Saturday, August 16, 2008



OMIGOSH! Now the greatly accurate and precise weather forecasters are letting us (Naples, FL) know that we must prepare for another hurricane. I've been 'preparing' since 1965. It IS sort of scary in each instance. There's always the possibility of tornados, the near-certainty of heavy amounts of water (well, we need it, they've been telling us forever!) damaging winds (lost some roof and a wood fence last time, so?). I guess it's the Uncertainty of it all which is the most scary, especially for old folks and children. BUT, "I been there...done that!". I'll let ya's know how it all turned out here where the sun shines ALMOST every day (seriously).

But ya know, I believe the uncertainty of driving to work is a frightening thing if I really think about it--so I do not (drive to work, OR think about it...I'm retired!). Thursday morning one of our Harley guys (AA) and his wife were riding (not to work) when they ran into a truck, which had been pushed around by another truck, a freak accident. One truck didn't stop when it was supposed to, and bottom line IS that Tim H was killed instantly, age 53. His wife Marian is in a hospital in very bad shape (she was riding her own Harley, these are 'real' bikers.)

INSERTED SATURDAY AT 11:00 AM: Tim and Marian's accident happened on the day of their 32nd marriage anniversary...just learned that this morning. Also learned of the numerous occasions that Tim said something privately to others which helped them stay sober ONE MORE DAY. See--all of us! We do not always realize when someone IS listening to our words, hearing God speak to them. Praise!

This morning we (ahem!) bikers will ride (after the 6 AM meeting) to Ft. Myers for a men's meeting, and breakfast somewhere after, and it will be a sad ride--Tim H. would have been with us.

Please God, help Marian in her suffering, which she must endure without her husband...and please God, welcome Tim into Your kingdom of heaven. This is my prayer now, and the blogging community will also pray with me, as a few of them read this sad blog.


Syd said...

I'm sorry to hear about Tim. And I hope that his wife recovers physically and emotionally. She will have all the AA support that she needs though which is a wonderful thing. You take care out there Steve. Ride safely.

Lou said...

How very sad for your young friend.
It will be very difficult for his wife.She will need your support.I will pray for them both. And give thanks for a quiet week end where I am.

Mary Christine said...

I will include Tim and his wife in my prayers.

TraceyBaby said...

That is a shame, Steve. My husband's sister is a Gold Winger, does the synchronized riding, brain tumor fundraisers etc. She has gotten in more than her share of accidents.....we'd all like her to stop riding to be honest. She has permanent damage to one of her eyes and is lucky to be alive. She is a tiny little thing too, on that big bike.

Shadow said...

i'm so sad to hear that! i've had to say goodbye to a few bikers too, and it hurts. you'll be in my thoughts, all of you, and be safe out there!!!