Friday, September 11, 2009

(Early BlogI today) IT WORKS!


Couple years ago I had the pleasure of working with (playing masses) a church music director, Jamie. She is now Music Director at another church in Naples. We did have a wonderful collaboration, musically and personally for nine months.

During one weekend, I was invited to a special retreat for "music people". One of the most wonderful moments for me was a service called "Taize"--I still do not know the full implications of Taize, except that I was touched then and forevermore, just by participating.

I just called Jamie, who promptly invited me to a repeat retreat, right now, get ready, GO! And that is why this Saturday blog is early. I marvel again at God's Gifts to me, at His allowing me to again experience His Softness, His soothing Graces, His Forgiveness, His LOVE, in the Taize format...or ANY format!

I realize this is not to do with recovery in general--but it is to do with my recovery. So please allow me this variance from my usual ranting about staying sober, being happy, peace, love, etc. This IS my recovery, Peeps!

Without having been given this beautiful program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I would NEVER have acquired the habit of kneeling every morning, and praying. Praying not for what I want, but for what God wants. And there are two words to which I cannot lend enough stress: "IT WORKS!"

Let's stay sober today, and pass it on to another. We are saving lives here. If a couple souls get wrung out in the bargain, I see no reason to complain.

I love my Peeps!
Steve E


Cat said...

Your recovery is important and I do like reading about it. Enjoy your time Steve!

clean and crazy said...

well enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, isn't that what life is all about these wonderful moments of spontaneity!!

Dulce said...

You prodigy of man have touched me as usual. I must kneel more often... and thank God for all I have as well, for so many beautiful things happening in my life at the moment- especially connecting with my blog friends...
great 'Peep' you are

Anaya said...

Thanks Steve for your Blog. I foloow it now for a couple of month and I can tell you, it helps me with my recovery.
Bye the way, "Old man" on a scooter ride? - that is sooooo cool. Glad you've done the trip.

vicariousrising said...

I'm glad you made your scooter trip 'round the coast and made it home safely as well. I wish I could have seen you. You are sooooo inspiring!

Anyway, just wanted to pop by and say "welcome back," especially now that I am back home as well.

I missed my blogging buds!

wolfie185 said...

Steve to me your retreat has everything to do with recovery, if you weren't sober you wouldn't be able to go on the retreat, so it is through God's grace that you are alive and sober and can enjoy the benefits of a sober life which includes doing the thinks we really love to do.
Enjoy yourself!!!

Shadow said...

talking to the right people at the right time... enjoy your day!

Madison said...

Two words that are such an encouragement. It works.

Cindy said...

Taize (Tah-zay)...our church did that through a series of Weds. night Lenten services one year. Doesn't mix well when there's lots of families with young children. Works better in the quiet. Which reminds me...I haven't been quiet for a while.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Yay musical retreats, and approaches... and recovery which has allowed us to experience both in such a wonderful Light!

Hope you're having fun!