Sunday, September 6, 2009


Picture on left is 1865 Civil War Ruination of Charleston, South Carolina. Photo on right is 2005-new Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.


Somehow I feel very special today. Yes god IS smiling (He always smiles, He knows something we do not). Two days ago I stopped to visit here in Charleston SC.
The one blogger-person I know who is present is Jessie. She IS A present, sent from God. Syd also lives here but is out of town. We will connect next time, I suppose (read: hope!).

So, since Friday evening at 6:30, I have been to four AA meetings, a beginner (a REAL "beginner" meeting, next to a Salvation-Army-type house--YOU know what I mean!), a speaker, and two discussion groups.

Jessie has been like a personal taxi service for me these three days. Sunday morning she will pick me up for mass, where she is the "Reader".
Saturday, we "toured" the historic Charleston SC area--mostly afoot. My only pair of shoes--sandals--are about ready for a Confederate cemetery. It was so much fun, stopped for a 3 PM lunch (is that a "drunch"--dinner+lunch?). There was an ice cream store which barred our way, so we had to "pay the price" and lick some cones. It IS a tough life, peeps. Jessie, Shawn (her husband), and two guys named Rick and Simon, have been ultra helpful with their support and kindness, and fun and serious conversations. Some of you can just "hear" us...I know.

And yesssss, I am being and have been entertained here, Peeps!
Were it not for a dead battery on my scooter (yeah, on a holiday weekend!!), with the attending un-ability to start,

I am at the mercy of these dear friends, who have accepted me as the "family" we all are. Until this trip I had only HEARD of "service", much of which is/was "lip service" (on my part?). Now I realize that we ARE in the service business, the SERVICE INDUSTRY...in the service of the God Who gave me/us these wonderful Twelve Steps to sobriety, peace, and eventually LOADS of happiness.

All professional help for my battery problem is "closed until Tuesday". But I have this feeling that it will be resolved Monday.

I may still be here until Tuesday morning, on the advice of my "bestest" recovery-friend in Richmond. She (VERY experienced in these matters) claims that holiday travel (like Labor Day) on a scooter is brutal--dangerous.
She (well, "she" is Alix, of course) spent time on line with me to explain just what I need to do to get the scooter rolling again, and I appreciate SO much her caring support, and friendly advice.

Please pray for her, and for me, and for the families of ALL of us in recovery throughout this wonderful world.
Did I ever ever mention that when I first arrived on the "www" scene, I immediately became the "analogist" and put words to (www): "What a Wonderful World". that was in 1994, and I still feel that appropriateness.

Just received a call from Jessie, they will take me to church "early, will that be alright?"

Well, early for me is fine for church or AA meetings. The one place I never want to be early is my own funeral. The Program of Alcoholics Anonymous has allowed me to be already more than THIRTY YEARS LATE for that event. How grateful can one be?

Stay gratefully sober with me today--please!



Syd said...

So glad that you are in good hands. I'm in an airport waiting for a flight that will eventually get me home. Charleston is a nice town to be stuck in!

Madison said...

You continue to be an inspiration.

Susan DeAngelis said...

Steve E I just love reading your posts... love hearing bout the adventures.

Jessie? I wonder if I read that blog.

Thanks for the wonderful post...
Feeling more grateful each day.

Dulce said...

Oh Steve
You are really an inspiration. I love your posts >they are full of life and they make me laugh a lot.
Yes, God is with you - in every single person you are finding in this trip- how nice, how lucky, how beautiful.
Thanks for coming by and your always so lovely comments: my dear friend.

John DeFlumeri Jr said...

Yes early everywhere, except at our own funeral. I want to keep postponing that funeral, One Day at a Time. Go slow, see it all, make the good times last!

John DeFlumeri Jr

Andrew said...

Be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Shadow said...

me-thinks you were meant to rest a few day...