Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is another one which I must send off FAST, before I change my mind!

Got me a sponsor this morning, right at 7:45 AM! It was on the advice of my 'ex-temporary' sponsor--figure THAT out! (Later.) Been needing one for several months...someone more than a "Howdy, how are you?" kind of guy. So, maybe he doesn't have 34 years sobriety...maybe he ain't old enough yet.

I've had sponsors from my AA beginning for about 25 years. The past ten years, I've depended on 'on-the-run' conversations with men, after men's meetings, etc. I can say now--not enough! SO THERE!

Funny, how I can readily advise everyone ELSE to get a sponsor, etc., and yet figure just because I'm sober almost half of my 75 years, that I'm immune from 'thinking' problems, 'living' problems.

I sponsor others...and one of them I use as MY sponsor, but ya know, sometimes that works, and sometimes it just does not...especially when he is in Colorado for five months a year!

My new sponsor's name is Don, and I picked him because I've been listening to everyone's sharing for four months now--EVERY morning--and he is the one who spits out 'old-time' AA, just as I remember it. "IF ya wanna stop drinking...stop DRINKING!" Simple, yes?

Of course, I'd like to--really enjoy to--have a 'girl' sponsor, even tried it for a few weeks recently. Can you imagine ANYONE being such an IDIOT? (Who? Me, or the girl? I ain't gonna tell. Oh well...BOTH!)

Anyway, it's time to quit hanging around the girls, and get back with the BOYS! And I've found out that even the 'HARLEY' bikers in Alcoholics Anonymous, are willing to let a 'scooter' guy join them for Saturday morning rides to a Ft Myers meeting and breakfast after...how good is THAT?

I am publishing this to illustrate that, no matter HOW many 'years I have' here in AA, there is always room for improvement. If I do not continually grow spiritually...I begin to slide backwards.

There IS a God, and I am SO happy to know Him, and SO grateful for the people who have allowed Him to use them to do His work.

Thank you, and Love, from
Still Sober Steve E.


Shadow said...

time does not free us from dependancy. time helps us to overcome, sort out and move on, but it does remove it. a good reminder you've posted here, thanks! i don't go to meetings but my daily meeting' is the fab sober people i meet on the net, you being one of them. and what i find is that everyone, and i mean everyone, has something new to contribute. just when i think i know it all, someone says something that's new. and THAT is what's good about 'meetings'. a new view, a new opinion, the awakening of a gratitude. again, lovely post, you got my mind thinking nice things here...

One Drunk to Another said...

I had a boy sponsor at first. But only long enough for me to "get it" that I needed a woman sponsor. Mine is a gem today!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. All good stuff there. Just got back late last night from Dr. Bob's House in Akron, Ohio. My first trip EVER and I have been wanting to see the birthplace of AA for 20 years. Well worth the trip.

molly said...

two things come to mind:

1. quality not quantity

and 2. a webcast I listened to yesterday (Chap 8 of Eckhart Tolle/Oprah - can be downloaded from her site).. a guy was telling Eckhart/Oprah that he sponsors men in a 12-step program (i assume AA).. Eckhart suggested he be sure he is LIVING what he is teaching as a rule of thumb. Are we LIVING it..

~Tyra~ said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and good for you on getting a new sponsor.

Lou said...

I know I would be more comfortable with a sponsor of the same sex. But you're right, it may work for some people.

Princess Powerless said...

Wonderful, wonderful, and more wonderful. That's what a sponsor is. They call us on our sh*t, they listen, and they love us because we are imperfect, just like them.

Yay for you!

J-Online said...

I read this and thought this was somebody else's story at first. I was shocked but glad to see the human side of you too! It's good you have yourself a sponsor now! Hugs, Jenn

Syd said...

I don't think that it matters how many years we have in the program, we still need a sponsor. I know that I need that contact and wouldn't get it without having a sponsor.

Mary Christine said...

I am watching someone now who needs a sponsor... he thinks he doesnt' because of long term sobriety. Pride cometh before a fall. It gets harder. The road gets narrower.

TraceyBaby said...

Stevie baby, I haven't jumped on the sponsor band wagon yet....some day. My issue was food.....definitely a "thinking" disease. We had an AA guy start with our Alanon group....he is sober now but his wife is not. That was the first time I heard someone say alcoholism was a thinking disease and I thought YES!!! Compulsive overeating is exactly that. I have been following my own form of OA, modeled after AA. It seems to me that regular OA has gotten too far off the mark from AA. Will the AAers accept a food person in their meeting? I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I had to leave my last sponsor was because she did not have a sponsor, I think she was using her husband, anyway, I am glad for you. he is suggesting you start at step one with him? Tee hee