Sunday, September 6, 2009



Sunday night chat on TSR was good, several of my friends, Alix, Gin, Andrew were there. Also prayer girl was host. Only problem for me was--well--I missed it. (Went to a meeting, ate Chinese after.) Didn't show up for the Sunday evening 8 o'clock chat--I'm totally ashamed. It just was not what I had planned...totally not what it seemed like it was going to be.

I did read back into the chat an hour after it had ended. Very interesting ideas. More of us should look into registering with TSR The Second Road (it's easy) even if only to join the chat now and then and on SUNDAYS at 8 PM. Of course, there is SO much more there, all recovery-based. I love it.

Sunday morning Jessie and Shawn picked me up for mass at St Andrew's Church. WOW! "Contemporary" worship has taken on a whole new meaning in the church, I was thinking. I LOVED the new mass. However, there was no consecration, no Creed, no Lord's prayer, no beginning. The music was totally stupendous! I loved it, really got "into" the song-fest. At the end i asked Jessie, was that REALLY a catholic mass? She answered "No, it's a part of the Episcopal church which broke away from the mainstream Episcopalian" (or something like that!). And so mass was just not what it seemed. It was not even "mass". (But it WAS a spiritual affair, for sure!)

At 6:30 PM we went to an AA meeting held in a conference call situation, with the chairperson sitting in Michigan. About 14 of us sat in luxury around the speaker system, and shared at will. Sure it was an AA meeting, but a different kind of one!

Even though it wasn't what it seemed, it was certainly good for ME! And another experience which just wasn't quite what it seemed.

Life itself is not always what it seems. But life is ALWAYS what it IS! And I'm loving it, even when some would say, "Boy, life sure threw you a curve ball that time!!" I have seen many a curve ball hit over the right field fence.

Thought for today: When someone in Alcoholics Anonymous says to me, "Ya know Steve, I don't think I'm really an alcoholic."

My answer: "GREAT!!! Now you don't EVER 'have to' drink again!"

Peace in sobriety, PEEPS!


Madison said...

The guy on the right. Funny, I didn't picture you as being that big.

Gin said...

I do hope that you do not picture me as the one on the left...ha, ha. Love to you my friend.

Andrew said...

A conference call AA meeting? New one on me. I remember being in a conference call meeting once with a bunch of new age cultists out of Long Beach, CA. But AA? What's the world coming to. lol.

Syd said...

So it sounds as if this trip has had lots of firsts for you. That's great: new experiences and new people.