of us. Again, we are not perfect (I DO know how to spell it!), but we keep working at it, knowing we'll never BE there. And let's all try for Happiness, Joyful, and Free, today. I've found for me, that there can even be joy in adversity, but I guess that's another blog--blong.

A happy, joyful, and free Steve E.


Shadow said...

you've taken me back down the road a bit here today. reminded me of how frustrated i used to get, impatient, resentful. and a while it took, but it DID happen. that without anything changing dramatically in a moment or overnight, i did feel happy, joyful and free again. time is a great healer.

Anonymous said...

Funny how those Step-thingies work, eh ;)

Mary Christine said...

I think I shall try to be prefet today. Or maybe not. Have a great day Steveroni.

indistinct said...

When moments of joyfulness and happiness come upon me, I feel surprised. A wonderful gift.

And when I put my head on the pillow at night and think that I was clean and sober today, I feel free.

Sobriety comes with gifts that pop up unexpectedly.

Thanks for reminding me.

J-Online said...

And here I thought you were PerFekt

Syd said...

I'm glad that you are H, J, and F today. In my opinion, email and blogs are sometimes not such a good way to communicate. Words seem to be blunter and without the facial expressions, well, things can be taken badly. I'm glad that all was resolved. You're a good man, Steve.

~Tyra~ said...

I was told ego stands for Easing God Out.

Zanejabbers said...

Steveroni, thanks for another insightful post. I now look forward to see what you will post next. An there is always humor.
Just goes to prove we are not a glum lot. HMMMMMM. Maybe that should be in the Big Book. I'll have to write general services.
Tee Hee.

Banana Girl said...

You have sparked the thought that I have one of these to do too. Thanks, I needed that. Happiness is not a goal, it is a byproduct of all of our other goals directed by God. I never get too hung up on happy since I figure if no one has put me in a box and then kicking dirt on top of it, it is probably a pretty good joyful, happy and free day. Have a great one. J.

Lou said...

It's easy to misinterpret on blogs. Happens all the time. I mean we know each other, but not really. Glad it worked out.I know it can make a person feel bad.

TraceyBaby said...

Hmmmm I see similarities in our personalities. Rhymes too.

Nice post. ;o)