Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Fall happened this morning


My wife is PRAYER GIRL, so named because, well, that's what she is, what she does. PG. as she is fondly called, is in Naples, FL. Her husband is cavorting around the countryside, having the time of his life....drinking (coffee!) living (good!), and loving life--and people, and Recovery programs, and more coffee.

No wife I know would be so gracious, so caring, so trusting, so loving, as PG when she allowed me to embark on my little sojourn around the southeast US. My dream of not-too-long standing was to travel on my scooter, visit bloggers, go to meetings, see a few (very few?) sights. Oh thank you, Anna. I love you, girl!

The trip has become a rather self-appraised spiritual experience which is on-going. I have witnessed first hand the wonderful gift of people who are "giving" (and receiving) in every way. What is it called, "random acts of kindness"? I have received so many more of those than it is in me to give, out here on the road. I only can be grateful, and show that in my fresh new attitude toward people...ALL people!

I have listened to stories of troubled peeps. I have been troubled. I have experienced forgiveness from some, and shared happiness with almost everyone I've met out here.

I have discovered (uncovered) some amends which have been lurking, waiting, in my soul. It has been a healing ride for me, although I cannot explain that...I can only feel it down deep. And it is true. After all we ARE about change. I pray that the changes in me stay in me.

So tonight Monday I am in Richmond VA, the weather is like fall...wunderbar! Tomorrow I'll head for North Carolina, probably take two days for the trip to Charlotte.

There to meet Number one Great Grandson.

Even though my journey has evolved into a sort of mission, it seems like a "business trip" sometimes. And even though the enjoyment is far more than ever I could deserve, I'm taking it!

And guess what, as I arrived in Richmond there was a "Care Package" waiting--sent by Polly. (Polly, a petite "Harley Girl" from Naples, cookie baker extraordinaire.) And I opened a BIG box of chocolate chip cookies, and lots of assorted goodies without which no biker should ever find himself.

What awesome delight it is to have a friend like you. Oh, thank you, Polly!

But it is time to go now.



Tall Kay said...

It took you nine days to open the cookies??

Sometimes just realizing our dreams is a spiritual experience. Which is exactly what it sounds like you're having. Peace be to you and enjoy the cookies, okay?

Susan DeAngelis said...

Giving is always better than receiving, I say...

Have a wonderful time meeting up with your grandson!

And save me a cookie.


Shadow said...

you two are two of the most uplifting and spiritual people i've ever come across. i'm grateful i have...

Syd said...

It is nice to know that fall has arrived in Virginia. It's my home state...The Old Dominion. Enjoy your time with your great grandson. And enjoy this journey of discovery.

Prayer Girl said...

Day Nine - I still love you.

I must plan my own trip to the "Autumn Time". If I do this, I will have no jealousy. That character defect in me is finally getting better. I want to keep it that way.

In the meantime, I will feel the 70+ degree temps on our porch this morning and imagine autumn in the air - before the temps climb to 89 (feels like 100).

"Safe Riding" Mr. Steve,

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

And out of all that...

What I remember was Fall of the midwest and the overwhelming thought...

MMMMMMM cookies!

Gin said...

Oh Steve you are going to have a wonderful time with your great-grandson. That is something that wouldn't have happened where you not sober right my friend?

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Sounds like a good trip...hopefully PG also has sight seeing in her life and you will both be able to share your journey's upon your return.

Hugs and eat a cookie for me.

mile191 said...

So, you have been taking a trip. I have missed a lot. I am back around now. I am checking in a bit more. I thank you again and again for all your support, in so many places, and ways. Hugs, mile

garden-variety drunk said...

glad you're having such an awesome time on the road. i miss the autumn on the east coast- it's so gorgeous

clean and crazy said...

i love the gratitude you have for PG. she is awesome and deserving of your love.