Monday, September 21, 2009



I'm considering posting--from time to time, beginning of my blog here, and completing it on The Second Road (TSR).  I recently met the TSR  Peeps in Virginia.  The mission is clearly not one of exclusivity  but of inclusiveness, beckoning ALL who seek recovery from addiction to join, and learn from one another--each other. Although many alcoholics are frequent participants on TSR, there is no pretense that this takes the place of AA meetings, or my AA program. Check it out--or not, we are free to BE.  To enjoy complete access, joining is harmless and easy!

My Marathon

All over the blog world I read about Peeps training for this or that marathon, and then, well....doing it.  Running. Competing. Loving it.

Yesterday I read "Junky's Wife" blog HI GOD, about being reintroduced to God, from Whom she had been running. In the final sentences she wrote a phrase:  "...even though I ran from you for so long." 

This reminded me of the "Hound of Heaven" a 182-line poem by Francis Thompson, something which I slept through in St Xavier High School, but remembered years later.  The opening words are SO me:

Read more at TSR (The Second Road)


John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Steve, I read Hound of heaven! It was magnificent, thanks for directing me to it!

Sincerely, John DeFlumeri Jr

Cindy said...

Do it! I like TSR...it's just a click...easy and harmless! Hugs.

Carol said...

Junky's Wife was one of the first blogs that I followed but then she went to TSR and I couldn't find her. What is the draw to TSR, more anonymity?

garden-variety drunk said...

I haven't really been over to that site but I'll check it out. Thanks for the heads up

Syd said...

I like the idea of posting my blog and then going over to TSR to post another. For some reason, I find the split postings tedious.

Steve E. said...

Syd, thanks. I think you are right, next time I'll just put up two different blogs.

Most Peeps do not like change...and I am ONE of them!

Just Be Real said...

Hey, Stevie, thank you for the links. Will check out. Blessings my man!

Scott said...

I am doing a 5K Saturday, my first ever. More importantly, I am walking it lol. I am not in the best shape, overweight but I am giving it a go... I have to do something to get myself together. I promised myself I would do this.

Rahcovery Miles said...

Thanks Steve--it's nice when people find something new.

Carol--I'm not sure why you can't find Junky's Wife. She stopped writing her own blog by her choice. She now posts under The Junky's Wife at TSR. http://www.thesecondroad.org/tsr/author/junkyswife/

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God movement is addictive once you are introduced to the Spirit!


Just don't have enough time in the day or space in the world for all this LOVE!

Overflowing Joy continues to pour forth!

Margie said...

Thank you as always for the inspiration, Steve!
Hound of Heaven, that poem made me all weepy!
It's incredible!

Blessings to you!


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Great post, amazing poem...than you Steve...

I am not sure about the blog posting situation but read it here and then went to TSR..that works!


Dulce said...

Hey I am here!! always to write and feel inspired by peeps like you. Lovely (girl word) post
:) :) :)

G-Man said...

Amazing the stuff that you remember
high school eh?
Or as they called it in your day..
County Normal...hehehehe

linda said...

i shall follow your link...wanted to drop in and say hello and happy fall!

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