Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DAY TEN (10)


Truly, I thought I might be back in Naples by this date. My guess now is that this scooter ride is just about at a halfway point. I am staying over in Richmond for one more night, by invitation. Actually, Alix said to me, "Steve, you look too tired to get on that scooter and head for North Carolina". I agreed. This was at 1:30 PM...nap time! We had been touring this city on scooters for several hours.

I am having FUN!! Everywhere today we've been meeting people who are enthusiastic about life, and living. of course, it IS a college city. Went to oldest courthouse in the country, took pictures, had a cop take a photo of us, spent some interesting minutes with two Firefighter EMT peeps, enjoyed a fun time with a couple artists who own a gallery, had several nice Starbucks visits, a lunch break. Alix did a photo shoot of steveroni on his scooter (that might be blogged one day?) and I got to pay visits to the University, and the Virginia Museum of History. Going to dinner soon with my friend here, and then I'll hit an AA meeting at 8:30 PM.

Like I said, not much going on...oh yeah, at my behest (behest??? Wow!) A.M. scooted with me to Hollywood Cemetery in which are buried three US presidents, many thousands of Confederate soldiers, and other dignitaries, and some of the not-so-famous, dating back into the 1600's.

Meeting was on Tradition NINE, which is that we are not organized, but we do have trusted servants (meaning) that we argue a lot, but nobody ever wins --grin!
Looked all around for an ice cream store which Alix said was "close by", but we DO have chocolate chip cookies. Soooooooo! Thank you again, Polly!

NOTE: "Close by" to me is across the two-lane road. To one in her thirties, close by is anything under two miles! (sigh!)

Tomorrow I have an appointment for scooter oil change at 9 AM, then it's off for Charlotte, North Carolina. One day later than I had figured. But it was SO wonderfully peaceful to "see" Richmond from above the windscreen of a scooter, and do the other innocuous activities we shared throughout the day. How relaxing to be with a friendly friend, without obligation--other than enjoyment of the many moments. Thank you, thank you, Alix.
I pray that God continues to bless you...He already IS doing that, IMO.

Several times today I have called PG in Naples, to hear the temperature was 90 deg. So
God (yeah, I give Him credit also for this) has given us (in Virginia) weather which certainly might have induced our Forefathers to decide that here was a heaven-on-earth, in the New World. I would stop short of the "Heaven" phrase...however, heaven is probably wherever I (we) make it. So, for now...............

Peace to you all, Peeps
Love you all, peeps


Tall Kay said...

I'm mixed up here (what's new). Isn't Viginia north of N. Carolina? You're heading back south again, right? Sounds like another wondeerful day! Lookin forward to the pictures! Be safe.

Andrew said...

Didn't John Denver call Virginia heaven in his song "Country Roads?"

Prayer Girl said...

Ride safe. I pray God rides with you. I know Flex will be there.

Sending you off with love and prayers,

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Scoot scoot scootin' along

I'm getting so much joy from reading your adventures in scooterland.

Drinking in history, friendship and the wind blowing in your face as you zoom down the straight-a-ways.

HapJoy said...

I cannot wait to see the photo of you on your scooter. I am picturing Charles Shultz' "Snoopy" with this leather helmet, wind scary and goggles gripping tightly the handles bars!

Scoot safely!

G-Man said...

I love Virginia...
I plan on living there some day!
Have fun, and be careful....G

Akannie said...

Glad you're having so much fun and safe travelling....Great reading about your adventures.

That PG is something else, alright!! You're one lucky duck!


PS--We got water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Shadow said...

hallo my favourite mad biker buddy! half way and going strong!

Steve E. said...

T KAY: YOU are not mixed up...the WORLD is!

ANDREW, thanks for sharing that, SO glad to see you often on here.

PRAYER GIRL: I love you!

JESS: I love you too--WAIT a minute! This ain't a Love fest--or IS it? Thanks you for reading my daily stuff. Sorry i have so little time to respond. You guys are next, maybe Sunday eve...I call first....

HAP JOY, could you let me into your blog...PLEASE??? Sounds like "Happiness and Joy, my favorite words, out side of "LOVE"!!!

G-MAN: Maybe we'll meet here some day--I fell in love with Virginia (not IN Virginia...WITH Virginia, got it?) Called "cover yer butt"...

Annie, you are right about adventures and fun;;;and you're SO right about PG.

Happiness IS water. It is the thing of LIFE, even before BREAD, I'll bet.

And SHADOW--my good friendly friend...what can I say? LOVE! That says it all--for me.

Syd said...

You are close to my home town. I was raised about 60 miles from Richmond on the Chesapeake Bay. I miss the wonderful fall weather and colors there. Glad that you are enjoying the history of the Commonwealth. It has a lot of history for sure.

Indigo said...

I find it absolutely amazing your taking this trek across the country on your scooter. You have certainly shown me you can make the most of life at any age. (Hugs)Indigo

Dulce said...

Love you too Mr Greatest Peep!
Lucky you!
I'm back to work... sunshine continues but I sit on a chair instead of a hammock!
:) :) :)

Madison said...

Having FUN. Your life is proof of so many good things.