Saturday, September 26, 2009




If I'm having a problem with my computer. there is a place to go. The same with my Suzuki scooter.  OR my violin might need adjusting, some cracks glued (it IS 150 years old). there is a place to go for each of these problems. You all know this as being called the forums, as in "Go to the forums, Dummy!" That's what they told me to do the first time.

In the "forums" there are peeps galore who have had a problem identical to mine, and are ready and willing to share their experience with whoever asks. Sometimes they are not so full of patience. Sometimes they are a bit short in the department of social graces, but the right answer is there. It can be found by all who seek.

 I think also of our blog community as a sort of forum. Sometimes I bring quite a lot of myself into this huge world-wide room. I try to open up my mind, I let stuff out, I let stuff in. What I do with it is my business. Sometimes we hurt one another. Sometimes we repair the damage. I bring problems here which I trust to nobody else (except my sponsor). Often I receive an answer before I have asked the question. God works here in an astonishing manner, with awesome swiftness, with a sureness of loving kindness (usually).

One day recently I blogged a rash statement regarding the fact that I have been going to 3 or 4 meetings every day. Rash, because I had not thought how that sound-bite would play out in my blog. It surprised me that anyone would even notice much less comment on that part of my blog. Although the comments were "right on" as far as they (and the blog) went, I wish to remind myself of a few things.

PRIOR to 18 months ago, I went to only 2  meetings a week. Then I bought the most wonderful motor scooter by Suzuki. Then I discovered those three-in-a-row morning AA meetings at 6,7, and 8 AM. 

I loved "riding" Soooo much that I rode to meetings all over the county (our county is larger than Rhode Island), got to know lots of peeps.

That same summer (2008) I ran into a blogger here on-line who spent time to lead me and guide me to you bloggers--a "how-to" teacher. Most of you who greeted me then are still here. How encouraging that is, to witness people who stick to their commitment No Matter What! It is a lesson for all who would falter. 

It is as if they are saying, "Just do what I did, and you'll get what I've got. Peace, happiness, and SOBRIETY!" Well, I have it--for today.

--Again thanks to all of you Bloggers, my here-at-home peeps, and the God of my understanding.

 God bless you all.
 Peace and love to you all.
 And we're all sober today.


garden-variety drunk said...

peace and love to you too steve. i envy those days where I got to multiple meetings a day. i'm jealous!

Mike Golch said...

Great posting,thanks for sharing it.
You are right we may not like the answer that we get,but it's the one we need to Hrear and or Read.Thank you my sober friend.

Findon said...

Nice post Steve. The thing that always amazes me about the Forum in Rome is that you can stand where cesaer, marcus aurelius and all the others actually stood and that we are still being influenced by those greats today. Maybe, just maybe, thats what happens when we join in. Like me, who was influenced and encouraged by you.

Tall Kay said...

I'd say from the spiritual awakening you have experienced lately, that 3 meetings a day and blogging suits you much better than 2 meetings a week! How did you ever stay sober on only 2 meetings a week? Oh yeah...you're married to one very spiritual lady! :o)

Carol said...

Happy Day, Always.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I loved your post today. I am finding the "blogging forum" to be an uplifting source of encouragement. Being so far away from my daily, and often multiple Sarasota meetings, makes staying connected to my program difficult, and sometimes frightening to the newness of my sobriety. I have found such great experience, strength and hope on blogs such as yours that assist me one day at a time. Peace and love to you.

Chef Kar

Shadow said...

you sure know how to mull over things, both those that please you and those that displease you. and i'm so grateful for you sharing that. it's taught me a thing or two...

Scott said...

I love this electronic forum as well, meeting wonderful people like you who help keep me sober a day at a time.

Sammy Landry said...

Thanks so much for your experience strength and hope today, steve..and, of course, thanks for your lovely accolades to sammy's blog..
please help spread the word about her:)
she is a special pup:)
hope you have a great sunday!
blythe and sammy

Margie said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Joy and blesings to you!


wolfie185 said...

Steve thanks for filling in the big Picture! When I had the privilege to drive again I was going all over the place hitting meetings so I understand why you were scooting around so much. Because my work shifts are mostly evenings my fellow bloggers in recovery are a way to stay connect, plus I really enjoy the dirrerent prespectives, really gives me something to think about.
Hope your weekend was a great one.

Peace in the Fellowship of the Spirit

Syd said...

I think that one does what is necessary. I know that there aren't 3 meetings a day around here for Al-anon. Nor would I have time to do that. For me, I do 2 sponsee meetings a week, 3 Al-Anon regular meetings, and a step study meeting, plus lead a beginner's meeting. I find it a long week where I don't get home most nights until after 10 PM. But I love this program.

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