Wednesday, September 9, 2009


A Picasso Masterpiece,
by Kristin


Did ya ever get tired of being happy? I do not mean to say I wish I were unhappy. Certainly I will not "pray to be" sad, depressed, unhappy. But toward the ending of this 3,000-mile scooter ride, I will need a rest. I intend to go to meetings and not talk. (Ha! I'll let you know how THAT turns out!) Whatever the outcome, I CAN picture the Great Reality, the God-Spirit--"resting on the seventh day".

About 30 years ago--sober, and in AA--I decided to ask God for "adversity" in my life. I had read that true saints prayed for bad things to happen to them, so they could observe God overcome their difficulties. See how SICK I really was (am?), peeps? Well, I'm here to tell you, that WAS the worst year of my life. All hell, all chaos, mayhem, illness (as yet undiagnosed, 33 years after!!), split family, penniless, it was a BAD year--it SUCKED!

That year 1976 is as memorable to me now, as THIS year and this "ride" will be twenty years hence. Except that replays of 2009 and my scooter ride--especially of the people I've met, lived with, worshiped with, scooter-toured with and enjoyed good times with--will live beyond this life. It just will be that way. Somehow, I know this.


It is nearly 350 miles from St Augustine to my home in Naples FL. I enjoyed the ride immensely. Something about the freedom of two-wheeled highway action which is SO appealing to me. The camaraderie of riders everywhere seems even stronger and more real--honest--than alcoholics, sharing their stories and their lives. This was my first exposure to that beautiful, immediate oneness--that willingness to be helpful--which is felt by most every rider out there. No matter how far one is from home. In fact, the farther ya travel, the more they seem willing to assist in nearly anything and everything.

Lots of McDonald's "triple-espresso" stops kept me awake--and alert. One store they overcharged me $2 for the three shots of caffeine...it's usually a buck a shot. The manager simply stated that, even though the sign had the "old" price, their computers were set with the right price...3 shots, $5.

Understand that--for me--this was NO BIG DEAL: no excitement, no resentments, etc. However, the girl who made the drink later whispered to me, "I put in two extra shots of espresso." And she smiled so nicely...I told her (Lisanne) that I would blog her tonight.

And I briefly told her about my trip, and that she might possibly be the final act of kindness at the end of my 17-day ride. Another sweet smile. All this melodrama (--grin!) in a McDonald's store near Disney parks south of Orlando.

On nearing home, I began to wonder...what had I expected from this trip as I began 17 days ago? And was that what happened? How was it different?

Rather than write a book here, I'll just assure ALL you peeps, that God is never outdone by my imagination. The whirlwind experiences of the past two weeks-plus will take me a few days to sort. But I know already, they FAR EXCEEDED any dreamy reasoning I might have started with. As you know, I truly believe God was out there with me and friends (in-and-out-of-recovery) in a special way. Thank You, God!


I used to wonder how it felt for a military guy to come home after three years away. All those memories--how he felt as he had gone away 3 yrs before. Now, walking up to door saying, "Hi Mom...I'm home!"

Now I have an inkling of how it might be...away only 17 days and nights, thoughts about what I had earlier planned--what happened to all those plans--I walk up to the door, and say, "Hi Prayer Girl. I'm home!"

Right back into reality! (But it was NOT a dream, after all! It WAS reality!)

Let's be clean, sober...maybe even happy(?) today--all together!
Peace to you, Peeps.


Akannie said...

Welcome home, Easy Rider....

Glad your trip was so great!!


Tall Kay said...

Welcome home Steve. God has been with you every mile. I think PG is really happy you're home too :o)

Shadow said...

such beautiful thoughts... i'm glad you're home, safe and sound!

dAAve said...

The travelling life is full of memories.

Anonymous said...

I may have missed your departure, but I'm glad I got a chance to welcome you home. Nice talking to you last night. And thanks for the shout out with the Picasso.

Ed G. said...

Steve - glad you're home safe. From both my own experience and in sharing with those you mention (e.g. returning soldiers) I've learned that some of that experience is to share and some of it is to keep.

I pray for you the wisdom to know the difference...

Blessings and aloha...

A. Miles said...

Nice ride, Steve. Your happiness has been radiating out into the world, and touching the lives of many people.

Vitamin Happiness.

You accomplished and participated in something incredible. Never forget that joy, keep your step light!

Shiny Side Up! Rubber Side Down!

I can now breathe a sigh of relief that you are home. phewwwww.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

I just got a warm tingly teared up feeling (which I know is the Spirit entering) and I'm so glad you're back home safe and sound, even though I was also glad you were here some extra time too!

Syd said...

I have been away on cruises for about 21 days and it always seems surreal to be home. It's as if my body is in one place and my mind is in another. It takes me several days to acclimate, catch up on sleep and get back in the routine. Glad that you enjoyed your journey.

Gin said...

Glad you are home safe and sound my friend. It's been an awesome trip traveling with you! :-)

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Seventeen Days, what an odyssey!
I can only imagine.

John DeFlumeri Jr

HapJoy said...

You inspire me, Steve!! Jackson and I are going to do a road trip on 9-26 from Miami to Athens, GA to visit the Univ. of Georgia. Looking forward to the adventures that await us!

Steve E. said...

HapJoy, Put me through to your blog, or send me an email. Even if you've traveled B4, this was my first trip out of town...

I'd like to share with you and Jackson a few thoughts

My email is in the "about me" page, i think

Carol said...

Steve, you are such a cowboy. Or a soldier. Or an excellent Steve.

linda said...

I'm glad you had Happy Trails and that they have brought you home safely... it has been nice to travel part of your journey with you and now, it will be nice to become acquainted with the at-home guy too :)

blessings to you...