Saturday, September 5, 2009



And "The silence of midnight.......

rung in my ears" (Mary Shelley).

Huntersville, North Carolina
This day (early Friday) is shaping to be "special" for steveroni. First thing, Lexis came bounding up the fifteen steep steps to my bedroom door to make certain I was up-to-stay. Let me explain.

Dogs and I don't normally have an affinity. While young, I loved the farm dogs...we had one with the papers to prove she was a dog. I'll never forget "Tabitha of Burnham Woods IV" and her beautiful light-brown-and-snow-white-patched Collie hair.

Well, somewhere while trudging my drugged and drunken road, friendship between dogs and me abruptly ended. One lovely, meek, mild, gets-along-with-children-type snarled, lunged forward and upward, and, knocking me to the ground, bit me in the neck.

Years went by. Then, little by little--and only recently--that love and friendship became again a reality between me and them.

One of my hosts on this trek--Jinx--also "hosted" 7 (SEVEN!) "rescue" dogs. And we became friends. One--named Marco (Polo)--belongs to Alix, and became my sleep-companion, climbed right into my bed and slipped himself under the cover!

Now, at Granddaughter's (and Great grandson's) home, there is a dog named Lexis. Immediately, Lexis and I "took" to one another. We played, romped with her stuffed toy animals, and she curled about my feet as I blogged. "Upon awakening" (before prayers!) she met me--at the top of the stairs-- with a toy, for early-morning pray--I mean PLAY!

She patiently posed for my attempts at picture taking. And she is making--even now--those "sounds of love" which can only be uttered by a canine.
Peeps, I'm telling you this was instant attraction--which sometimes happens between people--but this was, like, BANG! YOU'RE DEAD!

She will miss me when I'm gone--in a few hours. I shall miss her--more than she will ever know.
The next best event of the morning--for me--was my Granddaughter saying to me, "You have not changed in twelve years!" You may guess I am not a "frequent-flier-visitor"...and you are correct. But I will never pass up this place again when traveling the eastern part of our beautiful chock-full-of-history country.

Now, "On The road Again" with "Flex" (my scooter), heading for South Carolina....................
Peace! And a clean and sober Saturday for us all.


Susan DeAngelis said...

Doggie is adorable! It must've been hard to leave. The Carolinas have always been places I enjoyed.

South Carolina, huh? Are you a golfer?


Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

:) Good Dog!

Madison said...

I'd say you're describing the beginning of a very good day. What a wonderful trip.

Dulce said...

Sweet post
I love dogs. And this one seem to be an adorable 'peep'. A good true friend a doggie can be...
Keep having good fun in your long & intense ride...
Huggies :)

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Your writing style is a pleasure to read. I admire your sobriety too, it's such a good decision! I lost over 30 lbs in 6 months by not drinking. Life is a big screen TV when wecan focus on it. I have included you on my posted blog list an my blog. Check it out, and if you like it, please do it for my blog. Thanks, John DeFlumeri Jr, in Clearwater, Fla.

Indigo said...

Can't think of a better day without a loving canine to wake you up. (Hugs)Indigo

Tall Kay said...

I think animals sense our spirit, and yours must be glowing! Hard to believe you're heading back already. I hope the weather is beautiful and your ride is just perfect today!

Syd said...

Hope that you enjoyed Charleston. Sorry I missed you. I am enroute to Ohio. Catch you on your next trip through.

Just Be Real said...

Your best friend is adorable. Animals certainly sense a lot of things we cannot. I think my birds do too.....

Robin said...

Glad that some dogs are watching over you;-)
I enjoy your stories!
Very good this travel has a positive effect on you!

Andrew said...


Another reason why dog's are man's best friend.

Happy for you and your delight in the road trip Steve.

linda said...

steve, a lovely, touching post~


simple but very realistic.
have been given a golden touch
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